Minecraft: How To Quick Move Items On PC

Learn how to move your items efficiently while playing on PC

How to Quick Move items in Minecraft PC
How to Quick Move items in Minecraft PC

You can gather lots of items and loot while traversing through different biomes and dimensions in Minecraft. You will be given enough space to group up a heap of items in your inventory as a collection. These items or blocks can be stacked up to a limited quantity; then, it will move on to acquire new space. Over time, you will face the challenge of overweighing pockets that can interrupt collecting further goods. In that case, you will need good sorting mechanics in-game to help move your items in Minecraft PC quickly.

Major Takeaways

  • Quick Movement of items saves a lot of time for the players.
  • There are two methods of quickly moving the items. Firstly, click on them while holding the left Shift Key on the keyboard. Lastly, carry them with the help of an Ender Chest.
  • Ender Chest can be obtained through crafting or as a drop once you have mined it.
  • Crafting requires 8 Obsidian Blocks and an Eye of Ender. You can also mine it, which does not need any specific quality pickaxe.
  • Once you have stored the items in an Ender Chest, you can place another Ender Chest anywhere in the world, including other dimensions, and access your storage.

Reasons To Quick Move Items In Minecraft PC

There are various reasons to adopt the mechanic of moving your items quickly throughout Minecraft. Moreover, any faced pace player playing professional-level Minecraft will prefer to keep these techniques handy. It can seriously reduce a player’s time managing his inventory items. Remember that the game is not meant to pause itself while you are strolling through your inventory. So it would be best if you were quick during the sorting section of your items.

Furthermore, the quick move of items in Minecraft PC can also save you from the hassle of storing your stuff in the designated spot. The chests’ functionality in Minecraft allows the player to store items dynamically and obtain them anywhere on the map. Such dynamics of the game are discussed thoroughly in this guide.

Ways To Quick Move Items In Minecraft PC

A few ways are present in Minecraft to allow you to manage your items quickly. First is the primary method of quickly storing your items in a chest. Whereas the second method is a shortcut to take the stored items despite the fact from which piece of chest you are using.

This teleportation of items is done through the Ender Chest. Meanwhile, the first way does not depend on any means of storage. Rather, it is the primary functionality of Minecraft for storing items.

Quick And Basic Moving Of Items

While you are about to move your items into the storage space or about to take them from there, it will be pretty time-consuming if done individually for each item. However, there is a faster way to shove them all in one place.

All you need to do is simply hold the Left Shift key of the keyboard and click on the items. This will pass the items to the other side (storage or player’s inventory) in a single click, one by one. This also includes the blocks or items that are stacked.

Uniquely, there is a method where you can transport all the items of the same type with one click. To understand this feature of Minecraft, it is best to take a simple Grass Block as an example. Suppose you have a Grass Block, and plenty more fully stacked grass blocks are in your inventory. Place the Grass Block in your hand over the other glass blocks.

Now Double Click on it while making sure you are holding down the Left Shift Key. The next thing you will witness is that your items are transferred.

Quick move items in Minecraft PC
Pick the grass block – Hover over the other grass block – Double click with the Shift key.

To have even more authentic learning of this method, follow the guide of Stingray Productions in his YouTube video.

Ender Chest For Quick Moving Of Items

Ender Chests for fast items movement
Item Movements Using Ender Chest

Ender Chest is one the most secure ways to store precious and regular items. It is to say as the items stored in these chests are not lost even if the chest is destroyed. The working of an Ender Chest is in such a way that it stores the players’ items in an empty void and not in itself.

Due to this feature, the Ender Chest can maintain the storage of multiple players simultaneously without causing the items to collide in other players’ storage space. You can place a second Ender Chest anywhere in the world and take out the belongings you had put in the first one.

Crafting The Ender Chest

Ender Chest can be obtained in 2 ways. The first one, as expected, is to craft it. You can prepare the Ender Chest using 8 Blocks of Obsidian and placing an Ender Eye in the middle. To gather these ingredients:

Craft the Ender Chest
How to Craft Ender Chest
  • You need to make an interaction between Lava and Water. At the point of their collision, they will create a block of Obsidian. Remember that only Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe can mine the Obsidian.
  • The Eye of Ender can also be crafted using the Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder. You can kill the Enderman to farm the Ender Pearl. Likewise, you can kill the Blaze Monster to obtain the Blaze Rode used to craft the Blaze Powder.
  • Although you can kill mobs to get the Ender Pearl, trading with an expert-level Cleric Villager for five emeralds is the easiest way to obtain them.

Mining Of The Ender Chest

Mining is the last and most appealing way to get an Ender Chest. These chests can only be generated naturally in the End City. They reside alongside the other chests that are found in the Treasure Room. Even though they are made with Obsidian, you can still mine them using any Pickaxe. Just the fact that mining will take time, depending on the quality of the pickaxe.

  • Wooden Pickaxe takes 16.9 second
  • Stone Pickaxe takes 8.45 seconds
  • Iron Pickaxe takes 5.65 seconds
  • Gold Pickaxe takes 2.85 seconds
  • Diamond Pickaxe takes 4.25 seconds
  • Netherite Pickaxe takes 3.75 seconds

If you use the Silk Touch Enchantment on the pickaxe, mining an Ender Chest will only drop the 8 Obsidian Blocks. However, it will not drop the Eye of Ender. While no Silk Enchantment is applied, the Ender Chest will drop in its item form.

Ender Chest also has some interesting facts of its own. You can place it under the Note Block and use it as a source to produce sound. Piglins mind the culture of using the Ender Chest, so it’s best to look around while using or mining one.

Furthermore, Ender Chest can also be used as a light source with a level 7 light emission value. 

Final Words

The use of quick methods to move items in Minecraft PC can prove to be beneficial a lot. This way, players can make their movements with haste, which is essential for multiplayer players. Also, it would be helpful for every type of player to go through a quick procedure of sorting out his/her items efficiently.

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