GTA 5 Online: How To Replay Heists?

Heists in GTA series are high reward story missions. Here is complete guide on how to replay heists in GTA 5 Online.

how to replay heists in gta 5 online cover
how to replay heists in gta 5 online

Replaying a heist is one of the most sought-after questions among players. Fortunately, the game allows players to engage with heists as often as they desire. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can replay heists as many times as you desire. 
  • Replaying a heist involves calling Lester, selecting the desired Heist from the menu, and setting it up from the player’s high-end apartment.

How To Replay Heists?

Considering you already have an apartment, which is critical to start and set up a heist, the first step to replaying it after its completion is calling Lester.

  1. Pull up your phone and call Lester.
  2. Scroll down through the options and select “Replay Heist.”
  3. After that, select a heist you want to play from the available list. 
Calling Lester In replaying heists in GTA 5
Calling Lester
Selecting the Heist You want to Replay in GTA 5
Selecting the Heist, You want to Replay
  1. After some time, you will receive a call from Lester.
  2. During the call, Lester will confirm the availability of the heist.
Incoming Call from Lester
Incoming Call from Lester
  1. After the call, you only need to return to your apartment and start the heist after paying an amount in the heist room
  2. The heist fees depend on the heist you selected during the call with Lester, so make sure your bank balance has enough to replay the heist. 

Should You Replay Heists

Yes, you should replay heists you love the most and reward the best. After playing GTA 5 Online, I discovered that replaying heists is always rewarding in terms of experience and money.

Rockstar Games did a good job of allowing players to earn money through one of the most versatile and fun heist missions. If you want to learn more about earning money, you can refer to our best Missions To Earn Money guide.

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