High On Life: How To Get Lezduit [Unlock Guide]

Lezduit is an interesting gun and you can learn everything about it in our detailed guide here.

How to get lezduit in High on Life
How to get Lezduit in High on Life

While you will be all alone in your journey to save the world, your talking guns will ensure you are having some fun and not getting bored. Each weapon has its specific voice-over done by some famous voice actors, and their sarcastic inputs will make your journey a little more bearable. Lezduit is one such gun in High on Life, and we will explain how you can get it.

The Rundown

  • Lezduit is an Arc Lazer-type gun in High on Life. It is also the best gun in the game, having a big magazine capacity and severe damage.
  • Unlike all other guns in the game, Lezduit has an unknown voice actor. Players unlock this gun in the middle of the game and use it to win the final battle against Garmantous in High on Life.
  • Previously a hero on a different planet, Lezduit was captured as a hostage while everyone else thought he was dead. Players recover it during Dr. Giblet’s bounty hunt, and Gene manages to bring him in a stable condition. However, he loses his ability to speak and only pronounces his name.
  • As it is a potent weapon, there aren’t any upgrades available for it in High on Life. Lezduit plays a crucial role in the final fight of High and Life and disappears permanently after the game’s completion.

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Unlocking Lezduit In High On Life

The Arc Lazer-type weapon can deal with multiple enemies at a time in High on Life. Because of its practicality, it is the most desired weapon in the game. Moreover, players can get Lezduit in High On Life after finishing the Nipulon Bounty and unlocking the Garmantous Bounty.

It is a long series of events where each mission is connected with others. The complete go-through of events to unlocking Lezduit in High on Life is explained below:

  • The first step towards unlocking Lezduit is to complete the Krubis and Douglas Bounty in High on Life. Players unlock this bounty after they kill the 9-torg. Consequently, selecting the Krubis bounty will let you fight with the lowest-ranking member of the G3 in the Jungle area of Zephyr Paradise.
  • Finishing the Krubis bounty will enable you to go on your next mission of defeating Dr. GibletsDr. Giblet’s location is unknown in High on Life. Therefore, you will have to work hard to find his lab’s location. Once you find his lab, defeating him will not be a difficult task. However, don’t take him easily; prepare well for your face-off with the most competent G3 member.
  • After defeating the intelligent doctor, while you will be leaving out from the trap door, you will find Lezduit tied to a machine in a very dire condition. Take him home with you.
  • While Gene will be trying to fix Lezduit in High on Life, you can complete the Nipulon Bounty. Nipulon is the most dreaded member of G3, and you will need to go to Port Terrene to invade his drug lounge. Fight off the aliens nearby and return home after killing Nipulon in High on Life.
    Equipping Lezduit as your main weapon in High on Life
    Equipping Lezduit as your primary weapon in High on Life
  • As you will fight Nipulon, Gene will treat Lezduit at home. Once you return home after killing the evil drug lord, you will find Lezduit in a relatively stable condition in High on Life. You can now use it in your remaining missions to finish the game efficiently.

Backstory Of Lezduit

Lezduit is a Cybernetic Gatlian in High on Life, and players can obtain it at the game’s final stages. Players specifically need it to win the final fight in High on Life. Featuring a magazine with a capacity of 100 bullets, Lezduit deals lots of damage to enemies.

Interestingly, all guns have their voice artists listed in the credit list except Lezduit. It has an unknown voice-over artist. We don’t think we need to know about it, as Lezduit doesn’t have many dialogues in High on Life. The only word that comes out of this fantastic gun is “Lezduit.”

Lezduit in a dire condition

Lezduit has an interesting backstory. Legends have it Lezduit was previously quite a renowned hero on planet Gatlus. Myths say he died defending his planet valiantly against the attack of G3. However, that is not it, and he survived the war. Players can find him alive in High on Life while hunting for Dr. Giblets.

He is found in a dire condition and needs serious medical attention. Gene in High on Life helps bring him into a stable condition. She succeeds in her task; however, Lezduit loses his speech and can only pronounce his name after full recovery. You will receive the Lezduit gun from Gene after you set on your Garmantous mission from the teleporter.

Gene recovering Lezduit
Gene is recovering Lezduit in High on Life

What Happens To Lezduit After Completing The Game

Lezduit is a powerful weapon, and players can overpower any competitor they want using it in High on Life. Moreover, they can handle multiple enemies simultaneously, thanks to the big magazine capacity and fast firing rate.

However, there is one catch of this high-performance gun in High on Life. That is, it will disappear after you complete the final mission of High on Life.

It can destroy battalions of G3 single-handedly within seconds. Perhaps the main reason for not keeping this gun permanently in High on Life is that it is very overpowered. Therefore, enjoy playing with it as long as possible because you will lose it soon.

Lezduit: Upgrades And Special Abilities

Destroying enemies using Lezduit in High on Life
Lezduit can destroy multiple enemies at once

Most guns in High on Life can be further upgraded to enhance their abilities. These upgrades allow players to achieve the maximum out of these guns and utilize their abilities to the fullest. However, Lezduit is an exception as it does not have any customizations in High on Life.

Primarily because it is already a perfect weapon, there is no room for improvement. Another reason could be that as it is a temporary weapon, developers have not provided any upgrades for it in High on Life. Regardless of this fact, Lezduit is a perfect weapon, and you will not feel any need to have any upgrades in it.

Can Lezduit Say Something Else In High On Life?

After getting treated by Gene in High on Life, Lezduit can only pronounce his name. However, it gets tedious having to hear him speak his name repeatedly. Therefore, you would naturally want to hear something else from his mouth. Interestingly, Lezduit can also say some other words in High on Life.

In the final stages of your fight with Garmantous, you will have to kill him by blowing him up. You can do it by shoveling any of your guns in his arsehole. Once you are done with it, you will hear Lezduit saying, “We did it.” These will be the last words from Lezduit, as he will disappear from your inventory after that.

shoveling Lezduit inside Garmantous
Shoveling Lezduit inside Garmantous

Final Words

It was all for our guide on Lezduit in High on Life. Which is your favorite gun in High on Life? How did you like playing with Lezduit in High on Life? Tell us in the comments.

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