How To Glitch Fight In GTA 5: Definitive Guide

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How to Glitch Fight in GTA 5
Guide: How to Glitch Fight in GTA 5

We will talk about How to glitch fight in GTA 5 in our guide today. GTA 5 has been one of the most famous games in the world ever since its release. The game developers constantly monitor it to provide a secure environment for players. Frequent patch updates are released to filter out those bugs and glitches which hinder the gameplay.

But still, many glitches make their way into the gameplay. However, they are also used by players to enhance their gameplay experience and are quite fun. Some of them are minor glitches and don’t qualify to be named cheating.

On the other hand, players exploit multiple glitches to disturb the environment in the game. These are called cheat glitches. Frequent updates patch these glitches in GTA 5 to improve the playthrough experience.

As said above, the Glitch fight is not the only bug available in GTA 5. There are many other valuable glitches. Players can exploit them to their advantage.

For example, players can attain invincibility during fights using glitches. We know you would love to know about that, right? Let us help you out: GTA 5 God Mode Glitch.

Glitch fight is also a famous entry in GTA V that may add a little fun to your daily combat needs. We will discuss everything about this glitch in our guide below:

Glitch Fight In GTA 5

This glitch is the most abused in fights of GTA 5. Players specifically utilize this glitch in the Freemode of GTA 5.

A glitch fight, otherwise known as Sprint punches in GTA 5, happens when players flood the opponents with non-stop punches without letting the punch animation finish. Consequently, the opponent feels helpless and dominated.

How to Glitch Fight in GTA 5
Guide: How to Glitch Fight in GTA 5

Players usually use this glitch in the self-created Parkour mode in Freemode of GTA 5. Although most opponents will try to run away when you spam them with non-stop punches using this glitch fight.

However, they mostly fail because they are already under attack and cannot escape to any other place. Eventually, they give up, or you end up knocking them out.

Glitch fight is an important trick to learn in GTA 5 to survive hand-to-hand combat. It is an easy trick to do and comes in handy in every close battle in GTA 5.

However, this trick does not always work. Opponents can use certain tricks to avoid the knockdown.

How to do this glitch on multiple platforms of GTA 5? We are here to help you out. But first, you need to know what hand-to-hand combat means in GTA 5

Hand-To-Hand Combat In GTA 5

Hand-to-hand combat is pretty standard in GTA 5, especially in Freemode. Players can go around punching and picking fights with other players. Moreover, it is an essential skill that every player should master to survive close combats during heists in GTA 5.

The most prominent missions in GTA 5 are heist missions. They bring in a lot of monetary rewards to the players in GTA 5. However, players must pick specific crews for every heist in GTA 5.

It can get tricky if you are a new player. Well, here is our guide to help you with a detailed guide for GTA V Best Crew For Every Heist.

Unlike punches, guns are always better options in every fight or theft in GTA 5. But still, we cannot neglect the importance of melee or hand-to-hand combat.

hand to hand combat in GTA 5
Hand-to-hand combat in GTA 5

How To Master Hand-To-Hand Combat In GTA 5

It is easy to master hand-to-hand combat in GTA 5. It is all about dodging the opponent’s attacks and attacking them when they are off-guard. Before we get back to discussing how to glitch fight in GTA 5, here is a step-by-step guide to mastering hand-to-hand-combat in GTA 5:

  • The crux of hand-to-hand combat is surviving the opponent’s attacks by dodging them and attacking them when you find a chance.
  • Try to stay in the fight as long as possible by making sure to dodge the attacks from opponents.
  • Remember that a few perfectly landed punches can knock down the opponents. So always manage to land perfect punches whenever you get a chance.
  • You can also use certain melee weapons in your fights. Knife, hammers, and axes of various kinds, along with other types of melees, are available in GTA 5.
  • You can get more melee weapons through in-game purchases. Most melee weapons often kill opponents with one hit. However, some weapons may have to be employed more than once to eliminate opponents.
  • We suggest you practice with NPCs in the city to master hand-to-hand combat in GTA 5. Try to incorporate our tips in your training, and you will see the magic.
  • Moreover, if these tips are not enough, we will guide you to learn how to glitch fight in GTA 5.
Glitch Fight in GTA 5
Hand-to-hand combat: Picking up fights with strangers

