How To Get Impounded Car Back In GTA 5 Online?

Got your car impounded in GTA V Online. Don't worry! Here is a complete guide on how to get impounded car back in GTA 5 Online.

how to get impounded cars back gta 5 online cover
how to get impounded cars back gta 5 online cover

Grand Theft Auto V is a video game that needs no introduction. Its interactive and surreal open-world gaming experience has made it the talk of the town. The craze of this game in the players has not worn off till today since its initial release in 2013.

Vehicles are part and parcel of the GTA gaming experience. Besides various vehicles like the fastest bikes and best SUVs in GTA V, your cars can also get impounded in GTA 5. So, here is a guide on getting an impounded car back GTA 5 Online.

gta 5 online cars
GTA 5 Online Cars

Grand Theft Auto 5 still amazes the players with the kind of realistic and immersive gameplay it offers. The developers have paid great attention to detail regarding its surreal open-world experience. Driving through Los Santos or just roaming its open world, you can experience some of the most real-lifelike things.

Even if you break the traffic rules, your cars can get impounded, just like in real life. If you are also one of those players who have just experienced their car getting impounded in GTA 5 online, then you are at the right place. This guide details why and how you can get your car back when it is seized by police in GTA 5 online.

Why Do Cars Get Impounded In GTA 5 Online?

In Grand Theft Auto V, the gameplay is realistic and breaking the traffic rules, you will have to pay up the fines, and your vehicle will be impounded just like in real life. Some of the reasons why your vehicle can be impounded in Grand Theft Auto V are the following:

  • You may have parked your vehicle in the No Parking zone
  • You may have abandoned your vehicle in Free mode
  • Police might have killed you
  • Police may have busted you and confiscated your vehicle, and moved it to the vehicle impound lot.

Impound Lot In GTA 5 Online

Once your vehicle gets impounded or confiscated by police in Grand Theft Auto V, it is moved to the Impound Lot in the game. The Impound Lot in GTA 5 is located in Los Santos Police Department Auto Impound. It is also the location from where the protagonist Franklin gets a tow truck for a side mission.

GTA 5 Impound Lot
Impound Lot in GTA V

The location of the Impound Lot in GTA 5’s map is shown below:

impound lot location
Impound Lot Location in GTA 5 Online

There are many impound locations in the GTA 5 Story Mode, but only one is available in GTA Online.

How To Get The Impounded Car Back?

While removing a car from Impound Lot in GTA 5 is not particularly difficult, it can occasionally be quite inconvenient. When playing in Freemode, the player is advised to avoid parking their car in a “No Parking” area or stay close to it to prevent frequently returning to the Impound Lot.

If you get killed or arrested by police your car will be confiscated. When you respawn, a notification will tell you that your car has been Impounded. The player selects whichever of the four options to reclaim their impounded vehicles in GTA 5 is effective. However, all four options are simple. Unpicked vehicles become useless unless the player recovers them.

Having stated that, the following guide describes how you can get your cars back from the GTA Online Impound Lot.

Call Your Assistant

Calling your assistant is probably the most convenient way to get back your impounded vehicle in GTA Online. You will not have to go anywhere or mess with the police. But for this method to be used, there are some prerequisites. You need to own an Office for this, only then you can have an assistant in the game.

The cheapest office that you can buy in GTA Online is $$1,000,000. This way, you can call your mechanic from the office to deliver the car from the Impound Lot. For having your assistant retrieve the vehicle from the Impound Lot you can follow these steps:

  • Open your phone in the game
  • Go to your Contacts from the main menu
  • Contact your assistant from the contacts list
  • Select the “Recover the vehicle from Impound” option from the menu that appears
assistant gta v
Assistant Menu in GTA 5

This is going to cost $1000 to the player but is probably the most efficient and easiest to get back your impounded car in GTA V.

Steal From The Impound

One way to get your impounded cars back in GTA V is to steal the vehicle from the Impound Lot. For this, simply break into the Impound Lot, grab your vehicle, and evade the police.

Steal from Impound Lot GTA 5
A player stealing his car from Impound Lot giving him Two-star wanted level

This method of taking the vehicle back by force does not cost you any money back but is highly inefficient. Since you will have to drive all the way to the Impound Lot.

Moreover, stealing will get you wanted level and you will have to mess with the police. If you get killed while this, there is a chance that your vehicle will be destroyed and you will then have to pay insurance.

So only try this method if you are good at evading the police.

Pay At The Impound

Following the standard procedure, you can pay the fine at the Impound Lot and retrieve your vehicle. You can follow these steps to get your impounded car back in GTA V by paying at the Impound Lot.

  • Go to the Impound Lot location given above
  • Approach any of the entry gates
  • A prompt will ask you to pay $250 to go inside the Impound Lot
  • Simply pay the fee and go inside
  • Grab your impounded car and drive out
A player is asked to pay $250 at the Impound Lot

A plus point of adopting this method to get back your impounded car is that you will not get a wanted level as in the case of stealing the car from the Impound Lot. You will not have to mess with the police and get your car back for just $250.

But one negative point of this method is that you have to drive all the way to the Impound lot every time which can be frustrating if you get your cars impounded often.

Pay Insurance Cost

For this last method in our How to get impounded car back GTA 5 Online guide, allow your vehicle to be destroyed, and then call Mors Mutual Insurance and pay for the insurance. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Allow your vehicle to be destroyed
  • Open your mobile phone in the game
  • Open Contacts from the main menu
  • Call Mors Mutual Insurance from the contacts
  • Pay the insurance amount to get your car delivered to you
mors mutual insurance gta 5
A player calling Mors Mutual Insurance in GTA V

The insurance claim fee will be different for different cars. Pay this fee to get your impounded car back.


Grand Theft Auto V provides such an immersive and detailed open-world experience that you can even be fined if you do not follow the traffic rules and your vehicle is confiscated. Your vehicle is moved to the LSPD Impound Lot after being confiscated.

Buying cars and modifying them needs a lot of money in GTA 5. But thankfully, even if your car gets impounded you can get it back by following one of the methods briefed in this guide. This concludes our guide on How to get the Impounded car back in GTA 5 Online.

Finally, what do you think of our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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