How to Stance your Car in GTA V

If you have any confusions on how to Stance your car in GTA V, we have got you covered in this guide.

stanced cars
How to stance your car in gta V

Grand Theft Auto V is probably one of the most successful video games in history. Due to its immersive and surreal open-world gaming experience, it’s the talk of the town to date and is still selling like hotcakes. The reason for its immense popularity is the unbridled attention to detail they have put into this game to provide the players most justified open-world experience.

On top of that, vehicles are part and parcel of the GTA Experience. You can also customize your cars in great detail in GTA V. Today, we will guide you on How to Stance your Car in GTA V.

how to stance your car in gta v
A Stanced Car in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V’s success owes to the fact that it has something for everyone to relate to. No matter what kind of diverse things you may like, GTA V will never disappoint you, and out of the many side activities it has, there must be something that will attract your attention.

Even if you are a car junkie, it has something special for you in the form of detailed customization garages where you can customize your vehicles to every last detail. With that said, we bring you a complete guide to stance a car in GTA V. Let’s get right into it.

What Is A Stanced Car?

Stanced cars are a type of customization in such a way as to keep them as low to the ground as possible. They have considerably stretched tires and have a hugely negative chamber.

Now stance doesn’t necessarily mean slammed on the ground, scraping the pavement. This is why, we have found a ton of different ways to stance your car.

There are meaty setups, flush poke, tucked, stretched, hella flush, and the list goes on, stances, just referring to how the car sits. Over the years, it has been used more to refer to slammed cars, cars as low to the ground as you can get with wide flashy wheels.

All the race cars are as low as they can be for aerodynamics and traction, along with wider tires to put that power down.
stance car
A Stanced Car in Real Life

In my opinion, lowering your car significantly increases its visual appeal and makes your car stand out in the crowd.

Modifying a Car in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto is simply a treat for car enthusiasts, where not only can they drive their favorite car but can also modify them down to the core in great detail. Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V come in a wide variety. Most cars may be modified with performance upgrades, bodywork, and effects.

Cars customization is offered in the southern part of Blaine County. You can visit various Los Santos Customs locations in the northern part of the county at Beeker’s Garage to customize your sweet ride.

how to stance your car in gta v
A Car being Modified at Los Santos Customs

Just drive your vehicle to the nearby garage to have it customized. I am a proper car freak and can truly appreciate the attention to detail paid by the developers, where you can customize your car down to a minor feature.

Although, customization for your car might not come cheap. However, make sure to fill your pockets before going for customization.

How To Stance/Lower A Car In GTA V

There are many low vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V, especially the Super Cars and Sports Cars that are very low to the ground. But often, a player wants to play with the customization and lower a vehicle of their own choice.

First of all, let us be clear that in the customization options of GTA V, there is no option to stance cars available. But using some techniques and methods, you can lower your cars and get the proper look of a Stance Car on any vehicle of your choice.

stance car collection
Stanced Cars Showcase in GTA V

So, in addition to this guide, the players are encouraged to play around with the customizations of their car to find the best possible fit for their car. Still, we have have compiled a step-by-step guide for you to follow. Following is our guide on how to lower your car in GTA V.

Make Sure Your Car Doesn’t Have Armor Or Bulletproof Tires

Before trying to stance your car, we suggest you make sure that your vehicle doesn’t have bulletproof tires and doesn’t have any armor.

For this, go to Wheels->Tires->Tire Enhancements and ensure that you haven’t applied bulletproof tires to your car. Similarly, in the Main Menu, set the Armor to None.

If you have armor or Bulletproof tires applied, you won’t be able to stance your car.

Lower The Suspensions

You want to have your car as low to the ground as possible. So go to the Suspensions in the Main Menu of the Customization Bar and then select the lowest possible option. In the vehicle showcase, you will feel that your car has lowered.

A vehicle customization garage can only contribute this much to lower your car in GTA V. You need weapons to reduce your car further. For the next procedure, do as follows.

Choose A Less Noisy Weapon

The following steps to lower your car is sort of an exploit we came across and will involve weapons. Therefore, you need silenced or less noisy guns so as not to attract too much attention or heat.

You can preferably opt for any Assault Rifle but with noise and suppressor applied because you don’t want cops messing with you while lowering your car.

Use The Weapon

With the gun, you choose to lower your car, aim right at the center hubcap of the wheel of your car, and shoot some fire. You will feel that the side of your vehicle has lowered.

Repeat the same procedure on all four tires, and by the end, you will have a stance vehicle. You must be precise while shooting so as not to damage your tires.

lowering a car
A player lowering a car in GTA V

Some cars in Grand Theft Auto V do not support stance by this method. Then you will have to resort to other approaches to lower your vehicle.

When you look at your car wheels, there is some gap between the wheel arch and the tire. Aim right in this gap and shoot three times to lower your wheel. Then repeat the same procedure for all the other tires. You will have your vehicle reduced.

Lower A Car
An alternate place to shoot to Stance your Car.

If even this doesn’t work, then we recommend that you shoot the edge of the wheel arch for all wheels and it will do the job.

Outer Ring
A player shooting Edge of the Wheel Arch to lower the car

While shooting any of the places specified, make sure not to hit your car’s bodywork or damage your tires accidentally.

Camber The Wheels

After doing all this, there is still something that you can do to give a more lowered look to your vehicle. You can camber your wheels for this purpose. Unfortunately, there is no option for it in the customization menu of the game, but if you are interested in doing so, you will need to know how to play around with game files.

In the install directory of GTA V, there are some files with the .gtx extension. These files represent all the vehicles in the game. Look up the .gtx file of the car you want to stance and edit its .gtx file to have your desired look for the vehicle.

But we do not recommend this method unless you are an expert at doing such things.

Lastly, we would like to clarify that, just like in real life, to stance a vehicle does not add anything to its performance. Instead, if a vehicle is heavily stanced, it depreciates its performance. But a stance car is visually appealing; that is why people lower their cars in real life.

Moreover, once you have stanced your vehicle, you can use the Rockstar Editor to capture unique shots of your customized vehicle. For those who do not know, Rockstar Editor is a unique feature in GTA V that allows you to record, edit, and share videos made from the game footage in GTA Story Mode and GTA Online.

The tool allows players to create stunning cinematic shots of their vehicle to see their hard work to stance that vehicle paying off. So basically, this is how to stance your car in GTA V.

For a video tutorial on how to lower a car in GTA V, you can check out this video by GTA Wise Guy on YouTube.

My Recommendation

As a seasoned GTA V player and car enthusiast, I’ve delved into the world of vehicle customization, and stancing cars adds that extra flair to the already expansive gaming experience. While the game doesn’t have a specific “stance” option, the trick of lowering your car using suspensions and a well-placed shot adds that sought-after visual appeal.

Now, here’s the trick – use a silenced weapon and shoot the wheel hubs strategically. It takes a bit of precision, but trust me, the outcome is a stanced car that turns heads in Los Santos.

What do you think of our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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