Armored Core 6: Loghunt [Explained]

Learn about what is Loghunt Program and where to find each Combat logs in Armored Core 6.

Loghunt unlock Armored Core 6
Loghunt Program Armored Core 6

Loghunt in Armored Core 6 can be tricky, but fear not, as we have you covered. This guide explains where to find these Combat logs. It also shows how to get each alternative ending as well! 

Key Takeaways

  • The Loghunt Program is unlocked when you complete the “Operation Wallclimber” mission in your first playthrough.
  • This will give you access to the Loghunt. Here, you can check your Combat Log progress.
  • Combat Logs are special collectibles usually found by defeating special enemies. They also have the Combat Log sign when you scan them.
  • You can utilize details found in the mission replay option. There, you can check the Combat Log status for each completed mission.
  • Some Combat Logs are only unlocked in the New Game+ and New Game++. These are the second and third endings, respectively.
  • Acquiring these Combat Logs will increase your Loghunt Tier and unlock special rewards.
  • Finally, you will get the “Elite Hunter” Decal once you obtain all logs.

The Loghunt Program

Loghunt Armored Core 6 and what are Combat Logs are words you will come by a lot. But What do they mean? You will unlock The Loghunt Program and get access to it once you complete Operation Wallclimber—a prompt message welcoming you to the program.

You will only get the prompt in your first playthrough of the game, though. As you acquire more Combat Logs, your Tier will increase.

Other than the normal enemies that you usually will find in missions, there will also be special enemies in missions. These enemies are special, and you will likely find them not far from the normal mission path.

Once you find these unique enemies, you will see them marked with a special Loghunt sign. Eliminating them will complete the Combat Log.

Loghunt unlock Armored Core 6
Loghunt unlock Armored Core 6

Each Mission will have one, multiple, or no Combat logs. Some Combat Logs will only unlock once or twice after you complete the whole game playthrough once or even twice. So, to unlock all of these Combat Logs, you must check every single mission thoroughly.

But for some Combat Logs, you must complete the game up to 3 times.

Therefore, we have listed each available Combat log and its location. We also described how to find the special enemies you need to defeat. One important thing to notice is that you can always replay your completed missions. You can also check the results to see the Loghunt’s status.

A Combat Log can have three statuses. In the mission results, you will find it under the name “Battle Log.” Here are the details for each of them.

# Status Description
1 Blank/No Status This means that there are no Combat Logs available for this mission. This might change after you complete the game once or twice.
2 PENDING This status means that there still are enemies left. They hold Combat Logs, but you have not obtained them yet.
3 COMPLETED If you see this status, you have successfully acquired all available Combat Logs in the mission!
Replay Screen Armored Core 6
Replay Screen Armored Core 6

Unlocking Second & Third Endings

There are a total of 6 Combat Logs exclusive to the second and third endings. These are called New Game+ and New Game++, Respectively. You will need to make the opposite decision to get the Second ending.

This is related to the ones you made in your first game playthrough. You must also choose the “REFUSE” option when prompted in Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex.

For the Third Ending, choose the “ACCEPT” option in Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex. This way, you can unlock all three endings and get every combat log. You can also utilize the mission replay option. This way, you can complete any combat logs you might have missed on the first try.

I have divided the list for the following Combat Logs: all Chapters, New Game+ (Second Ending), and New Game++ (Third Ending).

Chapter 1

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
4 Destroy the Transport Helicopters 1x Silver  You can find a Tetrapod in the last section of this mission after defeating the second helicopter. When you get to the higher building, you can find it in the middle amongst some other enemies.
5 Destroy the Tester AC 1x Silver  The Enemy Tester AC holds this Combat Log, so you can’t miss it. 
6 Attack the Dam Complex 1x Silver  You need to destroy a Tetrapod to the right of the second generator. You can find it at the lower levels of the Dam complex.
1x Gold  Find the Enemy AC, which is called out specifically in the mission dialogue before the fourth objective. You can also find it at the huge frozen lake with a visible health bar. 
8 Operation Wallclimber 3x Bronze  You can find three unnamed enemy mechs before infiltrating the wall at the start. You will see them to the left side with some buildings. All 3 of them hold one bronze log that you can get by destroying them 
9 Retrieve Combat Logs 1x Gold  Go straight when the mission starts. You will find a lower area of the map and an Enemy AC named Little Ziyi.
11 Attack the Watchpoint 1x Gold  You will get this Combat Log automatically when you defeat the mid-level boss “Sulla.” 
Tetrapod Combat Log obtained Armored Core 6
Tetrapod Combat Log obtained Armored Core 6

