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Our guide entails everything about Trevor Philips in GTA 5. It will thoroughly discuss Trevor Philips. How to unlock it, what are some of his notable abilities, how to equip him for missions, and how to lock him out if you don't find him interesting. You will know all you need to know about him in our guide today.

Trevor Philips in GTA 5
Trevor Philips guide in GTA 5

Today’s guide will focus on how to unlock Trevor Philips in GTA5. Trevor Philips is one of the best playable characters in GTA 5. It has been about nine years since the release of GTA 5. But it is still one of the most widely played PC games in the World.

Available on Xbox and Playstation 5, the masterpiece of Rockstar Games, GTA 5 offers stunning visual graphics, action-filled adventurous missions, unique features, the richest collection of supercars, a large number of weapons, and three protagonists that are customizable throughout the game. Meanwhile, one of them also includes the craziest loco, Trevor Philips.

Our guide will thoroughly discuss Trevor Philips how to unlock it, what are some of his notable abilities, how to equip him for missions, and how to lock him out if you don’t find him interesting. You will know all you need about him in our guide today.

Who Is Trevor Philips In GTA 5?

GTA 5 has three major protagonist characters. Each with its own separate identity, class, abilities, and powers. The three protagonists  in GTA 5 are listed below:

  1. Michael De Santa
  2. Franklin Clinton
  3. Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is the pilot of the team and certainly the most interesting one. Its details are given below:

Background Of Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a mentally unstable and drug addict protagonist in the game. He also sells drugs and weapons through his “Trevor Philips Enterprises.” He is the first protagonist in the game to have a drug addiction problem.

Trevor in the first mission of GTA V
Trevor in the first mission of GTA V

He was born in Canada. Previously, Trevor joined the Canadian Airforce. As he was mentally unstable, the Military therapist deemed him unfit for his job. Therefore, he left the job.

Trevor getting framed by Michael
Trevor getting framed by Michael

Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa

He started doing small robberies while living in a small trailer in Sandy Shores. That was where he met Michael De Santa. Although they didn’t go well together nonetheless managed to do many robberies together and fought off many police officers, too.

Trevor discovering Michael is alive
Trevor discovers Michael is alive

They met in 1993 on a mission where Trevor brutally murdered a civilian by firing a flare gun into his eye. That’s where Michael thought Trevor and him go along quite well and should team up. They eventually joined hands and did many heists together. They remained friends until Michael teamed up with Franklin to kill Trevor in one of the three GTA 5 endings.

Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton

Michael introduced Franklin to Trevor before they went on a mission. Trevor didn’t go well with Franklin Clinton and often mocked him for acting like a child to Michael De Santa. Franklin even murdered Trevor by burning him alive in one of the 3 GTA 5 endings. We will discuss this at the end of our guide. Consequently, we can say that Trevor didn’t share a good bond with any of the other two main protagonists.

Abilities Of Trevor Philips

He is wildly famous in GTA 5 because of his psychopathic and impatient behavior. Moreover, Trevor doesn’t hesitate to commit homicide when he turns violent and out of control.

Trevor's Rage Mode
Trevor’s Rage Mode

Trevor Philips in GTA 5 has a unique Rage ability where he can deal double damage to his opponents while at the same time taking half as much damage from them.

Trevor is exceptionally experienced in armed and unarmed combat because he has served in Canadian Air Force. Being also a good pilot, he can fly any plane in the game and, therefore, is the primary pilot of the protagonist’s team. He can kick out a pilot from a helicopter while it is in mid-air.

Once you unlock it, Trevor Philips will be your go-to character for any mission. Here’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking it.

Step By Step Guide To Unlocking Trevor Philips In GTA 5

You can unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5 after you finish the “Mr. Philips” mission. There are multiple other missions that you have to complete to reach “Mr. Philips.” Here’s our detailed guide

Unlock Trevor Philips In GTA 5: Preliminary Missions To Reach ‘Mr. Philips’ Mission

  • To get to the “Mr. Philips” mission, you will initially need to have Franklin go to Michaels’s house. To quickly get to this point, you will need to finish some missions assigned to you by Lester. You will be assigned to do The Jewels Store Job.
  • Primarily a robbery, The Jewels Store Job is quite a fun mission. However, you only need to care about how you dress your character. It is concerning because Lester is quite picky about all these small things.
  • Buy Michael an elegant suit from The Ponsonbys store. The cheapest one will cost you at least $3900. Make sure to have this amount ready when you are there to buy the suit. Michael must save his wife; otherwise, it will cost him money.
  • However, if you still don’t have enough money, you can finish some tasks to earn some bucks for yourself. You can steal a car and register it as a taxi in Downtown Cab co. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn some bucks.
  • After finishing The Jewels Store Job, you will enter Michael’s house where a cutscene will appear, and you will see Trevor Philips angry over discovering that his dead friend is alive and betrayed him.

Mr. Philips’s Mission To Permanently Unlock Trevor Philips

  • “Mr. Philips” will start from here. Once you finish this mission with Trevor Philips, he will be permanently unlocked.
  • The main objective of “Mr. Philips” mission is to kill every last lost MC member. Trevor Philips follows the van, leading him to the hideout of lost MC members. He starts from the left side and proceeds to move to the center where he can kill the fleeing bikers of MC.
Trevor Killing the Last MC Members
Trevor Killing the Last MC Members
  •  Trevor then moves on to Ortega’s trailer. He pushes it into the river by continuously accelerating it towards the bank of the river and eventually rolling it in the middle of the river. It causes Ortega about 5000$ bucks in damages. However, it is totally up to the player whether they want to kill Ortega or not.
Trevor Deciding the Fate of Ortega
Trevor Deciding the Fate of Ortega

Trevor’s Missions In GTA 5

You cannot play with Trevor Philips in GTA online. However, you can work for him to finish some of his missions. But you need to be above Level 13 to work for him. A total of  9 contact missions will be assigned to you by Trevor Philips in GTA 5. These are named below:

  1. TP Industries – at level 13
  2. Lost My Mind – at level 20
  3. Crystal Clear Out – at level 28
  4. Chop Chop – at level 43
  5. Out of Harmony – at level 50
  6. Satellite communication – at level 60
  7. The Method in Darkness – at level 65
  8. Chopper Tails – at level 70
  9. Diamonds are for Trevor – at level 70

How To Kill Trevor Philips In GTA 5:

There are three possible endings for GTA 5, and only one involves killing Trevor Philips. If you have made this far in this guide, you will probably want to know how this ending kills Trevor Philips in GTA 5. Here is how it is done:

  • Franklin calls Michael on his way to meet Trevor and informs him of his intentions. Michael agrees to help Franklin kill Trevor.
  • Trevor sensed that Franklin wanted to kill him. He tries to run away in his truck. Franklin chased after him.
  • The car chase ended in an oil field when Michael rammed Trevor’s truck into an oil container. Trevor crawled out of his car. He knew he would not survive from here. So, he gave up.
  • Franklin shot fire on the oil truck, and Trevor was set on fire with a huge blast. Eventually, he died there with Michael and Franklin discussing something and then parting their ways.

That was all for our guide about Trevor Philips in GTA 5. We hope you found what you were looking for in our guide. Comment down below if you have any questions, recommendations, or suggestions. Thank you!

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