Top 9 Best Jungle House Ideas In Minecraft [2023]

Get your hands on the best jungle house ideas in Minecraft for an ultimate gaming experience

Jungle house ideas in Minecraft
Jungle House Minecraft Ideas

There’s always room for players of every interest in Minecraft. Above them all, builders are always considered lucky to be playing this game. You can construct almost everything, from new and notable buildings to top boat docks in Minecraft. Another best way to utilize your skills and creativity is by building a Jungle house in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Jungle biome has been one of the best updates by Minecraft for players. The jungle biome has various features, including consistent organic food and survival benefits.
  • Now players can construct a Jungle house and live a mysterious and adventurous life in a Minecraft world.
  • You can choose the design of your house according to your preference and resource collections.
  • You can create anything, from a small cottage house to a big mansion house or a concealed, secret Minecraft base.
  • You need essential resource collection, including cobblestone, spruce blocks, iron spruce slabs, dark oak tree slabs, or some expensive blocks such as quartz. 
  • Decorate the houses with your choice in either a minimalistic or aesthetic way using flower pots, vines, lanterns, and fences.
  • Add extra lavish concepts to make it unique such as glass windows for parrot viewing or bookshelves for a creative touch.

Jungle houses are highly in demand these days. It is because of their unique quality of the safest shelter and a steady supply of organic food.

Moreover, Jungle houses allow you to live in a place that is difficult to navigate and full of mysteries. Our perfect guide showcases all the ideas you need to remember when constructing a Jungle house in Minecraft.

Top 9 Minecraft Jungle House Ideas

Jungle Biome is the most widely used Biome by players in Minecraft. It is due to its rich resources and wildlife(good for food). Containing sky-rising plantations, this biome serves many benefits. The players will find everything worth having, from grass, dirt, and vines to bamboo and animals like sheep and chickens.

It is not even tricky in resources intent to construct Jungle houses because of the large number of wooden blocks available. Whether you are a pro at building Jungle houses or a noob who just got to know about it, you will get some good ideas here. Have a look at the list of our Top Jungle Houses in Minecraft.

Simple Jungle House

 Simple Jungle house in Minecraft
Simple Jungle House Minecraft

If you are the players who value making things flawless and putting all your efforts into it, then you must try Simple Jungle House as this house is in the Jungle biome, so it offers survival qualities.

When you start building, focus on the residence in the middle of a good area. Either with the surrounding hills or a water body. The first focus will often be lakes because having access to larger water bodies may be quite helpful.

Use a lighter theme for your house and a mix of tree patterns to make it stand out. Players can easily use bamboo and sugar cane in the construction.

For survival reasons, this house requires a triangular roof. You may make a roof with peaks by placing blocks in a triangle-shaped arrangement. Decorate it by adding a bed, crafting table, and furnace.

Survival Jungle House

Survival Jungle base made by a player in Minecraft
Survival Jungle Base Minecraft

To build a Survival Jungle house in Minecraft, you’ll need some bricks, mossy stone slabs, acacia, and jungle logs. Use spruce blocks as a base for the house.

Raise the blocks by five into as many pillars as needed and then connect all the top of the posts. Prepare your floor with birch planks. Now raise the spruce blocks by four blocks and start outlining your base.

Fill the blocks with stripped oak logs. Give the shape of a cute small cottage with a triangular shape with stone bricks. A fence surrounds the house covering the compound. You can also add some furniture of your own choice, including a crafting table or a furnace.

You can enjoy bird viewing by keeping a glass window in the upper story. Don’t hesitate to decorate the house with leaves, vines, and flowers because you’ll find plenty of them in the jungle.

Modern Jungle Apartment

Modern jungle base by a Minecraft Player
Modern Jungle House

A Modern house yet giving out a jungle theme is all you need to focus on building if you are a builder. Players are obsessed with new versions of stuff in Minecraft. Choose a flat jungle section with lots of room and natural light.

You can build a perfect Modern house using Quartz and other expensive blocks while maintaining the jungle theme using vines.

Make sure to keep the building tall and use different versions of quartz. For trendy and minimalist themes, use concrete and glass. If you want to make a tree house instead of on the ground, you can also install an elevator to make it look more lavish. In short, this house is worth all the resources and efforts to live a lush life in a jungle.

Lake Jungle Base

Lake Jungle Base made by a player in Minecraft
Lake Jungle Base Minecraft

This Jungle House has a unique structure, just like a castle with towers. It consists of two buildings in a dome shape. The two pillars or towers are connected with the help of a bridge.

