How To Get Impounded Car Back In GTA 5 Online?

Got your car impounded in GTA V Online? I will guide you on how to get impounded car back in GTA 5 Online.

how to get impounded cars back gta 5 online cover
how to get impounded cars back gta 5 online cover

One thing I have gotten stuck in myself, and so might you, is getting your vehicle impounded. But worry not, for here is an extensive guide on how to get your impounded car back.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get your car impounded for various reasons like parking in the No Parking zone, abandoning the car in Free Mode, and getting busted or killed by the Police.
  • To get your impounded vehicle back, visit the Impound Lot.
  • You can either pay the insurance or the fee at the Impound Lot; however, if you evade the police, just steal the car back.

GTA 5 Impound Lot
Impound Lot in GTA V

Note: There are multiple impound locations in the GTA 5 Story Mode, but only one is available in GTA Online.

How To Get The Impounded Car Back

If you have a CEO office or VIP business, I recommend simply calling your assistant.

  • Open your phone in the game.
  • Contact your assistant from the contacts list.
  • Select the “Recover the vehicle from Impound” option from the menu.
assistant gta v
Assistant Menu in GTA 5

This is going to cost $1000 to the player but is probably the most efficient and easiest to get back your impounded car.

If you don’t mind getting messy in the game, you can also try stealing your car from the Impound Lot. For this, break into the Impound Lot, grab your vehicle, and evade the police.

Steal from Impound Lot GTA 5
Stealing a car from the Impound Lot and getting a two-star wanted level.

While I think this method is a money-saver, it is still pretty inefficient as you’ll have to drive to the Impound Lot first. Stealing will get you wanted level, so there’s also police involved. If you get killed while doing this, there is a chance that your vehicle will be destroyed, and you will then have to pay insurance.

I advise only trying this if you are good at evading the police. Following the standard procedure, you can pay the fine at the Impound Lot and retrieve your vehicle. 

impound lot location
Impound Lot Location in GTA 5 Online
  • Go to the Impound Lot location given above.
  • Approach any of the entry gates.
  • A prompt will ask you to pay $250 to enter the Impound Lot.
  • Pay the fee and go inside.
  • Grab your impounded car and drive out.
Being asked to pay $250 at the Impound Lot

My Recommendation

So, while trying out different cars in GTA V is fun, getting them impounded is not much. I’ve had many of my cars impounded and have tried all the above methods. I find it easiest to pay at the impound since evading the police is a skill I have yet to master.

However, I bought my office recently, and ever since, life has gotten a lot easier with the Assistant. If you want to risk the police chase, never pay for your impounded car. But if you’re not as confident yet, pay the insurance and drive your car again quickly!

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