Minecraft: How To Make A Heart [Tips & Ideas]

Creative ways to make a heart in Minecraft and apply unique functions in those designs.

Make a Heart in Minecraft
Make a Heart in Minecraft

Among the various stuff and design that you can create, one eye-catching design to make is a Heart in Minecraft. The implementation of a heart does not contain any complexity. Instead, it can be as essential as you want it to be. However, if you wish to make it more complicated, it will surely add some fascinating looks to that heart structure.

Key Takeaways

  • You can keep the shape of your heart quite simple as a flat surface. Or you can create better-looking stuff with more complex 3D structures.
  • A simple outline of a heart can get you through many unique ideas, such as using water to make a Heart-shaped fountain.
  • You can build an underground house that can adopt the looks of a heart. But inside, it’s much more space providing.
  • You can also lay down the Dispenser blocks in a heart formation, filling them with fireworks. Upon ignition, the fireworks will form the shape of a heart in mid-air.
  • Many more unique crafts can be made with a heart design, such as building a hot air balloon with a heart-shaped balloon at the top.

Tips To Make A Heart In Minecraft

Whether you wish to make a simple heart in Minecraft or an abstruse one, you can lay down its foundation in 2 ways. To put it more simply, this can either be a 2D design or a 3D design. As the names suggest, the 2D design will be made much more easily than the 3D heart. However, a 3D heart would be an exceedingly satisfying structure.

2D Heart Design

2D heart design
The Simple Making of Heart

Firstly, you can design it as a flat surface. This way includes just the making of an outline for your heart. Then you can fill the inside portion with your desired colored block. Red Wool Block will perfectly fit a heart-like shape.

Such a basic shape can be made as a standing structure ( along the z-axis ) similar to any building. Or the implementation can be done facing the ground ( along the x-axis and y-axis ).

3D Heart Design

3D design
Simple 3D Design of a Heart

Secondly, you can create a structure of the heart, which can be made into some structure, a functioning build, or perhaps a house-like design. A 3D layout can be a bit hard and tricky to build. But it comes with a better variation of building styles, allowing you to create a distinctive and magnificent structure.

You can work your way into making this heart structure by the layout style. This way will include the making of the heart in a more convenient way. Start with the basics requiring you to create a simple 2D heart structure.

Later, you can add the smaller size heart outlines at the front and rear sides of that 2D design. This will help you build a plain and smooth heart-like structure that will relish the outlooks of your area.

A more complicated method to build a 3D heart structure is creating the outlines and filling the remaining insides. By doing so, you can level the heart structure more efficiently and shape it to hold some housing space inside. Work on it floor by floor to make it less tiresome and plan the inside architecture more thoroughly and effectively.

Ideas To Make Heart In Minecraft

Both designs ( 2D and 3D ) can be applied inside and outside your house walls. The best way to apply such a design to the world is that the 2D design will be compact, so keep it as an interior decorator, such as a heart shape carpet. Whereas the 3D design requires a good space to be implemented in any way possible, creating the exteriors using this design algorithm.

Heart Shape Water Fountain

make a heart fountain in Minecraft
Fountain of a Heart Shape

A fountain is a natural sight to behold, and to shape it as something that looks so charming, can add a much more soothing effect to that sight. Such an exterior will look elegant and be simple to build. It takes a simple creation of a heart ring through which you must pass a water stream.

Try various combinations, such as a waterfall pouring water into a heart-shaped container. Or create more heart-shaped rings and make the flow of water through them. This will create an amusing water slide which you can keep on modifying by adding more twisted water paths to enhance the fun.

Heart Shape Lava Fountain

Heart shape lava structure
Heart Lava Structure

Create something that involves playing with fire, literally. It is a more fun thing to create that can attract the crowd’s attention. A fearsome and glowing heart ring that holds the scorching lava inside of it. Fun to make and a gleaming structure that illuminates the surroundings and gives a conspicuous image of itself.

To make it appear shimmering on the looks, use the glass blocks and leave one block space between the heart’s shape. The narrow passage will keep the lava flow quite stable and sustain the look of a heart. You can create this distinctive heart-shaped structure by following the Pachimarik – Minecraft YouTube video guide.

Fireworks Of Heart Shape

Hearty Fireworks

Set your amazement on fire and let the sky light up with its effect. Having this fascinating idea in mind is just as simple as creating it in Minecraft. If you want the rockets to explode in the formation of a heart, naturally place the Dispensers in the heart shape. Make sure they are facing toward the open sky.

Once the placement of the Dispenser is done, supply it with power. Use the Redstone Dust and connect it with each of the Dispensers. Then, connect the Redstone Dust at a point that will trigger its effect simultaneously. Thus, you have your heart-formation firework setup ready to launch.

To learn the firework crafting more precisely, watch the tutorial video of whoispancakes.

Make a Heart House In Minecraft

Heart-Shaped house
Underground Heart House

Your heart can be big enough to make space for someone. But the heart that can be used as a housing space will surely be much bigger. Moreover, nothing will appear to be much more charming than the sight of a friendly and welcoming shaped structure. The house layout will remain as simple as the house designs go. Just the fact that its outline will take a shape of the heart.

Consider making the heart shape house on the underground level. It is because it will be much more impactful regarding the housing space that it can provide. Constructing the heart house on the z-axis will make it an absurd lifestyle, making the house more of a cramped area. Underground housing will provide you with enough vacancy to extend the house as long as you want while keeping your home’s decent looks.

To build such a unique craft, you can watch the helping video of ManDooMiN. The video will even make such an interior that will relish the house’s beauty much further.

Heart Air Balloon

Heart-shaped air balloon
Heart Hot Air Balloon

If you finish the elementary level crafting, take your thinking to the next level. Create something astounding among all heart-shaped structures, like building a 3D heart structure that requires some effort and creative thinking. Suspend a love-spreading effect high in the sky that echoes your creativity and building skills.

The base itself will not take much hard work. Rather, it’s the shape of the balloon that you will find more time and effort demanding. Follow the procedure of making this creativity and ease yourself from the tiresome work required for this creation by looking at the comprehensive guide video of Wheelassassin Guides.

Final Words

Minecraft is fun to play in every aspect. The most enjoyable thing about participating in Minecraft is its capability of providing players with the environment to create anything they can imagine. The heart shape is the most loving and peaceful shape players can imagine. So mix up your creativity and your likings to produce an outcome that will be admirable in everyone’s opinion.

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