All you need is dark oak wood blocks, a spruce trapdoor, iron bars, a ladder, a torch, a lantern, jungle slab and oak, mossy cobblestone, and sandstones(also its variants).

This house will need you to step into a lake surrounding a dense forest. Start by building a base from the lake’s surface, just like creating a Dock.

You can decorate your house using a crafting table, chest, flowers, jungle leaves, or anything you want. You can also divide the interior of both towers, one into the storage room and the other into the living area.

Small Jungle Base

Small Jungle base made by a player
Smart Jungle House Minecraft

Players can use Small jungle houses as bases to explore the surrounding forest and gather resources or as safe havens to retreat to in the case of an enemy or other player attack. Because they are already in the forest, jungle logs may be used to construct most houses. Focus on the specifics since they will set it out from the others.

Create a foundation for your favorite rooms, complete with a bookshelf. Despite being tiny, it has everything you might need at home. Additionally, it will be comfortable and inexpensive, so that you won’t need any pricey materials.

Secret Jungle House

Secret Base made in Jungle biome
Secret Jungle Base Minecraft

Ever wanted to have your secret Survival base? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will guide you in building your secret and concealed Jungle house.

It may not have a lavish structure or sky-rising building, but it serves the primary purpose of living in the jungle: survival. A Secret house cannot be seen by any land or sky creature, including any mobs.

You can decorate this mystery house with your favorite appliances. Find a flat piece of land in the heart of the bushes. Then dig at least four blocks inside the earth. You need to spend time on it to make it unique and not just any place to hide.

Although you can make the design on your creative ideas, the essential resources you will need include cobblestones, dirt, oak tree logs, and spruce block for a ladder.

Use cobblestone for your base, and now stack up your chest, furnaces, crafting tables, and bed. Don’t forget to install a light in there so that the little lit-up area can give you a hint of your secret base.

Jungle Village House

Village Base in Minecraft Jungle Biome
Jungle Village House

The structure of this Jungle village house is the same as that of a village in Minecraft, but there is a slight difference in the area. Brick slabs made of mossy stone, cobblestone, andesite, cobblestone walls, and cobblestone steps are necessary resources for this house. You can primarily use wooden planks and stripped logs to construct the house’s walls.

Players are also allowed to use trapdoors as window shutters too. These items can be obtained by cutting down trees, mining stones, or freeloading for supplies. You can construct a tiny garden next to your jungle village home if you wish to grow cocoa beans or other crops.

Jungle Treehouse

Treehouse Base in Jungle Biome
Jungle Treehouse Minecraft

To make your shelter much safer and cool, switch to a Jungle treehouse Minecraft. If you are creative enough to try something new, build a tree house in the heart of the forest. It will not only keep you safe from wandering mobs but will also help you with great sight-viewing. You can either create a new tree by yourself or use an existing one.

High-reaching jungle trees with vine overgrowth may be found in the Jungle biome of Minecraft. Players may quickly build functional tree houses in the rainforest-like canopy, given how much space these trees provide. It shouldn’t be tough to cut down a few jungle trees and start constructing on the treetops, given how much jungle wood is available nearby.

Add some leaf blocks and vines for a tremendous overgrown and rustic effect. Now you have your own Jungle tree house to use and live in.

Cliff Jungle House

Cliff Jungle House in Minecraft Jungle Biome
Cliff Jungle House

Imagine leading a reckless lifestyle at the peak or core of a cliff. Yes, Cliff Jungle House makes it feasible. Select a stunning location beside a body of water on a tall, plain cliff.

You must have access to all essentials nearby, so pick your location carefully. The excess blocks should first be cleaned, and then the foundation for the house should be laid. To make the house stand out, keep it as detailed as possible.

The bases can be divided into a living area and a storage area. You can choose whether or not to keep it simple and minimalist. If you’re building a large Cliff house, use the materials wisely. Both cobblestone and spruce blocks would be necessary for this build.

Blocks made of black oak trees, glass, and iron spruce served as the trap doors. Add a fireplace or lanterns for lighting. You can protect yourself from mobs and serve survival purposes as a jungle house Minecraft.

Final Words

If you want an adventurous and natural life, try out these Jungle houses in Minecraft. The houses will not only save you from threats serving as a survival mode, but also give you a constant supply of food.

So these were the best Jungle houses you can think of to build in your Minecraft world. If you are really into the building, visit our website for the best zoo ideas. Let us know your worth noticing thoughts down below.


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