GTA 5: Larry Tupper Location [Bail Bonds Guide]

If you are stuck trying to catch the bail jumper Larry Tupper, we will help you located and bring him back alive for full reward.

Larry tupper bails bond mission maude gta 5
Larry Tupper Location - GTA 5

Bail Bonds are accessible once you meet Maude. You must capture bond jumpers and return them to Maude during these missions. In this guide, I will help you find the location of the bond jumper, Larry Tupper, and how to get the gold medal reward.

Key Takeaways

  • Larry Tupper is the second criminal fugitive you would need to capture.
  • He can be found in a Barn on a farm in the Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos.
  • You will be rewarded $10,000 for bringing him alive and $5000 if you bring him dead.
  • Moreover, Larry knows Trevor as Trevor used to be his drug dealer.
  • You can catch other criminals to complete this side mission fully.

You can meet Maude as part of the Strangers and Freaks side missions in GTA 5. There are many Strangers and Freaks missions available in GTA 5. Moreover, almost all of these NPCs offer different missions.


larry tupper location gta 5
Larry Tupper Location – GTA 5

Larry Tupper hides in a barn in Grand Senora Desert, Los Santos.

This barn is located around the southwest region of Sandy Shores, and you can find a green tractor outside his barn.

full reward in bails bond larry tupper gta 5
Maximum Reward – Bails Bond
  1. The main goal is to capture Larry Tupper. Furthermore, I recommend capturing him alive to earn the maximum reward of $10,000, as bringing him dead would result in only half the reward. 
  2. To get the maximum reward, park your car from their location.
  3. You can alert them of your presence, and he could take off, making it more difficult to capture. Moreover, his friends will not let you capture him easily and will start shooting as soon as you get up.
  4. You can park your car on the hill overlooking the barn.
  5. Here, you can see him and his friends hanging out.
  6. You can shoot any of his friends, which will not affect your reward. From my experience, it’s best to take out his friends, especially the ones in the car, so he does not run away.
  7. The sniper rifle is also handy here; you can take everyone out from a distance.
larry tupper location gta 5
Barn Location
  1. Now, drive down the hill and bump into Larry Tupper.
  2. This will result in him just giving up and sitting with you in your car. Next up, you will see Maude’s location on the map, drive to the waypoint and collect your reward.
  3. Maude says she will send details on more criminals as soon as you deliver him. Therefore, after leaving her parking lot, you get details on another Bail Jumper you must catch and bring to justice.
larry tupper details in gta 5 location maude
Larry Tupper Details

You can learn more about Larry Tupper if you capture him alive. While you are driving him down to Maude’s location, Larry starts talking to you. Moreover, this conversation is only triggered if you capture him alive without hurting him.

My Recommendation

I found the pursuit of capturing fugitives like Larry Tupper to be an exciting addition to the game’s vast open world. The challenge of tracking down these characters in the sprawling countryside added a layer of excitement to the experience.

When going after Larry, parking on the hill overlooking the barn proved to be a strategic move, offering a clear vantage point to eliminate his friends discreetly before confronting him. I highly recommend capturing him alive, as not only do you get a better reward, but it also triggers an intriguing conversation, uncovering connections to Trevor’s past.

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