Minecraft: Beautiful Aquarium Ideas [Top 9]

From a small cute aquarium to a big massive fish tank, learn to make them all with ease.

Minecraft Aquarium Ideas
Minecraft Aquarium Ideas

Ocean biomes in Minecraft are genuinely stunning due to the presence of aquatic life and water. It contains different types of fish like a puffer, tropical, and even turtles. If you happen to dive into the ocean bodies, you might wish to take this beauty into your own home. The practical way is your very own aquarium. This article will provide you with the Minecraft Aquarium Ideas you must try.

Key Takeaways

  • Ocean Biomes are an excellent inspiration for any builder to construct anything similar in their house. So Minecraft Aquarium Ideas are in great demand these days.
  • Aquarium provides a lively atmosphere and is pretty to look at as a decoration in your house.
  • Building an aquarium requires basic glass blocks, spruce wood, a bucket, and stone. You are also advised to use other extra decore materials such as Redstone or White concrete.
  • The size of your Minecraft aquarium depends upon the choice of the Aquarium. You can either build a Small fish tank, A Shelf base aquarium, or you can make a Massive Tower Base Aquarium and House in a fish tank.
  • Moreover, it also depends on whether you want to construct the aquarium in the house or your house in the aquarium.

Aquariums provide your in-game home with a more vibrant, lively appearance. While some players desire it to be little and adorable, others want it to be huge. Besides, it all depends on your resources and preferences.

You can make your Minecraft aquarium like a whole room, a tank, or even in shelf form. You can also create it outside the house. Again, it is a step-by-step process and requires a little creativity.

Minecraft Aquarium Building Ideas

Building a Minecraft Aquarium is a pretty easy task. You might need some basic resources to build it, which are given below:

  • Sand Block from ocean biomes using a shovel.
  • Glass block made with fuel and sand.
  • Spruce trapdoor made out of wood blocks.
  • A bucket to pour water into the tank.
  • Fishes for your aquarium.

These are some main components an aquarium demands. Otherwise, players use different materials for the extra decor in their Minecraft Aquarium.

Small fish tanks require less space and can be easily decorated with a single block of grass. While on the other hand, a big Minecraft aquarium requires more prominent space and is comparatively tricky to decorate. If you want to get your hands on fish, you can check out our extensive guide detailing how to get bucket of fish in Minecraft.

Axolotl Minecraft Aquarium

Axolotl Aquarium made by a player in Minecraft
Axolotl Aquarium Minecraft

To build Axolotl Aquarium in Minecraft, start by creating the base of the aquarium using wooden blocks. Make it as big as you want, and add two circular shapes on both walls. Hang some vines on the top to make it more lively, and add glow berries. In the next step, complete the third wall slightly different from the other two.

Now, join all the sides using spruce plank on the lining and the glass on the inside. Moreover, you can add glass on the floor for a transparent base.

Add a shade outside the see-through walls and hang some vines with the roof. What’s more, you can also use blue terracotta and sea lanterns. Now fill your tank with water using a bucket.

Axolotl Aquarium in Minecraft
Axolotl Aquarium Minecraft

Don’t forget to add seaweed, kelp, sea pickle, and drip leaf to the water because water bodies also have them. Finally, pour all of the fish you gathered into the tank. Now you have your very own Axolotl Aquarium.

Huge Minecraft Aquarium

Huge Aquarium In Duplex House
Huge Aquarium

This original and cutting-edge Minecraft aquarium idea is by a well-known gamer named ManDooMiN. It is a rooftop aquarium that is fastened to the home wall. With the aquarium there, you may enjoy a beautiful view.

For this purpose, you’ll need stripped oak, Quartz bricks, sea lantern, glass, and light blue concrete. In contrast, try out stripped dark oak as a surface of the aquarium. Now make a wall out of 13 Quartz bricks high above the ground.

Huge Aquarium Minecraft made by a player
Huge Aquarium Minecraft

Quartz brick should be used to build three walls. The sea lantern is the final and critical step to making your aquarium glow at night. Create a light blue concrete border around the wall to create the appearance of a blue ocean.

Now cover the rest of the area with glass blocks. Now fill the aquarium with water using a bucket. Don’t forget to plant seaweeds and kelp. Finally, spawn the tropical fish eggs in your aquarium.

House In A Fish Tank

A house in a Fish Tank made by a player
Fish Tank House

Again in this type, ManDooMiN has made a house inside an aquarium. This Minecraft Aquarium idea is both impressive and ingenious. You will need Adensite, Glass, Stripped Oak Wood, a water bucket, gravel, Stripped spruce wood, and Bone Meal. First, make a frame with adensite and make it high up to 11 blocks.

Make a rectangle shape frame and make the gravel floor. Next, make all four walls of spruce wood and stripped oak wood. Leave the space in the middle of all the walls for the glass window.

Make a cute little house and add a trapdoor. Install all the essentials of your room. Use a bucket to fill the entire aquarium with water. Add seaweeds using bone meal. You can make a bench with a campfire and spruce door.

Redstone Aquarium

Redstone Aquarium in Minecraft
Redstone Aquarium

This Minecraft Aquarium is made by one of the finest Minecraft gamers named Mumbo Jumbo. Players must start by making a glass room using glass slabs. Make a Volcano in the middle of it out of Stone and Cobblestone.

Install Redstone in it to make a redstone clock. In addition, use a Prismarine slab for stairs and a pop of marine theme. In the next step, you might need redstone, the aquarium’s main base.

