Minecraft: Easy Barn Ideas [Top 23]

Never run out of creative ideas add these cool and modern Minecraft barns in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft Barn Ideas
Minecraft Barn Ideas

Minecraft has always been the most favorite game due to its constant creativity-enhancing opportunities. You can build anything in your Minecraft World, from Aquariums, Street Lamps, Jungle Houses, Dungeons, and Boat Docks. Another exciting build that intrigues the players is building a barn. We provide you with cool, easy, modern Minecraft Barn Ideas to try out this year.

Key Takeaways

  • No matter how creative someone is, they might run out of ideas. Most players especially seek Minecraft Barn Ideas.
  • Minecraft Barns are very important for players as they are in survival games, so they need animals to breed and crops to raise for food.
  • You can keep tamed animals of almost all types, including cows, llamas, chickens, sheep, and pigs.
  • In addition, Minecraft Barns are also helpful for storage purposes to store the food obtained from crops and other stuff such as leather, wool, and hay.
  • Minecraft Barns are of different designs and different in their sizes, capacities, and functionalities.
  • There is a barn idea for everyone, as you can build a Simple barn if you are new to this game. While if you are a pro, there are multiple fun ideas for you, such as creating Circular Barn, Tudor Barn, or even a Cow barn.
  • Some barns require only basic building materials such as cobblestone, spruce slabs, stairs and logs, and dark oak or oak logs. At the same time, others may require some expensive materials such as Quartz and white concrete.
  • You can decorate your barn using various materials such as flower pots, lanterns, campfires, torches, hay, grass, ponds, fences, and different textured walls.

No matter how creative or thoughtful a player is, they can always run out of new Minecraft Barn Ideas. Minecraft is a survival game. All you need to survive is to have a consistent food supply first to fight ragging mobs. Since they enable you to raise crops and keep farm animals for meat and milk production, barns are highly sought-after.

Minecraft Barn Ideas

We’ll discuss Minecraft’s creative and survival modes in this article. You cannot begin building a barn from two or three wooden or oak pieces; it will take many resources.

To complete the task, a lot of wood, mossy stone, spruce fence, vegetation, and animals. You can design a farm to suit your preferences. It could be more functional or visually pleasant.

Some may be challenging to build since you’re new to the game, but we’ve also listed some of the simpler barns. This makes it simple for you to imagine how it would feel to have your own Minecraft Barn.

Players are obsessed with creating these structures and always create new and exciting barn creations. We have listed some of the easiest also best ideas to develop them.

Circular Barn

Circular Barn in Minecraft
Circular Barn by ItsMarloe

ItsMarloe has introduced one of his best creations as a Circular barn in Minecraft. If you are tired of keeping your animals together and finding a way to separate them, this is your sign to make Circular Barn Minecraft. However, the massive outdoor area will help you keep a larger herd, while the upper area can be used as a separate storage room for every animal.

This Barn will allow you to make four separate pens for different baby animals, and due to its effective and spacious area, these Minecraft Barn Ideas are very popular. Interestingly, it is very simple to make by using some easily available resources in your inventory. But, since it is a whole barn, you cannot create it easily. You might need to invest your efforts in details and clarity.  

These include spruce, stone brick, stripped oak logs, coarse dirt, concrete powder, yellow coral fans, rails, polished granite, chains, lanterns, ladders, composters, bonemeal, a water bucket, shovel. You can also have bird seeds if you wish to be adding chicken to your barn.

Bird eye view of Circular barn Minecraft
Circular barn Minecraft

The significant benefit of this barn is the ample area for producing your vegetation, which is crucial in Minecraft’s survival mode. Also, the upper storage is pretty roomy, how you want it to be for separating animals.

While this is a survival mode, you should protect yourself from the wandering mobs by lining the inside of the barn with lanterns and enclosing the entire barn with spruce fencing.

ItsMarloe has perfectly explained the details of making this beautiful barn in his youtube tutorial. Now you have one of the perfect four sided Minecraft Barn ideas to try according to your taste.