Chapter 2

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
12    Infiltrate Grid 086 1x Silver  You can’t miss this Combat Log because you need to defeat the main enemy, “Invincible Rummy.”
2x Bronze  During the “Go to the center” objective, You can find 2 Enemy MTs by going to the back and looking down to the lower level area.
2x Silver  When you are almost 1800m from the objective, look at 180° at the compass. You will find 2 Tetrapods, which both hold a Silver Log each.
1x Gold  Once you are in the furnace room, if you look opposite the molten metal pouring down, you will find an opening. Go along that path to find a small room with an Enemy AC holding the Gold log. 
3x Bronze  Once you are out of the building, head to the higher area to 20° of the compass to find the 3 Enemy Mts you need to defeat.
14 Ocean Crossing 2x Bronze  After exiting the elevator at the start of the mission, go forward all the way and drop down to the big bridge ahead, look around, and you will find 2 Flying Drones that hold the Bronze Logs.
2x Bronze  Drop down to another path (90° on the compass) that leads back to the way you came. At the end, there will be 2 Flying Drones just like the previous ones.
Enemy MT Fight Armored Core 6
Enemy MT Fight Armored Core 6

Chapter 3

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
15 Steal the Survey Data 1x Silver  You will find a single Tetrapod with a silver log on the large road.
16 Attack the Refueling Base 1x Bronze  When heading to the base, you will cross over a bridge. Look down there to see several enemies. The one shooting lasers will hold the bronze log.
1x Bronze  At the Bridge, turn to 270° of the compass direction, and you will find another laser-shooting enemy below the 2 thin bridges.
17 Eliminate V.VII 1x Silver  Face the wall in this mission and go to the far left to find a “city” with a Tetrapod. Defeat it and acquire the Silver log.
1x Gold  You can obtain the Gold log by defeating the main enemy V.VII for this mission.
1x Gold  When you are fighting Swinburne, he will stop fighting and offer to retreat by putting up his shield. If you accept this offer, you will be attacked by another AC called Rukomonsen. Defeat it to obtain the second Gold log.
18 Tunnel Sabotage 1x Bronze  After you enter the tunnels, you will get an alert that the PCA forces are returning early. Head up to the left and go to the room at 90° on the compass to find a laser-shooting LC with the bronze log.
19 Survey the Uninhabited Floating City 1x Silver  After Shutting down the second fog device, keep going straight, and you will see a round structure. Look around to find the enemy beneath the bridge and defeat it.
21 Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Decision-based) Ring Freddie At the start of the mission, turn right and follow the path down. You will spot a rock next to a vertical pipe, and behind it, you will find Ring Freddie. Defeat Freddie to obtain a Combat log.
23 Attack the Old Spaceport 1x Silver  You need to find a Sheild LC on the second level of the outdoor area. You can do this by going 90° when you start the mission.
2x Silver  Go 150° from the starting point and find the large fuel tanks (grey). There, you will find 2 LCs that hold a Silver log each.
24 Eliminate “Honest” Brute 1x Bronze  On the first platform with the red laser, go down to the lower one at 230°. Go to the right side of the large central pillar to find a Rolling Robot that holds a Combat log.
2x Bronze  Once you reach the next level from the platform, head to 350° and go around the large pillar. There, you will find two more Rolling Robots that hold Combat logs.
1x Silver  On the next platform, with a train turntable in the middle, you will find a Yellow Tetrapod. It holds a Combat log. Bruce will also start talking to you on the radio once you are at the location.
1x Bronze  Once you are at the last platform in the mission, you will find a Robot putting up a shield. Defeat the round robot to acquire the Combat log.
1x Platinum  You will get this Combat log once you defeat the main objective enemy called “Honest Brute.” You can’t miss it.
25 Defend the Old Spaceport 1x Platinum  You will get this Combat log from the Main enemy called “Raven,” which is unmissable.
Enemy AC Fight Armored Core 6
Enemy AC Fight Armored Core 6

Chapter 4

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
29 Underground Exploration – Depth 2 1x Gold  You will get this Combat log from defeating the main mid-level boss called “G5 Iguazu”. It is unmissable.
2x Bronze  Once you defeat G5 Iguazu, you will go through an underground area. A blue laser will shoot you, and the door will close. Go to the right side of the door to find enemies in a small room.
 30   Underground Exploration – Depth 3 2x Silver  You will find a Blue laser-shooting enemy at the back of the roof of the big building. There will also be two more enemies that hold another silver log.
1x Gold  When you exit the pressure chamber, defeat the main boss, “Ayre,” to obtain the Gold Combat log.
31 Intercept the Redguns (Decision-based) 1x Platinum  You will get this Combat log when you defeat the main enemy, “G1 Michigan”. You can’t miss it.
32 Ambush the Vespers (Decision-based) 2x Gold  You can Obtain these by defeating the two main enemies called “Dual Nature” and “Reconfig.” You can’t miss them 
33 Unknown Territory Survey 1x Platinum  You will get this Combat log from the main enemy, “V.IV Rusty,” and you can’t miss it.
1x Gold  This Combat log can be found by defeating an enemy called “TSUBASA/MIddle Flatwell.” He can spawn next to the main enemy based on your decisions 
34 Reach the Coral Convergence 2x Gold  You can obtain 2 Gold logs by defeating two marked enemies at the start of this mission.
1x Bronze  You will fly across a bridge with a Rolling Robot when you eliminate the first bundle of enemies. Defeat it to acquire a Bronze log.
Tetrapod Fight
Tetrapod Fight Armored Core 6

