Final Fantasy 16: Who is Jote? [Explained]

Learn everything you need to know about Jote, and all her appearances in the game!

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Learn who is Jote and all of her appearances in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 has done a great job of getting us attached to each character and giving them a significant role in the story. One character was specifically crucial in protecting Joshua in his growing years. This person was Jote, a vital character in Final Fantasy 16.

Key Takeaways

  • Jote made her first appearance in the mission ‘Cloak and Dagger’ after you make your way to the residency in Tabor.
  • Moreover, she is a part of the Undying, a group devoted to protecting the heir to the throne. In this case, Joshua.
  • Furthermore, Jote has been with Joshua since the devastating events at Phoenix Gate. She was in charge of protecting and accompanying Joshua.
  • In addition to that, she has been a major part of Joshua’s life throughout, and Clive was introduced to her in Tabor. Here, he states he is in her debt for keeping Joshua safe.
  • Not only that, Jote is an experienced fighter and medical expert. However, she learns a lot more about medicine from Tarja in the hideout.
  • Joshua and Jote have had a couple of sentimental moments in Final Fantasy 16, one in the ‘Cloak and Dagger’ and one in the ‘Back to Their Origin’ cutscene.
  • You can also approach Jote in the hideout and take on a side quest called ‘Phoenix, Heal Thyself.’ There are two other options if you want to learn more about her.

Who Is Jote?

Jote, pronounced as Yo-Tay, had her first appearance in the mission ‘Cloak and Dagger.’ After you travel to ‘The Krozjit Echoes’, make your way to Tabor. During your journey, you must defeat a couple of enemies and power through.

Once you reach the residence in Tabor, a cutscene will play in which Jote will appear for the first time. Initially, the subtitles will address her as ‘Joshua’s attendant,’ after which, she introduces herself.

Jote final fantasy 16
First appearance of Jote ~Image captured by Gamesual

I am Jote. Knight of the Undying, charged with the protection of His Grace, Joshua Rosfield, Keeper of the Flame of the Phoenix.

Just like Jill, you may also be confused about the Undying. Undying is a group of servants with the sole purpose of protecting the heir to the throne. They are the most loyal servants who protect and operate from the shadows. They have faithfully served the royal family for a couple of generations.

Hence, the Undying protected and served Joshua after the tragic events at Phoenix Gate. And ever since, Jote has accompanied Joshua and devoted her life to protecting him. And the two of them have gotten closer and closer over the years.

Name Jote
First Appearance Cloak and Dagger
Background Part of the Undying
Purpose Protect Joshua at all costs
Skills Medicine Skills and Can Fight
Final Appearance Back to their Origin

Through any cutscene, you can use the Active Time Lore feature to learn more about characters or events that are relevant to the cutscene. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to keep up with the storyline.

Active time lore feature showing Jote's description
Jote’s Description using Active Time Lore ~Image captured by Gamesual

All Of Jote’s Appearances

We have already explained the first interaction with Jote in the quest ‘Cloak and Dagger’ in Final Fantasy 16. However, Jote is an important character in Joshua’s life even though she is underutilized in the story. In addition to that, Jote is also a medical expert and can fight and fend for herself.

Cloak And Dagger

Later in the same cutscene in which Jote was introduced, she has a rather sentimental moment with Joshua. Joshua tells Jote about his intentions to travel to the Free Cities of Kanver with his brother and Jill. Upon hearing this, Jote fears for his safety and takes a deep breath.

After that, Joshua brings his hand onto her head and instructs her to keep the hideaway safe in case of any raid or mishap. Jote, visibly concerned for his safety, tries to stop him by reminding him of her duty to protect Joshua. However, she gives in and, with a heavy heart, agrees with the wishes of Joshua.

Joshua and Jote having a sentimental moment
Jote and Joshua ~Image captured by Gamesual.

In addition, you can hear the change in the tone of her voice as she starts to explain how much she would be affected if something were to happen to Joshua. However, Joshua calms her down and kisses her forehead, after which she slowly walks out of the room.

All the while, Clive and Jill silently watch as the sentimental moment passes. Even though Clive and Jill can see how much Jote cares about Joshua, they can’t do anything as Joshua has to accompany them on the dangerous mission ahead.

This interaction highlights Jote and Joshua’s close relationship in Final Fantasy 16 and is something we are rooting for.

Jote’s Request

When you make your way back to the hideaway after completing ‘Through the Maelstrom,’ you have the option to approach Jote and interact with her. Furthermore, she will be in the medical area where other sick and injured people are.

Interact with Jote by pressing the X button. This will then prompt you to choose one of the three options shown:

Jote with 3 options to choose from
Three options are available after interacting with Jote ~Image captured by Gamesual
Prompt Description
Phoenix, Heal Thyself This will initiate a side quest
Ask about Jote She explains her purpose and how she wants to protect Joshua—also talking about gathering information on Ultima.
Ask about the Hideaway She talks about Lady Tarja and how much she learned from her regarding medicine.

This is one of the many side quests available in Final Fantasy 16, which get you Ability points and XP. You can also learn more about the best ways to grind XP and Ability points in Final Fantasy 16.

Once you select this prompt, Clive asks what is bothering Jote and offers to help. She nervously explains how Joshua’s condition is getting worse. Moreover, she explains how there is a strong medicine that may work and improve his chest pains. The only issue is the difficulty of getting the ingredients.

Jote pleading Clive to help in final fantasy 16
Jote pleading in Final Fantasy 16 ~Image captured by Gamesual

She then pleads to Clive to help for Joshua’s sake. Here you can either accept the side quest or reject it and decide to do it later. This interaction further shows us how deeply Jote cares about Joshua, even more than just a friend. Moreover, if you accept, you must get a rare herb called ‘stonewort.’

After you get a hold of the herb and bring it back to Jote, there is a wholesome interaction between Clive and Jote. She thanks Clive and expresses how selfless and caring he is. She also voices her concern for his safety and advises him to be careful.

Final Farewell

Final goodbyes between Joshua and Jote in Final fantasy 16
Final Goodbye between Jote and Joshua ~Image captured by Gamesual

When you start the final mission, ‘Back to their Origin,’ a six-minute cutscene will ensue. This will include all the emotional goodbyes and farewells as Clive, Joshua, and Dion departure to fight Ultima. Among this cutscene, there is also another heartfelt moment between Joshua and Jote in Final Fantasy 16.

Joshua approaches Jote and places his hand on her shoulder. He thanks her and then says he’s sorry, maybe for leaving her. She prays for his safe return. However, right after this, Tarja interrupts them and starts talking about his medicine.

This was a disappointing farewell, especially because of the immense potential. The creators of Final Fantasy 16 should have utilized Jote’s role more and her importance to Joshua. The character depth could have been much better for Jote, at least as good as the other characters.

Jote’s Role In Final Fantasy 16

Fans on Reddit and other platforms were very disappointed at the lost potential between Jote and Joshua. Players grew very fond of her, and it would have been amazing if Jote had a bigger role in the storyline.

Even though Jote was allegedly a great fighter, we never saw any of her skills in that regard. However, she was an important medical team member in the hideaway. Nevertheless, she was a caring and kind soul that fans adored and were rightfully bummed out by the lack of screen time she got.

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