How To Move Cars Between Garages In GTA 5 

This is a guide for how to move cars from one garage to another garage in GTA 5.

How to move cars between garges in gta 5
How to move cars between garages in gta 5

Being a GTA 5 player, knowing how to move cars between garages in GTA 5 online is essential. This guide will provide detailed and step-wise methods of moving the vehicles between the Garages.

Yes, there could be many ways to do this. But we shall present you with three methods to do it. One is quicker, and the other is the usual way of moving the cars between garages in GTA 5 online.

You can use any of these methods to get the task done. Moving cars between the garages can be an uneasy task only if you do not know how to do this quickly. Here we provide a guide that details everything you need to know about garages and cars. Let’s start the guide and learn how to move cars between garages in GTA 5 online. 

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Theft Auto has many vehicles; you can store them in various garages available in the game. However, as many garages are scattered around the map, you can face difficulty accessing your vehicles from them.
  • Moreover, sometimes you need to move cars between garages in GTA 5. Not knowing some shortcuts would cause you to travel from one garage in a vehicle to another and park it there. It is the simplest yet most time-consuming method in GTA 5.
  • Transferring vehicles between a CEO’s Office’s garages is relatively easy. You can access the built-in menu by going to the blue circle in one of these garages and moving cars to any other garage in the same building without hesitation.
  • Another relatively less time-consuming method to move cars between garages is calling the Mechanic using your D-pad and asking him to deliver cars from distant garages to you.
  • However, the easiest of all these methods is to go to your assistant in any of your offices and ask him to move cars for you effortlessly and without consuming much time.
  • Before you move your cars between garages in GTA 5, make sure you have an empty slot available for your car. Otherwise, you can always swap places of two vehicles from different garages.

For moving the cars between the garages, it is apparent that you need to have another garage in the reserve where you want to move your cars. You should buy a garage if you don’t have one and want to move your vehicles.

If you want a new garage, you can easily purchase one by investing in-game money. The method of obtaining a garage in GTA V Online is not complex.

Players can go to or look for a for-sale sign outside a property with a garage. Garages are priced in three tiers, with the low-end ones being far more reasonable than the high-end ones.

Now let’s jump to How to move the cars between garages, as you have at least a garage to shift the cars into. We can proceed. 

Driving The Car To A Garage By Yourself

This process is going to consume a lot of time. You will be mainly driving cars from one place to another. Yes, you have guessed it right. 

An image in the guide of how to move cars between the garages
A car being driven to the garage by oneself

In this process, you will have to drive the car all by yourself. This might be a good way for a single car, or maybe two.

What if you have to transfer a bunch of cars? You can not drive them from garage to garage one by one. Can you? And it will take you even longer if the distance between the garage is greater.

Yet, it is essential to know how it is done. Remember, this is done in the story mode or online version of GTA 5. 

Firstly you must make a waypoint to the garage you want to transfer it to. Now, get into the car, and start driving it. Now you take the car to the selected location point. You get to the garage, even if it takes forever.

You deliver the car. Now you get to come back and do it again for another car.

Yes, as mentioned before, it is a lengthy process. But still, it helps in moving all the cars into a new garage. Let’s skip to the quickest part of how to move cars between garages in GTA 5.

Moving The Cars By Calling The Mechanic

If you are playing multiplayer, you can do this task more efficiently. This quick method is also simple and easy. There is no rocket science to worry about. 

The following little steps will help you. 

  • Firstly, you must leave the destination garage where you want to park your car or bike. 
  • Take out the D-pad, go to the contacts, and select “mechanic” from the contacts list.

Calling the driver through the phone, which you can use through D-pad.

Now, You have to select the location where you are, the screen will appear, and you will have to choose your location: you can see your exact location from the map.

Then you must select the Car or bike you want to get. After choosing a vehicle,  it will be delivered somewhere near you.

After doing that all, it will take a little time. No more than 30 seconds, and this might appear, so wait.

