How To Use Turbo In GTA 5 [Best Methods]

Grand Theft Auto is all about fast and swift cars and it also allows you to use turbo in your cars. Here is a complete guide on How you can use Turbo in GTA 5.

How to Use Turbo in GTA 5 cover
How to Use Turbo in GTA 5 cover

Grand Theft Auto is a game famous for its collection of fast and exquisite cars. Cars are the part and parcel of the GTA gaming experience. Since its famous for its cars, so over the years, the game developers have not only extended the vehicle pack in the game but also have incorporated very detailed customizations for every vehicle in the game.

It is undoubtedly a treat for car lovers who can not only enjoy riding their favorite cars in the game but can also customize them down to every last little detail. You can change suspensions, tires, body paint, rims, and literally anything and everything you can think of in your cars and add extra components to your car’s performance.

To increase the cars’ acceleration, the players can add a Turbocharger to their cars. In this regard, here is a guide on How to Use Turbo in GTA 5.

How to Use Turbo in GTA 5
How to Use Turbo in GTA 5

Starting off as a racing game, the GTA series has today become one of the most played open-world games. But still today under all the chaos and shooting in GTA, there lies the heart of GTA, its vehicles. Players want the best vehicles, expect the best performance from them, and want their cars to be as fast as possible to compete in races and evade the police easily.

Where GTA does not provide any NOS feature for your cars, there are a lot of other options in the game to boost your cars with Turbo being one of them. This guide will cover everything regarding Turbo in GTA V.

Car customization can be a really interesting area to explore in GTA V and let you get the maximum performance from your vehicles. If you are further interested in knowing about this, you can check out our guide on HOW TO GET LOW GRIP TIRES IN GTA 5.

How To Get Turbo In GTA 5?

First things first, you need to know that Turbo in GTA V is not Nitrous(NOS), which you may have seen and used in many games, including cars whereby you just push a button for NOS, and your engine immediately receives a sudden boost, and you can see NOS flames through your exhaust. Instead, it is a Turbocharger which is a device inside your engine that can increase its acceleration and performance significantly.

Grand Theft Auto V allows its players to customize their vehicles down to every last little detail. But customizing your vehicles is going to cost you some big bucks so have a full pocket before going to customize your vehicle. To customize your vehicle, you can go to Los Santos Customs in the southern portion of the county or to the Beeker’s garage in the Northern part.


Just drive your car into a customization garage, and the modification menu for your vehicle will open. In this menu, we will walk you through the step-by-step procedure for getting Turbo for your car. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Drive into the Custom garage
  • From the customization menu, go to the “Turbo” category
Customization Menu in GTA V
Customization Menu in GTA V
  • Purchase and apply the Turbo type that you want to apply
Turbo in GTA V
Turbo in GTA V
  • Simply exit the customization menu and drive out from the garage
Exiting the Customization menu
Exiting the Customization menu

Note: To unlock Turbocharger, you need to reach a rank of 100 or win at least 20 races in the vehicles of those classes in which turbo can be applied. So before buying a turbo for your car, make sure you fulfill these requirements.

If you are a car enthusiast then indeed you are also into customizing your cars to get the most performance out of them. We also like to play around with car customizations of GTA V and have summed up GTA 5 Ocelot Pariah best customization.

How To Use Turbo In GTA 5?

Many players confuse Turbo as NOS, whereby you will press some button, and a gauge will indicate your gas tank is used up, and your vehicle will boost up. But this feature of NOS is not available in the game. Turbo in GTA V is just like a Turbocharger in real life which boost your engine’s performance and accelerates your vehicle at all times.

You do not need to press any key to use Turbo in GTA V. You just need to buy Turbo for your vehicle and apply it to your car; your car will automatically accelerate at all times, and your engine’s performance will increase significantly. This feature is already ready to go, and you do not need to press any key to activate it.

MOD Method To Get Turbo In GTA V

Although there is no official way to get a booster like NOS in GTA V, you can apply a MOD called Menyoo trainer in GTA V, which allows the vehicles to heavily boost and even fly, as you can see in this video.

You can download the Menyoo trainer for GTA V hereA video tutorial guiding on how to install the trainer is shared here.

Note: Installing mods for your games can be dangerous sometimes, corrupting some game files and can cause your game to crash. So proceed with caution and backup the files in advance. We recommend trying this only if you are great at playing with game files and have prior experience in Modding.

Final Words

Vehicles are the core of the Grand Theft Auto gaming experience and every player wants the best of the vehicles in the game and expects the best performance from these vehicles. And over the years, as Rockstar Games has introduced various races in the game’s DLCs, the want for the cars to be as fast and high-performance as possible has constantly increased.

Players want their cars to be as swift as possible, and they customize them in every way possible to achieve this. This guide shows how to get and use Turbo in GTA 5 to add to your car’s acceleration and performance. We hope you have found this guide helpful.

What do you think about our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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