Minecraft: How To Get Every Bucket Of Fish

Learn the basics of Minecraft's fishes and how to gather them in bucket.

How to Get Bucket of Fish in Minecraft
How to Get Bucket of Fish in Minecraft

Aquatic Life of Minecraft counts as much help as the land mobs. These water mobs can help with the ingredients required for crafting and related to food benefits. Minecraft’s water life has also been given enough diversity in its mechanics that it is worth exploring. Over time, new aqua mobs were introduced in Minecraft subsequently with the improved behavior change in the existing ones. Among the many possibilities for gaining an advantage through fish in Minecraft, the most noticeable is to create a bucket of Fish using them.

Key Takeaways

  • You can carry most fish in their live form using a water bucket in Minecraft.
  • Bucket of Fish can help the player shape the advantage of using the water life of Minecraft.
  • Salmon, Cod, Pufferfish, Tropical, Tadpole, and Axolotl can be carried as a Bucket of Fish. Each has its unique trait as a food source or crafting ingredient.
  • Tadpoles and Axolotls can behave differently than fish. A Tadpole can only be obtained through Frog Breeding. At the same time, an Axolotl can be used as an underwater pet and assist you in combat.
  • Mostly, the fishes are found in their respective biomes, but some are obtainable through trades with Villagers.

What Is The Bucket Of Fish In Minecraft

The most basic use of a Fish in Minecraft is to catch it with a Fishing Rod and use it as a food source. However, a fish can be captured alive using a bucket but fill it with water first. Then, click on the mob, and the bucket will contain that water mob.

Although one fact to keep in mind is that not every water mob will behave like a fish. For example, an Axolotl may appear as a fish, but its characteristics differ from those of other fishes. Yet, it still holds the property to behave like a fish in the bucket.


A Bucket of Fish can provide the player with several benefits. Not that the item contains any special effect of its own; rather, it enables the player to create opportunities of his own. It is because when the player can dislocate the mob according to his interest, he can surely make something of a beneficial situation for himself. On the other hand, the player can simply collect the aqua mobs to display his interest in the tiny water creatures.

As for the wide use of buckets of fish:

  • It can allow the player to create a proper fish farm. This way, he can breed these fishes as a continuous food source.
  • Since you have a continuity in the numbers of their growth, you can farm them and obtain their loot to craft other items.
  • Fish ( Salmon and Cod ) can serve the purpose of taming dogs.

Performing any action mentioned above can grant you with few Exp points. To know better about Exp gain, you can look through our guide for the best ways to gain Exp in Minecraft.

How To Obtain Every Bucket Of Fish

An important factor to remember is that every Fish has a specific location and condition to spawn. Moreover, the Java and Bedrock Edition can also affect the spawning of these mobs. Mobs that are spawned through Bucket of Fish do not despawn naturally. Few mobs can be enlisted for their trait as the bucket of fish:

  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Pufferfish
  • Tropical Fish
  • Tadpole
  • Axolotl

Once the fish is placed in the bucket, it will be referred to as the Bucket of ( Fish name ). As you are farming the fish, you may also want to learn more about them. Here is our extensive guide detailing what do Minecraft fish eat and how to take care of them.

Bucket Of Salmon Fish

Bucket of Salmon
Salmon in Bucket

Salmon will most probably appear in the River Biomes. As a result, it will specifically spawn in the locations like Rivers, Cold Oceans, and Frozen Ocean biomes. At the same time, the location Ocean and Lukewarm Ocean can also generate the Salmon only in the Bedrock Edition.

The spawning mechanism of Salmon varies on the Java and Bedrock Edition. Salmon will always spawn as a group. Rivers, Cold, and Frozen Ocean will spawn them in a group ranging from 1-5. Salmon size remains the same in the Java Edition despite the biome’s location.

As for the Bedrock Edition, their group spawning is set to be ranging between 3-5. In this edition of Minecraft, there are variants of their sizes. Explicitly, Salmon of small size has a 31.5% chance, medium size has a 52.6% chance, and the large size has a 15.7% chance to spawn. Furthermore, their spawn point is 12-32 blocks away from the player.

Salmon can provide the player with 1-3 Exp points when killed or used as food for the dog. It drops Raw Salmon as loot or Cooked Salmon if killed under fire effect. Following this, it has a 5% chance to drop Bone Meal in Java Edition and 25% of dropping Bones in Bedrock Edition.

Bucket Of Cod Fish

Bucket of Cod Fish
Cod Fish in Bucket

You can find the Bucket of Cod fish by searching its spawning ground. They spawn in Ocean, Cold Ocean, and Lukewarm Ocean as a group of 3-6 fishes in the Java Edition. Furthermore, they can also generate in Frozen Ocean for the Bedrock Edition.

