How To Use Trackify In GTA V

How to Use Trackify on GTA V
How to Use Trackify on GTA V

GTA V offers a plethora of missions you can do with the help of friends or on your own. There are several mechanics you have to take care of in the vast world of GTA V. With over 150 missions; it can get confusing.

However, we have got you covered! Several applications on your phone in GTA assist you in multiple missions. If you’re looking to find unique items, trackify is the application you need.

What Is Trackify In GTA V?

Trackify is a navigation app that appeared in GTA IV for the first time. In GTA IV, it was advertised to navigate and find kids and family. However, GTA V brings a much more convenient purpose to it.

Trackify App In Franklin's Phone
App can be Found on Specific Missions like this In Franklin’s Phone

If you are looking for special vehicles or specific cargo, this app serves its purpose. The Trackify app is mainly used for “Special Cargo” missions and is widely used for other purposes, as we explain them. 

On your smartphone, the application logo has a heart, and along the same line has the letter “i.” Moreover, when you open the application, you will find a sonar radar: it has 2 dots already present, and the third one appears when you are heading towards a particular objective.

Remember, it has a blue screen with sonic lines, so you know you’re using the right application.

Mostly, Trackify is used to detect special vehicles on the road. Anyways, you’ve probably seen the use of Trackify already if you have completed the storyline where Lester highly recommended you to use this app.

The Merryweather Heist is the perfect example of its usage in GTA V. Moreover, missions such as “Fresh Meat” and Trackify also helped your character detect Michael in the meathouse.

Trackify appears something like this over your phone in GTA V for visualization.

Using Trackify for Fresh Meat Mission
Using Trackify for Fresh Meat Mission

How To Use The Trackify App

The Trackify App is present at the extreme right-side corner of the phone; it’s difficult to miss the application anyways. Here is a step-to-step guideline to help you access Trackify:

Open your phone, and click on the Trackify App in the right-hand corner.

  • As mentioned, the app interface would appear; you can recognize it by blue sonic radars. You might see two dots already present on the radar. 
  • As said, the app works like a navigation tracker. Hence, you have to recognize the dots. The red dots represent the targets you are pursuing. If you notice, in the middle, there is an arrow that represents the player (you). That is what the interface would look like.
  • Tracking a vehicle or looking for special cargo will all be represented by the red dot. As you move around, the red dots will move along with the player arrow, which adjusts to the direction the player moves. 
  • As you move close to the target, so does the red dot: indicating that you are coming closer to the target. If the target disappears, chances are that you are getting away from the target.
  • The way to decode the radar is to have a quick look around. If the red dots are coming close, moving in another direction. You need to align the player’s arrow to the dots to reach your destination quicker.
  • Once the dots are aligned, chase it: many reach destinations in vehicles. Since the missions where the Trackify App is used are on timers, it’s better to have an accessible vehicle beside you.
  • As mentioned, when the dots are getting closer to the arrow, that is the green light to finding your special vehicle or cargo. Next, you have to align the player arrow to the other dot; it can be left or right, align the dots together and head for the rest of the objectives.
Using Trackify in GTA V
The dot is shown on the radar on the phone. It gets closer.

Where To Use Trackify App

If you are wondering, the trackify app has been featured in Online and the Story gameplay as well. Furthermore, the Trackify App helps you at large in Special Cargo Missions if you are looking to gather cash or bounties.

Lester assigns the special cargo missions, and the player is assigned to find certain special vehicles to steal or to take photographs of the corresponding vehicle or cargo.

Veteran GTA Online players usually recommend using flying vehicles such as the Pegasi Oppressor MKII, and much more. The special cargo missions have distinct vehicles that help you spot them quickly; flying overhead assists you in finding them much faster. Remember, that the Special Cargo missions are part of the CEO Update.

Regarding the story, you will not be using Trakcify quite often in regular gameplay. However, a few story missions out of the ordinary have exemplary use of Trackify. It is worth noting that you cannot use Trackify for open-world roaming, this feature is exclusive to GTA V Online. 

Do You Fancy The Trackify App? 

Using Trackify does not require brain power, it is a simple application that helps your work in finding out special items, and its usage does not go further. Yet, it has made several cameos over the years. We can agree that Lester is truly obsessed with the Trackify App!

We have provided you with everything you need to know about Trackify! Go get your special cargo and make the money you deserve!

That is about it for our guide on how to use trackify on GTA V. Do you find this guide helpful for using the famous locating app Trackify? What are your tips and tricks on the gameplay matter? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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