Simple Barn

Simple barn made by Servasius
Simple barn by Servasius

This simple barn is the perfect match for players who want an effortlessly beautiful barn. Servasius has built this lovely barn for your ease. So, you don’t need to worry about not having a lot of material for your barn because it will require the least material you can imagine. You will require the spruce wood logs as the main resource and any other material for recording, such as lanterns. 

Start by building four pillars on each area corner and 16 blocks in total. Next, join these pillars of suitable length with each other from above. Now, you need an oak fence to keep your animals inside the barn. Most importantly, keep the gap for three spruce or oak fence gates. We suggest you build this Simple barn in the creative mode of Minecraft to enjoy it more.

Aesthetic Barn

Aesthetic Barn Minecraft
Aesthetic Barn By Lenny Random

This Minecraft Barn Idea is generated by LennyRandom. It contains plenty of storage for up to six different kinds of animals including cats, bunnies, chickens, horses, etc. It all depends on the amount of room you want to provide for each kind of animal. Similarly, there is plenty of area for growing a variety of crops such as fruit and vegetable for your survival in the game.

If you are just a beginner and starting your Minecraft world, then one of the cheap, easy, yet cool Minecraft Barn Ideas is all that you need.  You can use all the materials starting from simple materials such as dark oak wood, stripped oak blocks, spruce stone, spruce stairs, spruce fence, and oak logs, to expensive materials such as campfires.

You can easily create it though, using 3 logs, 1 coal, and 3 sticks for each campfire. Use dark oak for the columns and make them at least 5 blocks high. Also, use dark oak wood for the base of the roof and the trim of the roof using spruce plank. For extra details, use spruce steps and trap doors. A mix of granite and brick is used for the walls and oak trapdoors are used for decorating windows.

Moreover, you need to work on the grinding and detailing of the material. Decorate the interior with trap doors, lanterns, and chests if you have any. You can make an entrance to the field and plant a garden in the field along with a pool. In short, the embellishment is solely your own choice.

Minecraft Barn Idea With Chicken Farm

Minecraft Barn with chicken farm
Minecraft Chicken barn by Gorillo.

This aesthetically beautiful Minecraft barn is by Gorillo. The barn is both pleasing in looks and functions as well. If you are already playing Minecraft for years and are tired of the boring Minecraft building Ideas then you need to try This Minecraft Barn idea with Chicken Farm. It includes two chicken farms and both indoor and outdoor pens.

You will need cobblestone, deep slate stairs, stone brick blocks, chains, lanterns, and a grindstone to make this barn. Since you have the opportunity of plenty of resources so you might be needing 18 hoppers to start building it. Find a nice location and then flatten it out for your base for the barn. Keep the height of the foundation up to four blocks.

Minecraft Chicken barn by Gorillo
Minecraft barn by Gorillo

To the right and left of the main building are 2 chicken farms and 3 animal pens. You can keep your horses and lamas in the pens made outside the barn’s main structure. Interestingly, this barn is made to live as well because you can place your bed in the extra space. Moreover, you can also keep your chest safe here. The roof is a bit tricky to build but not impossible because of the Best tutorial Gorillo on it.

Large Barn With Stables

Minecraft barn with stables
Minecraft Barn with Stables by Mr. Mirror

Horses are the best-used animals for transport, and you can take care of them by dedicating a perfect barn to them. This Barn has an open plane interior and a yard for horses to live and stretch as well. This barn will provide you with stables made of cheap resources.

Again, Players who have previously constructed a Minecraft foundation and have a good supply of building materials are ideal candidates for this Minecraft barn concept. The builder has used easily available materials such as cobblestone, stone blocks, oak planks, spruce stairs, and planks.

Interior of the Minecraft barn with stables.
Interior of the Barn

Furthermore, for decorative purposes, spruce trap doors, leaves, coarse dirt, campfires, granite, brick, and lanterns can be used according to your own ease. A storage area for pet animals’ wool, leather, and milk can also be constructed. The player has also constructed a small window for the players to peek into the barn, but it is not suggested for security reasons.