Also, in this edition, they spawn only on the water’s surface in groups of 4-7. This makes it easier to use the Bucket of Water on them. A Fisherman Villager can make a trade of a Bucket of Cod in exchange for three emeralds at Novice-level.

Codfish stats relate to the Salmon fish in terms of loot drop. Except it drops Raw Cod upon death and Cooked Cod when killed with the fire effect. Cod cannot survive if put in Cauldron water.

Bucket Of Pufferfish

Pufferfish in the Water Bucket

Pufferfish is helpful to catch if you wish to use it as a crafting item. Other than that, this fish is quite the opposite of benefit when it comes to using it as a food source. You can find the Pufferfish at the location of Warm Ocean.

It also spawns in the Lukewarm Ocean for the Bedrock Edition. Guardians and Elder Guardians can also drop Pufferfish on death which has a 13% chance of happening. When a Pufferfish is killed, it appears the same as an item.

Pufferfish will regenerate 1 point of hunger upon consumption. However, it can have adverse effects on the player as well. Although this fish can restore a hunger point, it will also cast the effect of Hunger III and Poison II on the player for 15 and 60 seconds, respectively. Further, it will put the debuff of Nausea I in Java and Nausea II in Bedrock Edition for 15 seconds.

Pufferfish can help create potions. Firstly, you can brew the potion of Water Breathing that includes a Pufferfish and an Awkward Potion as its ingredients. Lastly, you can use Pufferfish and a Water Bottle to brew the Mundane Potion.

If you find the Wandering Trader, he might offer you the Bucket of Pufferfish, which will cost you five emeralds.

Bucket Of Tropical Fish

Bucket of Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish in The Water Bucket

Most fish of different appearances and scales fall in Tropical Fish in Minecraft. However, none of them differ in stats in any way possible. Tropical Fish only spawn in the Warm Ocean and Lukewarm Ocean for Minecraft editions. However, their spawn behavior will change in both of the editions when the spawning takes place in the Lush Cave.

Tropical Fish will spawn as a group size of 8 in Java Edition. At the same time, it will spawn in groups of 1-3 or 3-5, depending on the underwater area in Bedrock Edition. In Bedrock, they will also have a chance to spawn twice with a different variation.

Guardian and Elder Guardian have very little chance of dropping a random fish on death. This slight change will further contain a 2% chance of being a Tropical Fish.

This fish will restore a point of hunger when it is eaten. It can also restore the 0.5 health point of your pet dog. This point is increased to 1 health point in Bedrock Edition.

A Wandering Trader can have a chance to offer you a Bucket of Tropical Fish for five emeralds. Moreover, a Fisherman Villager will show you 6 Tropical Fish for an emerald in Java Edition, provided the trade is happening on the Expert level.

Bucket Of Tadpole

Tadpole in Water Bucket

Although Tadpoles can be placed in a bucket, unlike the fishes, they do not spawn naturally anywhere in the world of Minecraft. Their point of origin is only through the Frogspawn. You can find the Frogs in the Swamp biome and breed them using the Slimeball. Frogspawn cannot be obtained in any way; however, it is still destroyable. Once you have bred the Frogs, they will lay the Frogspawn on a water surface without any blocking.

You can learn more about frogs in our how to tame a Frog in Minecraft extensive guide.

Tadpoles will spawn in groups of 2-5 and will not drop anything on death. You can pick up the Tadpoles in the Water Bucket. Moreover, Tadpoles will follow the player if he is holding a Slimeball. It might be the best idea to watch a quick guide on how to get Bucket of Tadpole.

Bucket Of Axolotl

Bucket of Axolotl
Axolotl in Water Bucket

The last fish in our guide explaining how to get bucket of fish in Minecraft is Axolotl, which is not an exception. Axolotl only spawns in the underwater Lush Cave as 4-6 in group size for the Java and Bedrock Edition. You can apply Water Bucket on Axolotl to capture it. Axolotls will attack any fish in sight and can also feast on Tadpoles.

Axolotl can be treated as a pet. You can apply lead on it and can take it to explore underwater. Using Axolotl in combat can grant you some perks, such as Regeneration I. Furthermore, the effect of Mining Fatigue can also be purged if you have killed a mob engaged in combat with your Axolotl. A Bucket of Tropical Fish is used to feed the Axolotl. Unlike other aquatic mobs, Axolotl can wander on the land but not too far from the water.

Final Words

Aquatic friends in Minecraft can prove to be quite beneficial when used correctly. The Bucket of Fish is a mean to carry the water mobs in your inventory and store them or use them where they are effective in play. You can also create an aquarium in Minecraft to put them there for a beautiful showpiece.

That is about it for our guide on how to get bucket of fish in Minecraft. Did you find this guide helpful for collecting your bucket of fish in the game? Share your thoughts and queries in the comments section below.

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