Tears Of The Kingdom: Lanayru Mines Location & Boss Fight

Extensive guide to help you navigate through Lanayru mines in Tears of the Kingdom and also the ways you can find and defeat Master Kohga!

Lanayru Mine Tears Of The Kingdom
Lanayru Mine Tears Of The Kingdom
During the adventures across Tears of the Kingdom, players also encountered many enemies, and today, we will talk about just one of those adventures. This guide will tell you how to get to Lanayru Mines Tears Of The Kingdom and defeat the evil boss Kohga there.

Key Takeaways

  • Start your journey into the deserted Lanayru Mine by climbing from the destroyed Gerudo Mine and descending into one of the chasms.
  • Exploring Zora Domain’s mysteries and overcoming Master Kohga calls for skilled navigation.
  • As you move toward Zora’s Domain, the Sekioam Lightroot and Unioj Lightroot indicate important spots along the path.
  • Follow the statues and light roots that light the route as you explore the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm.
  • At the very center of the mine, close to a Zonai device, You will find Master Kohga. Prepare for a unique fight and use your skills to get past his obstacles.
  • There are two phases to the conflict with Master Kohga. He uses a safety screen and sends big boulders at you in the second phase. Send the boulders back at him using Recall to open up strike opportunities.
  • Be mindful of the time and move quickly. If you are late, Kohga’s boat will vanish and resurface elsewhere.

Lanayru is a dangerous and mostly dark region that can be confusing for new players to explore. This thorough guide will help you every step of the way in Tears of the Kingdom as you explore the depths of Zora’s Domain and beat Master Kohga.

Lanayru Mines Tears Of The Kingdom
Lanayru Mines Tears Of The Kingdom

Lanayru Mines Location

The first step on your journey to the abandoned Lanayru Mines is to rise from the ruined Gerudo Mine and descend into one of the chasms. Locate the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm on the far north side of Mercay Island. As you descend to the lowest part of the chasm, turn south to the Uinoj Lightroot, closest to you.

Uinoj Lightroot on the map
Uinoj Lightroot on the map

Remember that lightroots aid players in their journey as they light up and provide them with much-needed light in dank and dark locations. They also heal Link if he stands under them and are also good for fast travel from one place to another.

After reaching Uinoj Lightroot, continue east to find a series of statues that will guide you down the dangerous route. You will soon come around a different lightroot, the Sekioam Lightroot.

Sekioam Lightroot on the map
Sekioam Lightroot on the map

After leaving the Uinoj Lightroot and moving in the direction of the East, this indicates a key location that helps you follow a series of statues that will take you north. After some time, you will see another lightroot, known as The Unioj Lightroot, as seen in the distance.

Statues as seen from a distance
Statues as seen from a distance

As you get closer to the area surrounding Zora’s Domain, where the mountains and depths meet. To stay on the right path, keep going northeast. Follow the statues’ direction as they gradually turn eastward and rise in height until they lead you right beneath Zora’s Domain. This is the region that includes the abandoned Lanayru Mines.

Link near the statue
Link near the statue

Visit the Kawagom Lightroot first to brighten the region and create a convenient point for quick travel. Move towards the abandoned Lanayru Mine’s center while being powered by the lightroot’s bright energy. You will meet Master Kohga there, who is waiting for you. He’ll be up to his usual shenanigans near a Zonai device.

Master Kohga with Zonai device
Master Kohga with Zonai device

Prepare yourself for a difficult challenge, and use your abilities and skills to get past Master Kohga’s defenses and win.

How To Defeat Master Kohga

Strengths Weaknesses
Master Kohga is quite agile. Not the highest on defense.
Has additional companions to help him out.
His companions can be taken out with one hit.
His boat is fast.
Has cooldown moments where he can be damaged easily.
Can throw projectiles towards Link throughout the entire fight.
His projectiles can be directed back at him by Recall
Gets a safety shield in the second phase of the fight.


Master Kohga, this time around, will use a boat to navigate the arena by sailing on the water near the Lanaryu Mine. Two additional Yiga Clan warriors will also join him. This boss battle has two phases, and Master Kohga will strengthen with each passing phase.

1st Phase

Yiga Clan Warriors on Master Kohga's boat
Yiga Clan Warriors on Master Kohga’s boat

During the first phase, proceed cautiously when facing the Yiga Clan members armed with bows, as they can launch far-reaching attacks. On the nearby dock, you’ll find homemade sailboats near the Lanayru Mines. Use these sailboats to get close to Master Kohga swiftly. Fortunately, a single arrow can eliminate each Yiga Clan member, so doing that beforehand will make your fight easier.

After that, you must leap onto the raft while evading the incoming arrows and strike Master Kohga repeatedly. The Yiga Clan and Master Kohga will disappear after you deal some damage to them. He will then return on a different boat with two new Clan members.

During this first stage, follow the same strategy. Go close to the boat, avoid arrows, then leap to strike until Master Kohga’s health is reduced to half.

2nd Phase

Master Kohga with his shield up
Master Kohga, with his shield up

Then the second phase starts. Expect changes to the boat’s design as we move into the second phase. To defend himself, Master Kohga will use a shielded screen.

He’ll also throw huge rocks your way that you can dodge and then even send back by utilizing the Recall skill. Additionally, Master Kohga will also occasionally drop his shield throughout this phase while holding a massive stone over his head and tossing it at Link.

When the rock is about to approach, use Recall to toss it back quickly. That will startle Master Kohga, leaving him open to being damaged. Additionally, this strategy allows you to get onto the boat, strike Master Kohga, or shoot an arrow while stopping the clan members from attacking. Until his health meter is empty, keep performing this series of actions.

Be quick about it, as Kohga’s boat will disappear if you are too late. It will reappear in another location in the water if it is not reached within a particular time frame.

In short, Keep moving quickly, use Recall to your advantage, and take every chance to hit your enemies. Using this tactic, you can successfully deal with the members of the Yiga Clan, avoid Master Kohga’s boulder strikes, and win the fight.


Treasure Chest for defeating Master Kohga
Treasure Chest for defeating Master Kohga

After you defeat Master Kohga, you will receive a Treasure Chest with a Crystallized Charge inside as compensation. He will run away again, and a Steward Construct will also appear. The Steward Construct that appears will inform you that the Forgotten Hebra Mine is the next location where you can locate him again. The Steward Construct also tells us about a chasm that leads straight to the mine.

Additionally, this Steward will point you toward another area where you will find a stone that will open the registry and allow you to use a Bolt Boat.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you search for Lanayru Mines Tears Of The Kingdom. Here are some more TOTK guides from us that you can benefit from.

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