How To Get Low Grip Tires In GTA 5

Step by step guide to show how to low grip tires in GTA 5

How to get Low grip tires in GTA 5

Grand Auto theft is famous for what? Almost for everything, yes, but more importantly it is renowned for its Cars. The races and their features make car lovers go crazy.

Among those car features, Drifting the car stand at the top. This guide will detail how to get low grip tires in GTA 5. You can get the maximum drifting through this, which would be just an adrenaline rush for you.

How to get Low Grip Tires in GTA 5
How to get Low Grip Tires in GTA 5

Before we dive into the guide, this announcement you should know. Rockstar newswire just announced that they would add some new beautiful features for the GTA 5 Car drifters on 26th July, and the world is going crazy over it.

Many new features are introduced, but my top favorite lies in the low grip tires customization for the drifting, and GTA life becomes full of vibe. Out of this new update, drifting is back with hundreds of possible builds.

What Are Low Grip Tires?

As previously stated, the most recent update adds new tires to the game: low grip tires. If you inquire, “What are these common low grip tires? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Low grip tires feature extremely minimal friction when compared to standard tires. Like in real life, old tires have less friction and grip, and the automobile is more likely to slide.

The minimal grip causes the car to drift while turning, which is why they were designed this way. These tires are ideal for building a drift automobile to execute stunts in the game.

Why Do We Need Low Grip Tires?

GTA Online has always been popular among players due to the extensive range of cars available in the game, as most of the game needs traveling and nothing beats a good old drive through Los Santos.

GTA Online’s map is challenging, with many narrow gaps and turns that make it feel like a playground for drifting lovers. Many gamers see the map as just another metropolis while drifting experts see Los Santos as a playground where they are Ken Block.

Through low grip tires, you can get more speed, more drift, less friction, and a larger angle of turns o the corners. These are the few things car lovers need.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Low Grip Tires In GTA 5

Below we are giving the easy-to-follow step-by-step guide which explains the procedure very. You need to follow the steps and get your low Grip tires ready for your car for some heavy drifts.

Step 1: Go To Car LS Meet

To get started, you must go to the map and locate the Car LS meet. And then you go all the way to Car LS meet. That’s the place where you can get low-grip tires.

Picture showing how to get the low grip tires
Getting into LS car meet

Step 2: Get Your Car Into Modification Mode

The next step is a little technical. Here you will be modifying your car. You have to press on PC LEFT CONTROL + G for that purpose.

How to get Low grip tires in GTA 5
Getting the car into a modification mode

By doing this step, your car would go to the modification mode and now let’s move on to the next step.

Step 3:  Follow The Instructions

Step 2 was a bit technical but was a piece of cake compared to step 3. You need to follow these mini steps to get going.

  • Go to the Categories
  • Then go to the Wheels
    How to get low grip tires in GTA5
    Click the Wheels
  • Then go to the Section of the Tires
    How to get Low grip tires in GTA 5
    Click Tires
  • Then Go to the Enhancements
    How to get ow grip tires in GTA 5
    Click Tire Enhancements
    Click Low Grip Tires

There you have it now. Congrats bud. You have got yourself now low grip tires.

You are all set to take your ride for the drifting. You have successfully changed the tires by following the guide How to get Low Grip tires in GTA 5.

Comparison Between Low Grip Tires And Normal Tires

Low grip tires are for drifting, and this could be done only in the LS car meet. For your little information, these low grip tires have soft brakes, high traction, and the highest acceleration.

Compared to the regular standard tires, they have more brakes and a lower traction rate. Meanwhile, the acceleration ratio remains the same in the low grip tires.

Quick Tip:

You should always go for low grip tires when you want to play a little with drifting. Also, low brakes and a high traction rate would help you quickly get the drift.

On the other side should always go for regular tires when it comes to racing. Low grip tires and race is a bad combination because, at the corners, it would take you forever to gain the momentum back, but regular tires do that very comfortably.

How To Get The Normal Tires Back?

If you are done with the drifting, you can revert to normal tires for your car. The process for removing the low grip tires is the same as before. Here are the steps that you can consider to revert back to normal tires.

  • Go to the categories
  • Then Go to the Wheels
  • Then go to the section of the tires
  • Then Go to the Enhancements
  • Then Bulletproof tires.

Now that you know how to add low grip tires for your car in GTA V, you can enjoy the drifting as they offer low brakes, highest acceleration, and high traction. Compared to the normal tires, which are good for the races, you can get these at the LS car meet and have an excellent beautiful drifting drive around the map.

Now that you are here, you may want to check our guide on How to build a walker’s car in GTA 5.


Can we change the Low Grip Tires without going to LS car meet?

That is the only method to add low grip tires to your vehicle.

What Low grip tires offer that normal tires don’t?

Low grip tires have a high traction rate, Low brakes, which make the car drift like butter on the road.

How to get the regular tires back?

You can get the normal tires back the same way as you got low grip tires. Categories>Wheels>Tires>Enhancements>Bulletproof Tires.

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