How To Glitch Fight In GTA 5

Let’s say you are not good at hand-to-hand combat in GTA 5, and the training does not pay off. Well, you need to sort a way out to win those fights in GTA 5. You can use a glitch to your advantage and win any one-on-one combat. That’s what you are here for, aren’t you? So let’s get into it:

A Step-By-Step Guide To Glitch Fight In GTA 5

Players access GTA 5 through 3 major platforms. While most players play GTA 5 on their PCs, many other players use Xbox and Playstations.

The method to perform this glitch is the same on all platforms. However, the control buttons on the consoles are different.

Here is how you can do this glitch on all three platforms:

Glitch Fight In GTA 5 On PC

Follow the method which is explained below to do this glitch in GTA 5:

  • Stand in front of your target. Then sprint towards the target by pressing the SHIFT button on your keyboard. Make sure to dodge their attacks.

    Dodging punches in GTA 5
    Make sure to dodge the opponent’s attacks.
  • Start pressing the LEFT CLICK button to start hitting the opponent while also sprinting towards them. It will activate the Glitch Fight in GTA 5.
  • Keep pressing these buttons together until the enemy is defeated.

Do some practice, and you will master this glitch in no time. Practice makes a man perfect. Make it your hobby to practice these combat skills in GTA 5. If you want to learn more about hobbies in GTA 5, you can check our guide, GTA V Hobbies And Pastimes.

Glitch Fight In GTA 5 On A PlayStation

Follow this step-by-step guide to do this glitch in GTA 5:

  • Choose a target and start Sprinting towards him by pressing the button on your console.
  • Press the CIRCLE/R2 button on your console to start striking the opponent while continuously sprinting toward him.
  • Make sure you are dodging the attacks from your opponents.
  • It will activate the glitch in GTA 5. Repeat the earlier steps until your opponent is knocked dead on the ground.

    Punching opponents using Glitch fight in GTA 5
    Start punching your opponent whenever you get a chance

Glitch Fight in GTA 5 On Xbox

Follow our guide below to do this glitch on an Xbox:

  • Start by sprinting toward the target. You can sprint by pressing the button on your Xbox console.
  • Press the B/RT button on your Xbox console to start striking the opponent while continuously sprinting toward him.
  • The glitch is activated. Keep pressing these buttons to prolong the glitch until you have not won the one-on-one combat.

    Defeating 2 enemies at a time in GTA 5
    You can defeat multiple enemies at a time using glitch fight

Disadvantages Of Glitching Fight In GTA 5

The glitch fight will surely help you win combats in GTA 5. However, there are some disadvantages of this glitch in GTA 5, along with the many advantages. These are explained in detail below:

  • It is usually not helpful in PvP fights in GTA 5.
  • It works only in some minor modes of GTA 5, for example, the parkour mode and the Ring Fights.
  • This glitch is only limited to fist fights. Other fights which involve some weapons do not support this glitch in GTA 5.
  • It works well on flat surfaces, like roads, etc. It will probably not work on rough terrains like the mountains etc.
  • You cannot use this glitch in races or big heists involving the protagonists in GTA 5. Moreover, it will fail in front of opponents equipped with weapons.

    opponent using melee weapon against glitch fight in GTA 5
    You will have no choice but to retreat if the opponent uses any weapon.

This is all for our guide on Glitch Fight in GTA 5. We hope you have found whatever you were trying to find.

If you have any suggestions to give or any questions to ask, do not hesitate to comment below. We will try our best to help you out there. Thank You!

These glitches can help you win many missions in GTA 5. However, your opponents will also know about these glitches. They can use them to kill you. Let us say you are not fond of living yourself and want to kill yourself in GTA 5. We have a guide for your curious mind: How To Shoot Yourself In GTA 5.

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