Now, you can add a chest to it and retract the lid using slime blocks. The player has a unique sense of creativity and has created a diver’s mask using stripped Jungle Block and black concrete. Now, add the water to it using a bucket. Although the texture pack used for this aquarium is not suited still, this is one of the great Minecraft Aquarium Ideas.

Redstone Aquarium made by a player in Minecraft
Redstone Aquarium

But, interestingly, the aquarium looks pretty neat once you are in it. And the best part about using kelp is that you can grow it anywhere and install it anywhere you want.

Add magma blocks inside the volcano to make it erupt. Finally, spawn your pufferfish, salmon, and cod.  Finally, now you have your very own Redstone volcano Aquarium.

Easy Small Aquarium

Easy Fish tank aquarium made by a player
Easy Fish Tank Aquarium

If you are not a fan of a giant bulky aquarium taking up all the space and resources in your house, then you need to try this Small Minecraft Aquarium Idea. Building this cute aquarium for a lively environment will require less than no time. You might need seagrass, a bucket, sand, a Spruce block, tropical fish, a Spruce trapdoor, and Cyan concrete. 

The tank can be as big or small as you want. Start by making a free space in your wall and install one block height of 3 sand blocks. It might look like a cupboard. Now add Spruce plank and spruce trapdoor in the stairs form.

Add three glass blocks and fill the space with water using the bucket. Add seaweed and your tropical fish to it. You can also add corals. Now, cover the lid with the spruce plank.

Likewise, you can use the same material to make some of the other small tanks, such as:

A small aquarium Idea
Small aquarium
A small fish tank in Minecraft world
Small Fish Tank

Wall Cabinet Aquarium

Wall cabinet Aquarium made by a player
Wall cabinet aquarium

Taffstar has made another small yet exquisite form of aquarium seem like a wall cabinet. This aquarium is very convenient because it requires less space and can easily fit into a wall. The making of it closely resembles the small fish tank.

You must follow the same steps and make space for water inside the wall. Remove all the excess blocks and use oak planks as a base for the aquarium.

Cover it with sand and spruce trapdoors. Again, add one block height of the glass and fill the rest of the space with water. Add seagrass and give a bone meal to make it grow. You can also make wooden shelves beside it to make it more useful. Finally, add fish from your resources, and have your wall cabinet Aquarium.

Modern Aquarium Minecraft

Modern Aquarium Idea by VeVillie
Modern Aquarium Minecraft

This is one of the best Minecraft Aquarium Ideas by VexelVillie. Start by building the floor frame using white concrete. As this is a modern house, white is perfect for making a difference.

You can make it 11×11 if you want, but it can also be small. Now use a stripped spruce block to fill the floor frame. Most importantly, add sea lantern blocks inside the floor for a seamless glow.

You can use Minecraft’s best Light Sources described in detail on our website. The next stage is to put glass over the frame, pour water from a bucket, and level it out.

Use blue coral blocks to create a pattern on the wall. Add brain corals for vibrant underwater flora. At last, include your turtles or tropical fish. Pour white concrete over the water.

You can decorate your Aquarium with whatever you like, with wooden shelves, corals, carpet, flowers, and a couch next to it. Now, creating a distinctive aquarium with a contemporary interior is uncomplicated.

Tower Base Aquarium

Have you ever wished gallons of water around you at all times while smelting ore? If yes, then Devon Hawes has got your back. You can now do this practically by building a Tower base aquarium. Use glow stone to cover the base of the aquarium tower outside. For a detailed appearance, arrange stones in a pattern on the floor.

Including the pillars created from the spruce block that was removed. Use a mossy stone brick and glass pane to build the tower’s wall while experimenting with the many types of blocks.

You may also use the stone brick wall and spruce fence to add richness to the entrance and the stone button. Use the same pattern to construct the entire tower.

Tower based aquarium in Minecraft
Tower Base Aquarium

Next, add your favorite furnishings, a lamp, a secret chest, a bell, a stone cutter, and a blast furnace to the inside. Build a ladder that is 21 blocks high and then enclose it with glass blocks.

Also, to make it illuminated at night, don’t forget to put lanterns on the top. Keep in mind that this is a tower; thus, depending on your resources, it has to be as high as possible.

After adding spruce wood to the water’s surface, fill the tower with water. Moreover, a campfire may also be added to the rooftop. Your tank has been set up; it’s time to decorate it.

Add cod, corals, seaweed, and the desired fish species, such as puffer fish and blowfish, last. In addition, turtles can also be placed there. In short, the builder’s best attribute, in this case, is the attention to detail, which truly sets it apart.

Shelf Based Small Aquarium

Shelf fish tank in Minecraft
Shelf Fish Tank

If you don’t want to invest a lot of work into making a massive Minecraft aquarium, a shelf base little aquarium will suffice. Similarly, These shelves provide a beautiful ambiance in your house while taking up little to no room. Simple to maintain and construct. It is pretty simple to build an aquarium shelf-based. Only three shelves with a height of one block would be required in the wall.

Next, you must cover it with glass and add water to it. Maintain an area of one block, then fill it with lights, corals, seaweed, sea pickle, and fish. Finally, now that the last block is closed, you have your shelves for a tiny aquarium.

Closing Remarks

These were some Minecraft Aquarium Ideas made by Minecraft players around the world. But note that these are only a few suggestions to get you going. The options are unlimited, so indulge your imagination and enjoy creating your own Minecraft Aquarium Ideas. If you love to give your time to building in Minecraft, then you should check out:

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