Minecraft: How To Put Multiple Enchantments On An Item

After playing Minecraft for years, here are my top 5 picks to put multiple enchantments on an item.

How to put multiple enchantments on an item
How to put multiple enchantments on an item

Enchantments give many advantages, including raising an item’s durability, boosting its attack strength, or giving weapons unique characteristics like fire or knockback. Here, I will discuss how to put multiple enchantments on an item.

Key Highlights

  • In Minecraft, players can use:
    • Enchantment table: Apply up to three different enchantments to an item randomly.
    • Anvil: It allows players to combine enchanted books or items with the items they want to enchant. You can obtain enchanted books in Minecraft by trading with villagers or fishing.
    • Players can also put multiple enchantments on an item using commands.

Author’s Trust

Having logged in for hundreds of hours in Minecraft, I have mastered crafting, building, and survival. With my extensive experience in the game, I found the following few methods to be useful to put multiple enchantments on an item.

– Ahmed Raza

Here are five best methods that I recommend using to put multiple enchantments on an item.

Enchanting Table

In Minecraft, players can use an enchantment table to apply up to three enchantments to an item randomly.

  1. You need the item to want to enchant, lapis lazuli, and experience points.
  2. Now, right-click on the Enchanting Table to access the enchantment interface, and put the item that needs to be enchanted in the left slot. Above the item slot, there are three options for enchantment levels.
  3. The enchantment level you choose will determine the strength of the enchantments generated. The cost of the enchantments in terms of experience points will also be displayed.
How to put multiple enchantments on an item
Minecraft: Enchantment Table

To learn about building an enchantment table in-depth, read our extensive guide on Auto Enchantment Table.


Another way to put multiple enchantments on an item is by using Anvil.

  1. It also allows players to combine enchanted books or items with the items they want to enchant. Players must capture enchanted books or items with various enchantments to apply multiple enchantments to an item.
  2. From my experience, I can say that the best ways to get them are by:
    • bartering with villagers,
    • fishing,
    • or enchanting numerous tools and items. 
  3. After this, put an enchanted book or an object that already has an enchantment on it in the center slot of the anvil. The center of the interface will feature the enchantment. A warning message will show up if the proposed enchantment conflicts with one already present on the object.
  4. Place another enchanted book or item with a different enchantment in the center slot to add more enchantments to the object. Once you’ve combined all the desired enchantments on the item, repeat the process.
  5. The text box at the top of the interface allows you to enter a new name for the item if you want to rename it. It costs one experience point.
Minecraft Anvil for Enchanting

Trading With Villagers

Villagers work in a variety of occupations, and each one offers a particular set of trades. While villagers don’t enchant an item on their own, I highly recommend going to them to obtain enchanting books.

  1. You must locate a librarian villager to obtain enchanted books. Players can exchange enchanted books for gemstones at the library.
  2. Enchantments that can be traded are chosen randomly and altered as the villager gains expertise.
  3. Players need emeralds to trade with villagers, which you can get from mining emerald ore or trading with other villagers.
  4. Once you have emeralds, talk to the villager librarian and review their trade menu. The enchanted books that are up for trade will be listed along with their emerald equivalent price. The type and strength of the enchantment determine the price.
  5. Later on, use an Anvil to put enchantments on the item.
Minecraft Enchantment Instantly Trading with Villagers
Trading With Villagers For Enchantment Books


Like trading, Fishing is another way to farm enchanted books that can be later used to put multiple enchantments on items.

  1. Players can obtain enchanted books as rare treasure items when fishing. Start fishing by clicking right on the river to cast the line.
  2. Then, wait for the bobber to move up and down, indicating that a fish is trapped. Reel in the fish by performing a second right-click when the bobber goes underwater. The fish might be common, a salmon or a fish from a tropical area.
  3. Now, to check for enchantment books, check the inventory. Enchanted Books will appear in the inventory in a light purple item and the enchantments available for the enchanted books are random and depend on the level of the enchantment.
  4.  I don’t suggest this method as it is highly time-consuming and rewards are uncertain.
Easy Way to get AMAZING Enchants! (Fishing Method)
Minecraft: Fishing to get Enchanting Books


In the creative mode, I highly recommend using commands to put multiple enchantments in items.

  1. To use commands, open the chat window by pressing the T key on the keyboard. To add enchantments to an item, use the “/enchant” command followed by the player’s username, the enchantment’s name, and the enchantment’s level.
  2. For example, “/enchant PlayerName sharpness 5” would add the sharpness enchantment at level 5 to the item held by the player.
  3. Repeat the command with the desired enchantments and levels to add multiple enchantments to an item.
  4. For example, “/enchant PlayerName sharpness 5” followed by “/enchant PlayerName fire_aspect 2” would add both the sharpness and fire aspect enchantments to the item.
  5. After using the commands to add enchantments, to confirm the enchantments, check the item in the inventory or Hotbar.

My Experience

Whenever in Creative mode, I only use commands to enchant items. However, using commands in survival mode is unethical because it violates the standard game rules for getting enchantments. Therefore, in the Survival mode, even though trading with villagers, using an anvil and enchantment table all require some preparation and resource collection but can provide a variety of enchantments.

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