Minecraft: Lime Dye [Complete Guide]

With my extensive experience in the game, here are my insights on the Lime Dye in Minecraft.

Minecraft Lime Dye guide
Minecraft Lime Dye guide

Lime Dye does not have any beneficial properties but only creates some color variations of a few things in the game. Here is our extensive guide:

Key Takeaways

  1. Lime Dye is an item that holds the property of applying colors on blocks and other various items.
  2. You can get it by:
    • Smelting
    • Trading
    • Crafting
    • Combining green and white dye
  3. Other than giving items the color effect, you can trade lime dyes to get emeralds from Traders. Using the Lime Dye, you can also craft a few things and blocks.

Author’s Trust

Having logged in for hundreds of hours in Minecraft, I have mastered crafting, building, and survival. Shoot me with any of your queries related to Minecraft, and I’ll gladly help.

– Ahmed Raza

Lime Dye In Minecraft

Lime Dye was added to the game in version 1.2.0, and it was of no particular use on its release. An obsolete item just to acquire so you can store it for later use until it gains any specialty.

As the new versions were released for Minecraft, this item started providing adequate service. Although it can be applied in various crafting, its purpose remained the same over time: to apply Green Color on the targeted item or block. Other than providing a color variant, it can be used for crafting a block that holds the property of its color.

How To Obtain Lime Dye

There are countable ways to find Lime Dye in the game. These methods are basic and don’t involve any hard-working behavior. Overall, there are three particular approaches that I follow to get it in Minecraft.


  • In the case of Lime Dye, you need to find Wandering Traders, as only they can offer a trade of this item. I find this to be the most convenient method.
  • All you need in this method is an ounce of luck finding the emeralds. Occasionally, you can take a gander through our complete best ways to get Emeralds in Minecraft. Moreover, I prefer this method because it only requires one emerald and grants you 3 Lime Dyes.


  • This is a method that requires the player to take an interest in exploring the open world of Minecraft. All you need is to craft a furnace and find the Sea Pickles. However preparing a furnace does not put you up to any challenging task.
  • Instead, finding the Sea Pickle can leave you in quite the pickles if you do not spawn at the biome of the Coral Reef. This biome generates the Sea Pickle on top of the Coral Blocks in the ocean’s depths. The Desert Village can also contain this item (the Sea Pickle).
  • I often get Sea Pickles by handing over two emeralds to Wanderer Trader.
  • An interesting factor to know about the behavior of Sea pickles is that they grow in counting when you apply Bone Meal to them. This way, you can multiply your gain for this item as it will benefit Exp-related stat.
  • Once you have gathered a few Sea Pickles, throw them in the furnace and light it up. Each sea pickle will hand over 1 Lime Dye and produce the Exp point equivalent to 0.2 for each time the item is smelted.
    Lime Dye from smelting
    Method of Smelting


Crafting the Lime Dye
Craft Lime Dye
  • Two ingredients come into play:
    1. Green Dye and White Dye if you use Java Edition.
    2. For the Bedrock Edition, you need Green Dye and Bone Meal.
  • Green Dye can be found in a chest located in the Desert Village. However, relying on the chance to collect this item would be worth it. You should destroy the Cactus Plants, which will provide you with Green Dye once the Cactus is Smelted. The Exp from smelting Cactus is 1 point for Java Edition and 0.2 points for the Bedrock Edition. A Wandering Trader can give you 3 Green Dye in exchange for an emerald.
  • The Bone Meal is obtainable by slaying the Skeletons or Fishes and picking up the Bones they left as loot. Then, using bones, you can create the Bone Meal. Later, you can craft White Dye from the Bone Meal and use it to create Lime Dye. The Lily of the Valley flower can also create Lime Dye.

Uses Of Lime Dye

As I have said earlier, the use of this item does not grant the players any stat benefit. Rather, it is only for applying the theme of your choice. This is also why obtaining this item and its ingredients is pretty effortless to find or gather. As for the current version of Minecraft, Lime Dye has few uses in particular.

Used for applying color
Applying lime color
  1. The most widespread use of Lime Dye is its capability to dye other items. Simply a green color variant for your blocks and items. The list of these items contains:
    • It makes candles appear in a lime shade.
    • Lime can paint the Beds.
    • You can craft lime carpets by placing the Lime Dye in the middle and filling the Crafting Table with White Carpets. The result will yield 8 Lime Carpets.
    • Dye the Shulker Box.
    • Lime can be applied on Wool of any color in the Bedrock Edition. As for the Java Edition, you can only dye the White Wool as a lime color.
    • This item’s effect can also be applied to animals. You can dye a Sheep’s wool as lime, and upon shearing the wool, you can get 1 – 3 blocks of Lime Wool. Likewise, Lime Dye can be applied to pet Dogs and Cats to change the color of their collars.
    • You can dye the Leather Armor set.
    • I often use it to change the color of text written on signs.
    • The color of water stored in the cauldron can be changed for only Bedrock Edition.
    • Banners can be painted with various patterns using Lime Dye in Loom block. A Banner can hold various variations regarding the designs that can be painted on it. To learn how to create multiple designs on a banner, you can follow the YouTube guide for creating slime designs on a banner.
  2.  This item can also be used for trading purposes.
    • Shepherd Villagers make the trade of Lime Dyes. However, this trade is only beneficial in stats if done to acquire the lime dye and not to sell it.
    • You can sell 12 lime dyes and get an emerald in return. The chance of this trade is 20% for a Journeyman-level trader.
  3. While using Lime Dye, you can create items and blocks. Although, these items do not differ from one that already exists. These will be just the color variations for those crafted items.
    • Lime Concrete Powder
    • Firework Star
    • Stained Glass and Stained Glass Plane with lime color
    • Lime Terracotta
    • Lime Balloon and Lime Glow Stick for the Bedrock Edition exclusively.
Crafting of blocks and items
Lime Dye for Crafting

Final Words

The dye feature is to relish your craft and make it look charming. I think these minor diversions make the game entertaining and look more immersive. It serves as a charming tool for personalizing the Minecraft experience.

I also have a thought that maybe in the near future, the developers might introduce some important uses of these dyes. Until then, enjoy them as they are.

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