Quaint Barn

Quaint Minecraft Barn
Quaint Minecraft Barn by Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology has presented a medium-sized barn to fit the taste of almost all the players. Space for six different types of animal friends, and you can have your very own space for a chest and smoker workstations. This barn has two wings extending outward and a central aisle with a high roof. Most importantly, the barn has space for ten double chests.

Additionally, you will also get six pens for your animals. Because the roof will be made of stripped spruce log beams, dark oak trim, and brick walls, this barn will require more bricks than any other barn.

The barn is of 15X18 dimension as made by the player. Start by making three high brick walls of suitable height. Then add azalea leaves with a border of every wall and place an oak trapdoor in the middle of the wall.

Stripped spruce logs and dark oak logs can be added as the upper layer of the wall to make it more detailed. The roof will take some time due to its triangular shape, but it’s worth all the effort. Place the coarse dirt on the floor and add texture using brown concrete powder and rooted dirt.

Interior of the Quaint Minecraft Barn
Quaint Minecraft Barn Idea by Cryptozoology

Finally, install pillars and spruce fence gates to keep animals separate. You can hide your chest in the wall. Now, you are good to go with your quaint Minecraft barn. Spawn your eggs of horses, chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep.

Llama Barn And Stables

Llama barn and stables made by a player
Llama barn by Reimho

With original and innovative Minecraft concepts, Reimiho has always shocked its audience. Another invention that astounded the crowd is the Lama Barn and stables. If you enjoy owning llamas, horses, and other barnyard animals, you must try this ingenious design. Although it is challenging to create, it is the finest item you can buy with time and money.

This barn has enough room for all of your necessary livestock—a triangular hut-shaped barn with two stories that have both internal and external storage. You also have space for up to 12 horses or llamas without causing any mess or overcrowding. You can also keep your chest in the interior storage room to keep it safe from the mobs.

Main Resource

The material needed for the Llama barn includes Barrel, oak slab, chain, mossy stone brick wall, oak slab, oak trapdoor, spruce fence, spruce logs, spruce planks, stone bricks, oak stairs, grass path, and coarse dirt. First, choose a suitable land of interest and clear the area.

horse stable in Minecraft
Llama barn by Reimho

Start by placing the barrels at a suitable distance and increasing the height to 5 blocks. Both sides will have Pozdol, coarse dirt, and grass paths, but there will be spruce planks for the pathway. Place two spruce fences on the top of each wall. Place the spruce logs and the ladder two blocks away from the wall and then connect their tops. Now fill the gaps with spruce planks.

Use spruce stone and spruce stairs for all the walls. Repeat the process same with the roof structure. Now place stripped spruce in the form of stairs to make a triangular roof. Fill the gaps with spruce logs and use spruce stone for detailing. You can work on the interior according to your choice by using lanterns and stone bricks to separate barn animals. Place spruce fence as a door for separations.

Now, build a stable for your horses along the barn for your horses or llamas. You can make it smaller or bigger according to your preferences. Install lanterns on all the exterior and inner corners of the barn and the stable. Anyhow, for further details, the Youtube tutorial of Reimiho is the perfect guide.

Huge Rustic Barn

Huge Rustic stable by a Minecraft player
Huge Rustic Barn by TheMythicalSausage

The striking concept is by TheMythicalSausage on YouTube. He has some amazing Minecraft barn ideas you do not want to miss. The barn contains a massive area with a second floor and large pens for horses, sheep, cows, and pigs. Interestingly, the roof of this barn is made up of copper.  Although this barn has plenty of space, it is still not as functional as the other Minecraft barns. 

The barn construction requires a lot of costly materials that are not available easily, such as calcite, diorite, copper, dark prince marine, and deep slate. Also, you might need a huge stock of spruce wood. The player has used plenty of different color palettes to make it stand out in the middle of the village. Along with the high ceiling, it has used a lot of lanterns to light up the whole space.

You have your own balconies on either side of the barn and a spacious area. If you are new to this game, this barn manufacturing might be a difficult task for you. But if you are already familiar with how things work out, you can easily make it. Collect your barn animals from the village or use spawn eggs for the young animals and you are good to go.

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