Minecraft: Best Mobs [Explained]

Learn about the different mobs that are available in Minecraft.

Minecraft Best Mobs
Minecraft Best Mobs

Minecraft is famous for its unique blocky look and easy gameplay, where we can do a lot of stuff, from mining to interacting with different mobs. Mobs in Minecraft are living entities and can vary based on their unique abilities and characteristics that make them different from others.

Today we will discuss some of the Best Minecraft Mobs a player must face while playing. Mobs in Minecraft belong to different categories according to their behavior.

Key Takeaways

  • All living creatures in Minecraft belong to one or the other mob category. It can be Passive, Neutral, or Hostile.
  • Cows, Cats, and Chicken are a few of the harmless mob that stays calm even provoked, mostly these mobs help the player one way or another either by being a constant source of food for the player or doing their chores.
  • Mobs that are not a threat to player existence unless provoked fall under the category of the neutral mob. Endermen and Iron Golem are one of Minecraft’s best neutral mobs. Neutral mobs can be very beneficial for the player depends how he uses them to his advantage,
  • Hostile mobs constantly threaten player existence as they cause significant damage and death to players. They always stay on the player’s heels; they can exist in other dimensions and even at night and underwater.

Passive Mobs

These Passive mobs are very important in Minecraft because of their harmless nature and are mainly used as a food source. These mobs can be harvested and are extremely important for a player’s survival in the game.


Allays are amazing little creatures that look mostly alike, the Vex. They look hostile, but irrespective of their look, their personality is opposite to it.

One of the advantages of having Allay is that they help players in searching for lost items. Allay take an item given to it by the player and search around the area for it, and later delivers that item to the player.

Many players misunderstood Allay of duplicating items, but that is not so. It only wanders around to find the chunks of items it has, and if it is not going to find one, it is most likely to return emptyhanded.



Cows are a common passive mob that has been in the game since its inception. They can be tamed and bred with wheat to produce calves. Cow Mechanics have remained largely unchanged since the beginning of Minecraft.

Upon death th, ey will drop some important materials like leather, raw bee,f and orbs. These materials can be used asa  source of food by the players helping in boosting their life.



These Cats are a passive mob found in two biomes and one of the bestmobsb to have; they can work asdefendersr for the players as they keep the hostile mobs away. Just like wolves cats can also be tamed and can follow your commands . But unlike wolves, Cats can be found in a lot of colors.



Chickens are a classic passive mob; they’ve been around since the beginning of Minecraft. These soft nature creatures can be bred to produce baby chicks using wheat, melon, beetroot, and pumpkin seeds and can be used for meat.


Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs provide the essence of Minecraft. They are entirely harmless; however, they can become hostile if irritated. As a consequence, they are recurrently mixed with Passive Mobs.


They are the most notorious type of neutral mob. Dark, mysterious living forms can lead to a  nasty attack if you make eye contact for a long period. They are the only mob that drops Ender Perl. Endermen are present in all three dimensions.

Enderman can easily kill you unless you are equipped with the right tools, and if you are not, you are at a very bad time.



Goats are the only type of neutral mob that will not attack even if they are provoked. However, they can provide irreplaceable damage. Goats have a habit of charging toward the player to ram the player. These creatures were not present in the initial version of Minecraft; however, they were added afterward.


Iron Golem

They are the only mobs that can be constructed. This feature makes them very useful for coping with an attack. They will only retaliate if someone attacks their territory, which can lead to the death of a player.

Iron Golem


They can be trained and used for cargo transportation. They travel in the form of packs and are only capable of inflicting one-point damage by spitting on the opponent. Unlike other farm animals, there is no need to feed Liama. It’s straightforward to tame them as it only includes riding on them and making them familiar with us.



Piglins, in their deadly form, only live in the Nether. They are provoked by players wearing golden armor. Their dead form behaves similarly to zombie pigmen.

Another form of Piglins include Piglins Brutes; they are a bit hostile as they attack the players on seeing them. Mostly they are without weapons except for being Bedrock.


Polan Bear

The  Polan Bear is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft mobs available. They can be found in Icey places, both single or with a cub. These bears are violent and can be very dangerous when they are with their child. However, they are one of those mobs that can be tamed.

To tame a Polan Bear, you might want to catch fish beforehand because feeding them fish is the only way to tame them.

Always prefer the Polan Bear that is alone.

Polan Bear


These are the most loved type of neutral mob that can be very useful once tamed. Wild wolves can become hostile if another wolf is attacked nearby. They are capable of inflicting six-point damage. Wolves can also attack any mob that is capable of hurting the player.

Using Bones is the best way to tame these wild beasts. Feeding them enough bones will make a red heart appear above them; that is the signal for a tamed wolf.



Bees are a neutral mob that lives in the jungle and can fly freely. They are provoked if the player attacks another bee. They inject poison into the player, which will deteriorate their health slowly.





Dolphins are specific kinds of neutral mobs that are only found in ocean biomes. They can give the players a specific boost by taming them. These are very useful in treasure hunts or in locating buried ship fossils. They become hostile if the player attacks another dolphin.


Hostile Mob

These mobs can be found everywhere in the game, inside caves or underwater. Unlike passive or neutral mobs, they aim to attack the player on sight. Hostile mobs also spawn in other dimensions or at night, but many of them can roam around in bright daylight.

Chicken Jockey

It’s a rare hostile mob with a baby zombie riding over a chicken. They will chase the player in an attempt to kill them. If the chicken is killed, the baby will start behaving as a passive mob because it’s riding a chicken, so it will have no harm if it falls.

The best way to attack a Chicken Jockey is with a close range, as long-range bows are useless against them, and they’ll have very little damage.

Chicken Jockey


This is the most miniature hostile mob on Minecraft and may spawn at a place where a player throws an ender pearl. They rush towards the player upon seeing them and attack them by biting. Experience Orbs can be gained by the player upon endermite death.

They spawn at the player position when a pearl is thrown, irrespective of the pearl landing site.


Elder Guardian

One of the dangerous, hostile mobs in Minecraft is Elder Guardian. It’s an aquatic mob that attacks by firing beams at the player while using its spikes to retaliate against melee attacks and applying Mining Fatigue to everyone in their monument. It is one of the giant aquatic mobs in Minecraft.

Elder Guarding is not in the habit of swimming much; they usually stay at their places and are not afraid of anything.

Elder Guardian


Shulker is box-shaped like the hostile mob, having a texture (primarily blue) that can easily get camouflaged with surrounding, thus making it very difficult to find. It attacks players by throwing homing bullets at them and is used as a source for the Shulker shell that is used to craft Shulker boxes.

Shulker can easily be transported using carts and can be used by the player for defensive purposes.



These are considered undead mobs that fly in the sky during nighttime and attack the player by diving right onto them and biting them. They usually appear in the game when the player is not laid in a bed or dies consecutively 2 to 3 times during the night.

Phantom eyes and smoke particles are visible even when its body disappears under the invisibility effect. Cat hiss at the phantom mob who constantly attacks players. The instant Health effect is unsuitable for them as they are more prone to harm under it, unlike other undead mobs, and are immune to Poison and Regeneration effects.


That is all we have on the best mobs in Minecraft. Did you find this guide helpful for learning more about these creatures and their characteristics in the game? Share your thoughts and queries in the comments section below.

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