Minecraft: How To Get Every Bucket of Fish [Comprehensive Guide]

Learn the basics of Minecraft's fishes and how to gather them in bucket.

Bucket of Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish in The Water Bucket

The easiest way I have found to use a fish is by snagging it with a Fishing Rod and turning it into a tasty food source. Another method is capturing a fish alive using a bucket; remember to fill the bucket with water first. You simply need to click on the mob; the bucket now contains that aquatic creature.

Key Takeaways

  • You can carry most fish in their live form using a water bucket in Minecraft.
  • You can get Salmon fish from the River Biomes.
  • If you are looking for Cod fish, I recommend going to Frozen Oceans or Lukewarm Oceans. 
  • Pufferfish spawns mostly around the Lukewarm Oceans. You can also spawn them by beating the Guardians and Elder Guardians
  • Mostly, the fishes are found in their respectivebiomes, but some are obtainable through trades with Villagers.

Here are some notable mobs with unique traits that can be enlisted using the bucket of fish:

  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Pufferfish
  • Tropical Fish
  • Tadpole
  • Axolotl

As you farm the fish, you may also want to learn more about them. Here is an extensive guide detailing what Minecraft fish eat and how to care for them.

Salmon Fish

Bucket of Salmon
Salmon in Bucket

Salmon appears in River Biomes and locations like Rivers, Cold Oceans, and Frozen Ocean biomes. In Bedrock Edition, they’re also found in Oceans and Lukewarm Oceans.

Java Edition, Salmon spawn in groups of 1-5 in various biomes with a consistent size, and Bedrock Edition, group spawning ranges from 3-5 with size chances: small (31.5%), medium (52.6%), and large (15.7%). During my playthrough, they spawned 12-32 blocks away from me, so I suggest you look for the same.

Killing or using Salmon as dog food grants 1-3 Exp points. They drop Raw Salmon or Cooked Salmon if killed under fire effect. Additionally, there’s a 5% chance for Bone Meal in Java Edition and a 25% chance for Bones in Bedrock Edition.

Cod Fish

Bucket of Cod Fish
Cod Fish in Bucket

I discovered the Bucket of Cod fish by searching its spawning ground. In Java Edition, they spawn as a group of 3-6 fishes in Oceans, Cold Oceans, and Lukewarm Oceans. In Bedrock Edition, they can also be found in Frozen Oceans.

Also, in this edition, they spawn only on the water’s surface in groups of 4-7. This makes it easier to use the Bucket of Water on them. 

Codfish stats relate to the Salmon fish in terms of loot drop. Except it drops Raw Cod upon death and Cooked Cod when killed with the fire effect. Cod cannot survive if put in Cauldron water.


Pufferfish in the Water Bucket

Catching a Pufferfish is handy if you plan to use it as a crafting item. However, I do not recommend it as a food source. You can locate Pufferfish in Warm Oceans.

It also spawns in the Lukewarm Ocean for the Bedrock Edition. Guardians and Elder Guardians can also drop Pufferfish on death, which has a 13% chance of happening. 

Pufferfish will regenerate 1 point of hunger upon consumption. However, it can have adverse effects on the player as well. Although this fish can restore a hunger point, it will also cast the effect of Hunger III and Poison II on the player for 15 and 60 seconds, respectively. 

Pufferfish can help create potions. Firstly, you can brew the potion of Water Breathing that includes a Pufferfish and an Awkward Potion as its ingredients. Lastly, you can brew the Mundane Potion with Pufferfish and a Water Bottle.

Tropical Fish

Bucket of Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish in The Water Bucket

Interestingly, despite their diverse looks, none of them differ in stats. You can find these vibrant fish exclusively in the Warm and Lukewarm oceans for Minecraft editions. Their spawning behavior changes when it takes place in the Lush Cave in both editions.

Tropical Fish will spawn as a group size of 8 in Java Edition. At the same time, it will spawn in groups of 1-3 or 3-5, depending on the underwater area in Bedrock Edition. In Bedrock, they will also have a chance to spawn twice with a different variation.

Guardian and Elder Guardian have little chance of dropping a random fish on death. This slight change will contain a 2% chance of being a Tropical Fish.


Bucket of Axolotl
Axolotl in Water Bucket

The final addition in my guide is the Axolotl, and it’s no exception. These unique creatures exclusively spawn in the underwater Lush Cave, appearing in groups of 4-6 for both the Java and Bedrock Editions. To capture an Axolotl, simply use a Water Bucket. Notably, Axolotls are quite territorial, attacking any fish they spot and even feasting on Tadpoles.

Axolotl can be treated as a pet. You can apply lead on it and can take it to explore underwater. Using Axolotl in combat can grant you some perks, such as Regeneration I.

The effect of Mining Fatigue can also be purged if you have killed a mob engaged in combat with your Axolotl. A Bucket of Tropical Fish is used to feed the Axolotl. Unlike other aquatic mobs, Axolotl can wander on the land but not far from the water

Fish significantly assist players by enabling them to relocate mobs for opportunities strategically. Collecting aquatic mobs lets players showcase their fascination with these tiny water creatures.

As for the wide use of buckets of fish:

  • It can allow the player to create a proper fish farm. This way, he can breed these fishes as a continuous food source.
  • Since you have continuity in their growth numbers, you can farm them and obtain their loot to craft other items.
  • Fish ( Salmon and Cod ) can serve the purpose of taming dogs.

My Opinion On Fish

I find that aquatic friends in Minecraft can prove to be quite beneficial when used correctly. The Bucket of Fish is a means to carry the water mobs in your inventory and store them or use them where they are effective in play.

You can also create an aquarium in Minecraft to put them there for a beautiful showpiece.

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