GTA 5: How To Shoot Yourself

Grand Theft Auto V can be as realistic as you can imagine. It will be surprise for many players that you can even commit suicide by shooting yourself in GTA 5. Here is a complete guide on How to Shoot Yourself in GTA V.

How to Shoot Yourself in GTA V
How to Shoot Yourself in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of the most surreal and immersive open-world games in gaming history. It has been the town’s talk since its initial release in 2013 due to its detailed and exceptional open-world experience. Its immense popularity is because it has something for everyone to relate to in its mind-blowing open-world gameplay.

It can amaze the players by the kind of control it provides them over the lives of the protagonists in the game. You can even commit suicide in the game, and here is a guide on How to Shoot Yourself in GTA 5.

shoot yourself in GTA V
shoot yourself in GTA V

Why Shoot Yourself In GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V offers a solution for some issues: shoot yourself. Although it may be unpleasant to shoot oneself in a video game, there are times when it is necessary. The game offers a wide range of missions. There are more challenging missions than others. When you are on a difficult task, shooting yourself can be helpful. As a result, it is a quick way to end a mission if you are stuck somewhere.

How To Shoot Yourself In GTA 5

If you need a quick way out of completing your task, Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you shoot your character. In GTA 5, you must buy ammunition for your pistol and alter several settings in the interaction menu to shoot yourself. If your character has any cash that isn’t in the bank, you could lose some or all of it.

It is straightforward to shoot yourself in GTA 5. For this, you will have to follow the following simple steps:

Own A Pistol As A Handgun

There are two ways by which the player can kill himself if the “Kill Myself” option is selected from the interaction menu of your game in Grand Theft Auto V. On selecting this option, if the player is not carrying any weapon, then he will chew a cyanide pill and kill himself.

But if you want to kill yourself by shooting, you need to equip a Pistol as a Handgun. But first, you need to own a pistol. For this, go to your nearest “Ammu-nation” store and buy a Pistol from there.

Shoot yourself GTA V
A player buying a Pistol at “Ammu-nation”

Disable The Suppressor

If you want to shoot yourself in Grand Theft Auto and already own a pistol, then you need to Disable its Suppressor. You can do it while you are at “Ammu-nation” buying a gun. Go into the sub-menu of Pistol and Disable the suppressor.

shoot gta v
Pistol Configuration Menu in GTA 5

Interaction Menu

To shoot yourself in Grand Theft Auto V, if you have already equipped the Pistol and removed the suppression from the Pistol, open the interaction menu in GTA 5 by pressing the “M” key on the keyboard if you are playing on your PC and pressing and holding the joystick if you are playing on Playstation 4 or Playstation 4. Move down the menu from the interaction menu and select the “Kill Yourself” option.

Interaction Menu in GTA V
Interaction Menu in GTA V

The game character will point the gun to his head and shoot himself, committing suicide.

So basically, it sums up How to Shoot Yourself in GTA 5.

Other Ways To Kill Yourself In GTA 5

Besides shooting yourself, there are other ways to kill yourself in Grand Theft Auto V. Some of them are given here.

Press the “M” key on the keyboard to open the interaction menu in Grand Theft Auto V PC and by pressing and holding the touchpad on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Move down the menu and from the menu, select the “Kill Yourself” option. The player will commit suicide on this by poisoning himself.

Poison GTA V
A player commits suicide by poisoning himself in GTA 5

Similarly, you can commit suicide by jumping off a high building or a bridge and killing yourself. Moreover, you can select the grenades from the weapons menu and throw the grenade very near to the player. You will die when the grenade blows up.

Furthermore, you can call “Merryweather” from the contacts on your mobile phone, and you can order an Airstrike for “$8000”. The plane that comes for Airstrike will fire the missiles where you will throw a flare. Throw a flare on the road and stand over it, the aerial vehicles that come for Airstrike will shoot missiles at you, and your character will die.


Grand Theft Auto V provides the players with one of the most realistic, justified, and immersive open-world gaming experiences. Not just that, but players can enjoy a myriad of GTA V hobbies and pastimes to receive a unique experience with each playthrough.

The developers have tried their best to provide the players with as much control over the lives of the characters Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips as possible. It is evident that even the players can commit suicide in the game if they want. This concludes our guide on How to Shoot yourself in Grand Theft Auto V. We have tried our best to explain all the aspects of this topic.

What do you think of our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

And as always, Happy Gaming!

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