GTA Online: How To Rank Up Your Character Fast

Here are some of my personal tips and tricks on how to earn reputation and level up your rank fast in Grand Theft Auto Online.

How to Rank Up Fast in GTA Online
How to Rank Up Fast in GTA Online

The higher your rank in GTA Online, the higher the rewards you get for completing various tasks. In this guide, I have explained all the best tips and tricks for ranking up.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the best approaches to farm for rank RPs is completing daily objectives and Newswire events. 
  • I personally utilized the Heist strategy, which significantly aids in maximizing the rank of character. 
  • A player’s performance level in GTA Online is judged by the player’s rank level, which can be leveled up by earning RP points.
  • The higher the player’s rank, the higher the rewards for completing various missions.
  • A higher rank also unlocks various missions and allows you to buy high-end properties and vehicles.

Keep An Eye Open For Newswire Events

You can get the latest news about all these in the Newswire section on Rockstar Studios’ website. For GTA Online, new events, mission playlists, and news are released by the developers on Newswire almost every Tuesday.

These missions offer very high RP and cash compared to regular game missions. So you surely need to bookmark the Rockstar Newswire webpage. Make sure to check it at least every week so you don’t miss out on any excellent opportunity to earn a lot of RP and level up in GTA Online.

Rockstar Newswire Webpage
Rockstar Newswire Webpage

Try Your Luck On The Lucky Wheel At Casino

The Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA Online has a Lucky spin wheel inside it. The players can try their luck by spinning the wheel and get a chance to win one of the 20 awesome rewards once a day. These rewards and prizes are pretty decent, with some giving you a lot of RP points, even up to 15,000 RP, in just a single spin.

Personally, I made it a daily routine to spin the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino. You never know when that spin might bring in 15,000 RP points.

A Player Spinning The Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino in GTA Online
A Player Spinning The Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino in GTA Online

But there is no surety that you will gain RP on every spin; it is all just a matter of chance. Even if you do not get RP points to level up while spinning the wheel, the other prize you will get will surely be worth the hustle.

Play In Adversary Mode

In my experience, Adversary Mode adds a thrilling dimension to GTA Online. Competing against other players in missions inspired by classic film scenes offers excitement and substantial RP rewards. Moreover, winning these missions helps you level up your rank quickly.

In these missions, some players team up and have to compete against another group of players in various missions within the specified deadline.

Get Wanted And Then Lose The Heat

As you gain more and more heat, your wanted level will increase constantly. As a result, the cops will come after you with everything they have to stop the havoc you are causing.

A Wanted Player in GTA Online
A Wanted Player in GTA Online

Provoking the cops and then skillfully evading them is a high-risk, high-reward strategy I often employ. The RP points earned by losing the heat can significantly boost your rank. 

Try to increase the heat on your character and then evade the cops, and you will surely see the results of a large pool of RP rewarded to your character.

Creating Your Own Customized Missions Playlist

GTA Online allows players to select from hundreds of various missions to play. All of these missions vary concerning their difficulty level and the reward they offer.

If you want to get lots and lots of RP points, then completing some specific missions is an excellent way of earning them. Some missions give you higher Rank Points than others.

Customizing my own mission playlist has been a game-changer. Choosing the highest RP rewarding missions streamlines the process, allowing for efficient rank progression.

A Player Selecting a Mission from his Missions Playlist in GTA Online
A Player Selecting a Mission from his Missions Playlist in GTA Online

How do you create a mission playlist in GTA Online?

If you are wondering how to create your own customized missions playlist in GTA Online, then here is a complete step-by-step procedure to do so:

  1. Go to the Pause Menu of the game
  2. After this, head over to the Online section of the menu
  3. Now, from the sidebar menu, go to the “Playlists” section
  4. Click “Create” to create your own mission playlist
  5. From the list of missions and jobs, add the highest RP rewarding missions in your playlist
  6. Finally, after selecting all of your desired missions, click “Save Playlist.”
  7. You will see a prompt telling you that your playlist has been created and uploaded

Playing The Heist Missions

Investing in high-end apartments to unlock Heist missions is a significant step in the GTA Online journey. The returns, both in cash and RP, make these missions highly rewarding.