Chapter 5

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
37 Intercept the Corporate Forces (Decision-based) 1x Platinum  You will automatically get this Combat log once you defeat the mission’s main enemy, “I.V. Freud.”
38 Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Decision-based) 1x Platinum  You can’t miss this log because you will get it for defeating the main target, “V.II Snail.”
1x Platinum  This log is also obtained by defeating another main target called “FULL CORSE/Cinder Carla.”
1x Gold  This is another log obtained by defeating the main target called “CIRUS/Chatty Stick.”
Tetrapod Fight
Tetrapod Fight Armored Core 6

New Game+ (Second Ending) 

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
6+ (Chapter 1) Attack the Dam Complex (Alt) (Only for NG+) 1x Gold  During this mission in NG+/NG++, you can Accept or Refuse to fight with your allies. Choose, accept, and defeat the one called “Cannon Head/G4 Volta” for a Gold log.
26+ (Chapter 3) Safeguard the Dam Complex (Only for NG+) 1x Platinum  You will automatically get a Platinum log for defeating the main enemy here, “UMBER OX.” You can’t miss it.
1x Platinum  You will automatically get a Platinum log for defeating another main enemy called “ASTER CROWN.” You can’t miss it.

New Game++ (Third Ending)

# Mission Name Combat Logs Description
9++ (Chapter 1) Prisoner Rescue (Only for NG++) 1x Platinum  You will get this Combat log when defeating the miniboss “DEEP DOWN/G2 Nile.”
19++ (Chapter 3) Survey the Uninhabited Floating City (Alt) (Only for NG++) 1x Platinum  You can get this Platinum log once you defeat the boss “ABSTGHIK/Thumb Dolmayan.” You can’t miss it.
29-B++ (Chapter 4) Underground Exploration – Depth 2 (Alt) (Only for NG++) 1x Platinum  You can get this specific Platinum log by eliminating the boss “DEADSLED.” This alt mission is only unlocked in New Game++.
33-B++ (Chapter 4) Eliminate V.III (Only for NG++) (Decision-based) 1x Platinum  You can Obtain this Platinum log by defeating the main boss, “V.III.”  This is also exclusive to New Game++.
Enemy MT Fight
Enemy MT Fight


Here are the rewards for reaching each Loghunt Armored Core 6 Tier listed below:

# Loghunt Tier Rewards
1 Tier 1 04-101 MIND ALPHA – (Arms)
2 Tier 2 44-141 JVLN ALPHA – (Detonating Bazooka)
3 Tier 3 06-041 MIND ALPHA – (Bipedal Legs)
4 Tier 4 45-091 JVLN BETA – (Detonating Missile Launcher)
5 Tier 5 07-061 MIND ALPHA – (Core)
6 Tier 6 44-143 HMMR – (Plasma Thrower)
7 Tier 7 06-042 MIND BETA – (Reverse Joint Legs)
8 Tier 8 IB-C03G: NGI 000 – (Generator)
9 Tier 9 45-091 ORBT – (Laser Orbit)
10 Tier 10 20-081 MIND ALPHA – (Head)
11 Tier 11 IB-C03F: WLT 001 – (FCS)
12 Tier 12 44-142 KRSV – (Multi Energy Rifle/Karasawa)
13 Tier 13 IB-C03B: NGI 001 – (Booster)
14 Tier 14 20-082 MIND BETA – (Head)
15 Tier 15 IB-C03W2: WLT 101 – (Coral Oscillator)

Once You complete every Combat log and eventually get to Loghunt Tier 15, you will receive a unique decal for your AC called “Elite Hunter.” You will also get a “Combat Log Collector” trophy for this achievement.

For this next Trophy, you will need to obtain every accessible part for your AC through combat logs and part containers usually found near these logs. Once you get all the parts you will also be awarded the “Asset Holder” Trophy and achievement. 

Loghunt Program Armored Core 6
Loghunt Program Armored Core 6

Completing the Combat Logs before you end the final objectives of each mission is important. If you do not complete the mission, the combat logs you have acquired during the mission will not count. This will cause you to lose progress.

My Recommendation

I think that loghunts are one of the best ways to get the best parts faster. This is especially true in the earlier stages where you don’t have many parts at your disposal. I have also found it very useful to replay missions to collect missed loghunts as you get the mission rewards again as well as the loghunt rewards.

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