An image in the guide of how to move cars between the garages

Get into the car. Drive it to the garage, which is near you.

An image in the guide of how to move cars between the garages
Car going into the garage

Improve The Delivery Time

Your car moving process can be even quicker when you are near the garage where you want to move them. The process is the same as mentioned above. Call the mechanic again, select your location, and choose the car you want for delivery.

After doing that, don’t worry about the delay. It takes around 45 seconds. The car will be delivered somewhere near you and enter into the car. Once you have the car delivered, you have to park in the garage, and you will be done with the car moving process.

Moving Cars In CEO Garage

CEO buildings usually come with three built-in garages. Unlike moving your cars from one building’s garage to the other building’s distant garage, moving a car in between the CEO building’s three garages is pretty easy. The method is the same for all consoles. However, the only difference is the buttons on all the consoles. Follow the step-by-step guide below to move cars between CEO garages in GTA 5:

  • Each of the three garages will have a blue circle in them. Going to the blue circle will open a menu in front of the player.
    move cars between garages in GTA 5
    The blue circle menu in Office garages
  • From the menu, select the car you want to transfer. Xbox players can select the car by pressing the X button on their console. Similarly, PlayStation players can select the car by pressing the Square button on their console.
  • After selecting the car, another menu will appear on the top left of your screen with the option of three garages. Players can select the garage they want their vehicle to move in and then the spot they want to park their car on. This method will effortlessly move the cars between CEO garages in GTA 5.

Note: Ensure the garage you want to move your car into has an empty spot. Otherwise, you might lose your car without any warning. Similarly, using this method, you cannot move your car from one CEO’s office to any other building.

Moving Cars Without Cooldown

The easiest way to move cars between garages in GTA 5 is by using your Office assistant. Simply go to any of your offices in the game. You will find your secretary sitting at the front desk. Going close to him, you can ask him to call all the vehicles to your desired garage.

move cars between garages using office assistant in GTA 5
You can ask the office assistant to move the cars for you.

Unlike the time-consuming method of calling the Mechanic to deliver the cars outside your garage with 45 seconds gap at each end, using the assistant or secretary of your office will not take any time.

Swapping Cars Between Garages

Players can swap cars between garages. It is especially an important feature when you quickly want to access your cars and all your garage slots are already filled. You can learn to swap cars between garages in GTA 5 from the step-by-step guide below:

  • Go to any one garage and get in the car you want to send to the other garage.
  • Once inside, set the spawn location to the garage where you want to park your car.
  • Now join a new session, and you will find your car outside your garage.
  • Take it to the second garage where you want to park it. Once inside, the garage will ask you to transfer one of your parked vehicles to the other garage. 
  • Choose the vehicle you want to swap places with, and you will instantly have your cars swapped. 

Alternatively, you can call your mechanic to deliver your desired vehicle from one garage to another. After the car is delivered, take it inside your garage and follow the above-mentioned steps.

It is useful, especially when you constantly switch between cars when playing with your crew and forget where your favorite vehicles are stored.

Moving A Car Into A Full Garage

You should always double-check if you have an empty slot available before moving your car to the other garage. If you move your car into a garage with no space, your car will be moved to another garage with an empty slot. However, if all your garages are already filled, and you still try to accommodate a new car, unfortunately, you will lose your car forever.  


How can you transfer automobiles from one garage to another in GTA 5?

You can drive the car to the garage by yourself or call the mechanic outside the garage to deliver the vehicle.

Is it possible to drive from one garage to the other?

As a result, the answer to your query is yes. You can drive from one garage to the next. However, it is a lengthy procedure if the distance is more significant. 

What if we select a location and drive by ourselves?

It will spawn you at the specified location, and it is faster. Buying garages near one another is the most efficient way to transfer several vehicles between garages. 

In this article, we tried to explain how to move cars between garages. We hope you find this guide helpful. What do you think about our guide? Do let us know in the comments.

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