High On Life: How To Get And Use Warp Discs

Warp discs are peculiar resources in High on Life and we have explained everything about them in our guide below

How to use Warp discs in High on Life
How to use Warp discs in High on Life

There are some unknown locations, and players can access them only if they use Warp discs in High on Life. I will talk about these discs in detail in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • There are six warp discs, and players can use them to open portals and visit exclusive locations.
  • These locations do not affect the game’s main storyline.
  • Players can collect warp crystals from various locations in the game and exchange them for warp discs from Blorto’s chef stand.
  • These are all the Warp Discs:
    1. Cutie Town: available for free.
    2. Movie Theater: costs three warp crystals and teleports to a movie theater.
    3. Skate Park: costs eight warp crystals and teleports to a Skate park.
    4. Trolly Tracks: costs five warp crystals and teleports to a place where you will have to solve an exciting puzzle.
    5. Toilet: costs five warp crystals and lets you solve a toilet puzzle.
    6. Quiet Cottage: costs ten warp crystals and teleports you to a peaceful hut.
  • Players can activate portals to these locations using their warp discs in dedicated warp points scattered around the map.

Author’s Trust

I have played High on Life for tens of hours, thanks to its comedic nature and sheer randomness. It is easily one of my favorite releases of this year. While its unique comedic nature makes it stand out, the easter eggs and secret locations make it even more interesting.

As warp discs help explore these secret locations, I will explain how I found and used them in the game in this guide.

– Ahmed Raza

There are six different Warp discs, and players can use them to access six unique locations. I also found various easter eggs in these locations.

Here is how you can get these discs in High on Life:

  • Players can obtain these discs if they have enough warp crystals.
  • Additionally, players must first complete the Krubis and Douglas Bounty to be eligible to buy and use Warp crystals.
Warp discs in High on Life
All warp discs
  • Once players have finished the Krubis and Douglas Bounty, they will get a Warp remote.
  • The Warp remote acts the same way as the Bounty-5k, i.e., to open portals.
  • However, while the bounty-5k opens portals to known locations in High on Life, a warp remote opens unknown and exclusive locations of the game.

Visiting these places can provide players with some easter eggs, and they can get some time off from constant bounty hunting in the game. However, I must clarify at first that these discs do not effect the main storyline at all.

How To Get Warp Discs

Blorto in High on Life
Blorto in High on Life

You will need warp crystals to get these discs in the game. If you don’t know about these crystals already, I suggest our extensive guide on Warp Crystals in High on Life.

  • Players can buy warp discs from Blorto’s Chef Stand after finishing the Krubis and Douglas Bounty.
  • Blorto is an alien who runs a food stall in Blim City right in front of your house. In the disguise of his apparent food business, Blorto sells these discs to the players.
  • He will offer you his food menu, which will also contain a rate list for warp discs. Simply go to him and buy whatever warp disc you want if you have enough warp crystals.
  • Players can buy five warp discs from Blorto, while the sixth one can be obtained for free.

Here are all the warp discs you can find in the game:

Cutie Town Warp Disc

  • You can buy the Cutie Town Warp disc for free.
  • This warp disc can teleport players to an unknown city.
  • However, this unknown city is unlike any other location in the game. Explore the city and discover what makes it an exclusive location in High on Life.
cutie town warp disc
Cutie Town is an exclusive location

Movie Theater Warp Disc

  • I must confess the developers sure did their job by equipping the game with never-seen-before features, and these warp discs are the proof.
  • For example, the Movie Theater Warp Disc allows players to teleport to a movie theatre.
  • Players can buy this warp disc for only three warp crystals and use it to watch an interesting alien movie about humans.
Movie theater in High on Life
Visit the exclusive Movie Theater

Skate Park Warp Disc

  • You can buy the Skate Park warp disc for eight warp crystals.
  • You can then use it to teleport yourself to a skate park and test your skateboarding skills.
  • I find it to be a great time pass in the game.
  • Actually, I also found a luglox chest while roaming around.
Skate park warp disc is one of the six discs in High on Life
Skate Park allows access to a skateboarding pass

Trolly Tracks Warp Disc

  • It is definitely my favorite warp disc in the game.
  • Players can buy it from Blorto’s food stall for five warp crystals, which takes players to the trolly track location.
  • Here comes my favorite part; the trolly tracks present players with an exciting problem to solve.
  • Once you are in the Trolly tracks, you will find aliens tied to different tracks and trollies running towards them.
  • There will be one alien tied to a track and five aliens tied to another. However, you cannot save all of them. That’s the catch; you can save only either of them. Have fun solving the problem and enjoy the funny conversations with the aliens.
Trolley Tracks is the most interesting warp disc in High on Life
The Trolley Track warp disc allows players to access the best puzzle.

Toilet Warp disc

  • Players can buy the Toilet Warp disc for five warp crystals.
  • Going to this location will allow players access to the Toilet Pipe puzzle.
  • Realign the small pipes by firing at them and make a smooth funnel for the toilet material to pass through.
Toilet Warp Disc
Toilet Warp location in High on Life

Quiet Cottage Warp Disc

  • If you want some time off from the hectic game routine, consider going to a peaceful place.
  • Quiet Cottage warp disc provides you with this convenience.
  • I bought the Quiet Cottage Warp disc for ten warp crystals in the game.
  • Moreover, players can also find some exciting rewards there. I won’t tell you what these rewards are. To find out, you will have to explore the cottage yourself.
Quite cottage warp disc
Quiet cottage warp disc is excellent if you want to enjoy some me-time in the game.

How To Use Warp Discs 

Follow my steps below to use these warp discs in the game:

  • There are many warp points in different locations of the game. Open the map during your gameplay and look for blue and transparent points.
  • You can locate two of these points around Broken Spaceship in Port Terrene.
  • Once you are there, interact with the portal. It will open a menu, and you will find all the options to open portals to an unknown location.
  • After buying the required warp disc from Blorto, select it in the menu, and a new portal will open to your desired location.
  • Enter the portal and enjoy your journey there.
    Warp point in High on Life
    Warp points can be found in many locations of the game.

My Thoughts

While the comedic nature is one thing making me fall for this game, the easter eggs and secret locations make the gameplay even more fun. I highly suggest obtaining these discs as they not only let players explore new locations in the game but getting them all will also unlock the Seeing All The Sights achievement.

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