GTA 5: Larry Tupper Location [Bail Bonds Guide]

If you are stuck trying to catch the bail jumper Larry Tupper, this guide will help you located and bring him back alive for full reward.

Larry tupper bails bond mission maude gta 5
Larry Tupper Location - GTA 5

GTA 5’s campaign offers countless hours of gameplay side missions. Moreover, one such side missions are a series of side missions, Bail Bonds, which can be accessed once you meet Maude. You must capture bond jumpers and return them to Maude during these missions. This guide will help you find the location of the bond jumper, Larry Tupper, and how to get the gold medal reward.

Key Takeaways

  • Strangers and Freaks are side-missions that can be triggered by interacting with various NPCs.
  • Bails Bonds are a series of side-missions triggered by locating and interacting with Maude.
  • The mission aims to capture fleeing criminals or bail jumpers and bring them to Maude.
  • Larry Tupper is the second criminal fugitive you would need to capture.
  • Larry Tupper’s location is among the most difficult to find among the other bail jumpers.
  • He can be found in a Barn on a farm in the Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos.
  • You will be rewarded $10,000 for bringing him alive and $5000 if you bring him dead.
  • Moreover, Larry knows Trevor as Trevor used to be his drug dealer.
  • You can catch other criminals to complete this side mission fully.

You can meet Maude as part of the Strangers and Freaks side missions in GTA 5. There are many Strangers and Freaks missions available in GTA 5. Moreover, almost all of these NPCs offer different missions.

These missions can range from shooting clowns while you are hallucinating or locating a weed stash in GTA 5. You just need to head out to these locations, and you can start any of the side missions. Moreover, you can identify these Strangers from the Question Mark marker on the map.

Who Is Larry Tupper

Larry Tupper is one of four criminals that you need to find the location of and capture in the Bail Bonds mission in GTA 5. These criminals that skip bail are known they are Bail Jumpers.

Moreover, Bondsmen take to guarantee that their client, in this case, people posting bail, will not run away. However, if their clients run away and fail to show up to court, these people are known as Bond Jumpers.

Therefore, the Bondsmen that took the guarantee of their client will need to pay the full amount of bail money. These Bondsmen do charge for their services. However, they risk losing money if their clients decide to run away. This is where the bounty hunters come in, as the bondsmen can hire someone to bring their clients back.

As a result, Bounty Hunters charge the Bondsmen money to bring people back. The Bondsmen can now force their clients to make a court appearance and help these Bondsmen get their money back. Moreover, Jumping Bail is a crime, so these Bondsmen are legally allowed to hire Bounty Hunters to catch criminals on the run.

How To Start Bail Bonds Missions

In the world of GTA 5, we, as players, can also take up the task of Bounty Hunters. This makes it one of the few missions where a player can earn money doing something good. Moreover, catching these criminals and putting them behind bars is completely legal. To start this mission, you must meet Muade, the bondsman.

Maude’s Location In GTA 5

Maude location in gta 5 bails bond mission
Maude Location – GTA 5

Maude lives in the same town as Trevor, so her side mission is directly linked with Trevor. This is also evident as Maude greets Trevor like they are old friends.

Maude lives in an old trailer at the end of a dirt road. Moreover, this place is located in the town of Grapeseed in Blaine County. You will see a middle age woman sitting in a grey shirt outside of her trailer using a laptop. Additionally, as soon as you interact with Maude, she will greet you and give you details of the criminal to capture.

As soon as you will leave her location, you will get the criminal’s details on your phone. The message will describe the person we are trying to capture, their picture, and their last known place. Moreover, it is important to remember that the player has to head out and find these locations themselves. Consequently, these locations will not appear on your Map.

Larry Tupper Location

larry tupper location gta 5
Larry Tupper Location – GTA 5

Moreover, Larry Tupper is the second criminal you are supposed to catch for Maude. He is a drug manufacturer who is charged with making and supplying Meth in Blaine County. You, as a player can either bring him dead or alive.

However, it will pay more and get better trophy achievement if you catch him alive. Furthermore, he is one of the more difficult criminals to catch.

Larry Tupper is hiding in the vast countryside of GTA5, making it difficult to find his location. Moreover, the message mentions him hiding in an old barn along with a few of his criminal friends. Larry Tupper location is in Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos. This barn is located around the southwest region of Sandy Shores, and you can find a green tractor outside his barn.

How To Get Gold Medal

full reward in bails bond larry tupper gta 5
Maximum Reward – Bails Bond

The main goal is to capture Larry Tupper. Furthermore, you must capture him alive to earn the maximum reward of $10,000, as a dead Larry would result in only half the reward. Moreover, you can complete this mission very quickly once you get to the location.

To get the maximum reward, park your car from their location. As you can alert them of your presence, and he could take off, making it more difficult to capture. Moreover, his friends will not let you capture him easily and will start shooting as soon as you up.

However, you can park your car on the hill overlooking the barn. Here you can see him and his friends hanging out. Moreover, you can shoot any of his friends, and it will not affect your reward. Therefore, it’s best to take out his friends, especially the ones in the car, so he does not run away. The sniper rifle is also handy here; you can take everyone out from a distance.

larry tupper location gta 5
Barn Location

Now drive down the hill and bump into Larry Tupper. This will result in him just giving up and sitting with you in your car. Next up, you will see Maude’s location on the map, drive to the waypoint and collect your reward. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that you can also take a non-fatal shot to stop Larry from running.

Moreover, as soon as you deliver him, Maude says she will send details on more criminals. Therefore, after leaving her parking lot, you get details on another Bail Jumper you must catch and bring to justice.

larry tupper details in gta 5 location maude
Larry Tupper Details

You can learn more about Larry Tupper if you capture him alive. While you are driving him down to Maude’s location, Larry starts talking to you. Moreover, this conversation is only triggered if you capture him alive without hurting him.

We already know he is a drug dealer. However, this character has even deeper roots in the main story.

We learn from their conversation that Larry Tupper knows Trevor. Larry used to buy drugs from Trevor. However, he changed his drug dealer. Moreover, this later prompted him to become a drug dealer and sell on Trevor’s territory.

Larry even asks Trevor if he could let him go as they are old acquaintances. However, Trevor tells him that he has already given his word to Maude and that Larry is lucky to be alive, considering his men shot at Trevor. As a result, Trevor delivers Larry to Maude as agreed and collects his reward.


GTA 5 has an insane amount of characters and side missions. As a result, Strangers and Freaks offer a fresh take aside from the main campaign. Each character is given NPCs to encounter and their own missions to solve. Similarly, Trevor can interact with Maude to start his side mission as a bounty hunter.

Moreover, his job as a bounty hunter takes him around town, trying to catch fugitives. Larry Tupper is one such fugitive whose location is difficult to find. As he is hiding in the countryside, it is difficult to find his exact location. Moreover, his friends also pose a threat as they will protect Larry.

This mission offers more exciting content to go through. So it’s best to keep exploring the world of GTA 5 and keep engaging with NPCs. They often result in great side missions.

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