Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Get Mendez False Eye

This is how you can acquire the Mendez False Eye by defeating him and what you can do with it.

Mendez False Eye and Boss fight RE4 Remake Resident Evil
Mendez Boss Fight and False Eye – Image Captured by: Gamesual

Mendez is one of the early bosses in the game, who you finally get to take on in Chapter 6. However, once defeated, Mendez drops a false eye to reward the players.

Key Takeaways

  • Mendez is one of the bosses appearing in Chapter 6 that drops False Eye as part of the reward.
  • He is also the Chief of the Village Leon is currently trapped in.
  • The boss fight with Mendez takes place inside a burning slaughterhouse, featuring two phases to the fight.
  • During the first phase, Mendez will fight you up close on the ground. Meanwhile, Mendez will lose his legs during the second phase and hang from the ceiling. He will also throw projectiles at the player during this phase.
  • Once you have defeated Mendez, he will fall to the ground, and his left eye will pop out of his head. Players can keep Mendez’s false eye and sell it to the Merchant for a hefty price.

How To Get False Eye

mendez false eye resident evil 4 remake
Mendez False Eye – Image Credits: Gamesual

It might seem like this False Eye has a greater purpose in the game, yet it does not. This false eye is not part of any puzzle essential plot point. The false eye is just a treasured item in Resident Evil 4 Remake that can be sold to the Merchant. Moreover, the eye is worth 12,000 Pestas, a good amount of change.

Here is how you can defeat Mendez to get his False Eye.

First Form Of Mendez

mendez first form RE4 Remake false eye
Mendez First Form – Image Captured by: Gamesual
  • During the first phase of the fight, you will have to fight Mendez up close.
  • Focus on shooting Mendez in the head for optimal damage.
  • Evade and avoid Mendez’s attacks by running around during the encounter.
  • Once you have claimed enough hits, Mendez will get stunned, allowing you to Melee attack him.
  • This is also where I recommend unloading all of your bullets into him, as the exposed eye on the back is a weak point and will cause significant damage to Mendez.
  • I also switched to a few Melee Attacks, as this was the only time I could land any knife hits.
Mendez false eye back re4 remake
Mendez Exposing Eye On His Back – Image Captured by: Gamesual
  • Additionally, I recommend staying on the bottom floor during the first phase, as evading him on the upper floor becomes difficult. 

Second Form Of Mendez

mendez second form Resident Evil 4 Remake false eye
Mendez Second Form – Image Captured by: Gamesual
  • After dealing enough damage, Mendez’s body will split in half, and he loses his legs. But that is not it.
  • During the second phase of the fight, Mendez grows two more limbs from his back, and his attacks are even quicker.
  • The fight changes from up close to a long-range battle as Mendez uses his two back limbs to hand from the ceiling.
  • I found this phase of the fight slightly more straightforward than the previous phase.
  • During this phase, Mendez starts throwing projectiles in my direction.
  • These projectiles will include burning beams from the slaughterhouse and explosive barrels. All I could do here was evade the burning beams and get a few shots in.
  • Mendez will get up close a few times. But he ran back once I had gotten a few hits in.

Important Note: I recommend bringing your best weapons to this fight. Some guns are for close-range fights, while some are for long-range.

You have to wait until Mendez picks up the explosive barrels and shoots them before he throws them. I found this an effective way to deal more damage to Mendez and fast-track the phase.

Once you have dealt enough damage, Mendez will fall to the ground, ending the fight. I will also suggest fighting this from the upper floor of the slaughterhouse, as it is easier to shoot from here. 

mendez false eye resident evil 4 remake
Mendez False Eye – Image Captured by: Gamesual

My Experience With Mendez Battle

Mendez is one such boss that is first introduced in the earlier chapters of the game. However, I did not get to fight him until Chapter 6. This worked in the game’s favor, as I was excited when I finally fought him.

The fight is designed in such a way that makes it very exciting and thrilling. So, I was always on the edge of my seat while fighting him.

Therefore, it was even more satisfying when I finally defeated him, and his false eye popped out. Even though this eye is not helpful as a quest item, I found it quite useful in the form of Pestas.

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