Doomsday Heist One of the Heist Updates for GTA Online
Doomsday Heist: One of the Heist Updates for GTA Online

There are eight heist missions in GTA Online, and completing them is undoubtedly one of the best ways to rank up fast in GTA Online. So be sure to try out these heist missions.

Engage In Various Types Of Races

As a racing enthusiast, I find the variety of race events exhilarating and a quick route to earning RP points. You must have a lot of cool cars just lying in your garages.

One of the most incredible things about racing is that you don’t need to win the race to earn RP points. Just completing a race gives you 500 RP points.

Speaking of racing, here is the best supercar for stunt races GTA V to earn good rewards.

And some of the races can even end in one lap. So winning races is your fast track to leveling your rank in GTA Online. But it is only advisable to take place in these race events if you own some cool and fast cars. 

A Player Engaged in a Race Event in GTA Online
A Player Engaged in a Race Event in GTA Online

Start Your Own Organization

In GTA, you are not just a petty criminal, but you can also work your way up to be a “Boss” in the literal sense. GTA Online allows the players to set up their own business empires where they can buy an office and be CEO.

Becoming a CEO in GTA Online is more than a title; it’s a strategic move. From my experience, leading an organization allows you to tackle challenging missions with a team, earning substantial RP points.

A Player as a CEO at his Office in GTA Online
A Player as a CEO at his Office in GTA Online

You will also receive a lot of RP every time you complete some mission as the head of an organization, thus leveling up your rank. Since now you have a team, you can quickly complete even challenging missions with their help.

Stealing The Cargo

Being a GTA Online player, you will surely be very good at stealing and executing heists in the game. The cargo boxes are among the most rewarding items you can steal in GTA Online. After surpassing rank 12 in the game, you will receive notifications about the nearby cargo drops. Some heavily armed men guard these cargo drops.

A Player Stealing Cargo in GTA Online
A Player Stealing Cargo in GTA Online

For me, cargo heists have been a thrilling and rewarding venture. Whether it’s standard cargo or a special haul, the RP points earned make each heist a worthwhile pursuit. You can engage in this heist activity to steal this cargo and earn many RP points. Generally, you get up to 3000 RP every time you steal cargo.

Engage In Survival Missions

Survival missions are not just about defending against waves of enemies; they’re a source of adrenaline and substantial RP points. Personally, I find them to be a perfect blend of challenge and fun.

A Player Playing a Survival Mission
A Player Playing a Survival Mission In GTA Online

Moreover, these survival missions are some of the most rewarding in GTA Online, whereby you get $50,000 if you manage to survive the last wave. And most importantly, these missions are a great way to get lots of RP points and level up your rank fast in GTA Online.

Complete Daily Challenges

In GTA Online, every day, you get Daily Objectives, some additional small tasks that players can complete if they want. Completing these tasks takes only a few minutes, and some players might consider them a waste of time, but not me. In my opinion, if you are trying to collect RP, achieving these daily objectives makes a large difference.

A Player Completing Daily Objectives
A Player Completing Daily Objectives in GTA Online

Completing these simple tasks gives you cash rewards and many RP, thus leveling up your Rank in the game.

What Would I Recommend?

Heist missions are always rewarding for cash and RP bonuses to rank up quickly. These additional story missions are highly rewarding and fun to play. To know more about these Heist missions, you can visit our guide on How To Replay Heists in GTA 5 Online.

Additionally, you can pursue daily challenges and Adversary modes as primary farming methods for RP. Believe me, no other strategy is worth the effort, and glitching or even unauthorized approaches will get you in trouble for losing your character instead of gaining maximum rank.

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