Minecraft: Best Starter House [Top 10]

The best design for a starter house is really necessary in a Minecraft game. Learn how to build one in our extensive guide.

Best newbie House ideas In Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game that lets you run wild with your creativity and creative ability. But it’s not all about building and crafting. You will need to create a home that will protect you and all your loot from the crawling monsters of the night that inhabit the Minecraft world; players need the best starter house in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft is full of ways you can express yourself while you can do that in creative mode, but if you want to have the same feat in survival mode, you need to plan out an early game base using our provided points, keeping in mind you can get the best out of the survival mode in the early game.
  • The best starter house in Minecraft is appealing to the eye while being as compact and helpful as possible in the early game. One doesn’t need to go back down on their creativity so that they are met with life challenges.
  • You can be you even in harsh environments. Make use of what you have and build the house to your satisfaction.

In survival mode, players are up against the challenge of time just as they create and enter the game for the first time. The time given is till night hits when the monsters crawl out of the caves and dark corners of the map to go and attack Minecraft’s regular mob, which are you and the villagers.

To avoid dying before getting to have a fighting chance which isn’t the case for Minecraft veteran players, but if you are new, you need to learn how to create the best starter house in Minecraft.

To make the best starter house in Minecraft, you need to keep a few things in your mind while making them. These points will help you make the best and get the most out of the early game as possible:

  • Compact; while the game is about creativity and letting one go crazy with their skills. But it is advised that you don’t just get ambitious from the very start. Making a small and compact house loaded with the necessities of the game is very important.
  • Resourceful area; Minecraft has an algorithm that generates a world randomly and spawns you randomly on that map. It features different kinds of biomes, but it is advised that one does not play on any other biome except for the plain biome. The forest biome is the most welcoming one because of its abundance of resources for starter players; you need to build somewhere where there are tons of resources like trees, sand, rivers, caves, etc.
  • Necessary things; Make sure that you contain only the necessary early-game items and furniture in your house. This will include a crafting table, lots of storage boxes, and other early-game items like enchantment tables if you see the need for them.
  • Animal pen or Farm; not necessary to play the game, but if you have a hard time acquiring food, it should be a good idea to create a farm or make an animal pen to breed animals.

Keeping these in mind, you can create the best starter houses using your own ideas, but here are some of the best starter houses in Minecraft in the latest version of Minecraft.

House Ideas In Minecraft

Four Walls And A Roof

Small and compact Best starter house
A small and compact house

A small and very basic is mostly the way to go if you are new. It’s not something to be ashamed of, as this is where everyone starts. Many of today’s veterans still use this ideology of using compact and fundamental houses in the early game to get the most out of the early game.

Make a small house to keep all your storage boxes to store the valuable items you get. Keep a bed to fast forward to the nighttime. A crafting table and a furnace are necessities you will need early game, and a small house using the minimum of resources and your time is the best way to go.

You can use stone, wood, and glass to make it look attractive, but that will take a little time. Still, it doesn’t hurt to make it more appealing, given that you can get the resources nearby.

Environmentally Adjustable

Desert house
Environmentally adjustable a desert house can be created from desert resources.

To have the best starter house in Minecraft, one needs to know how to adjust to the environment and use what it gives. As explained before, Minecraft has different Biomes. And these different biomes have different types of resources; for example, it is impossible to find trees in the desert and glacier biomes. You can adjust to these environments if you are up for the challenge.

All you need to know is what materials to use and how to make your house appealing—building with sand blocks in a desert or cobblestones in a snowy mountain region etc.

Underground Bunker

underground bunker
A bunker secure bunker

The easiest and fastest way to create a base is to use the ground you dug to be converted into your base. It will give you the resources like a stone to convert into coble stone to make a sturdy early-game bunker. This will allow you to mine even deeper to mine different resources like coal, gold, Redstone, diamond, etc.

This allows you to be safe from outside interference and not even be bothered by the day and night cycle. It’s very efficient if you want to focus on mining in the early game.

Hole In The Wall

mountain cave
A cozy hole in the wall

It uses the same basic idea as the Underground Bunker, you mine a place and use the very mined resources to change the inner and outer layer of the hole and create it into something you can call home.

You can create a mine shaft through your house to either further into the mountain or go a little down into an angle to create a mine underground. If you are annoyed by the idea of looking at only the sky from underground so you should try this instead as it will just allow you to look straight outside and go in and out quickly without having to climb any kind of stairs.

A House On A Cliff

mountain house minecraft
A house in the mountains away from society

Taking the previous idea up a notch, in this one, you create your home base on the high ground. The advantage of this is that the higher the ground, the more time it takes for mobs to climb and ambush you. Having a higher vantage point allows you to see further as well.

You can also make it so that it’s in a literal middle of a wall horizontally and vertically, so there’s no natural way to climb in except for a ladder or a waterfall-like mechanic. This will make it, so mobs don’t climb up to your door to lock you into your house. Like imagine how creepers sometimes just stick to your front door so getting near them ends up destroying your front door.


Tower house idea Minecraft
A vertical house provides a great view.

Creating a tower-like structure is one of the most useful ways to get a scenic view and a vantage point of your surroundings. It paves the way for many different vertical design ideas while requiring a small portion of the area to build on.

It also allows one to see their surroundings and find water bodies and different other biomes and places of interest from their very home but will require draw distance to be maxed to see clearly.

The tower structure can hold levels for different areas and different kinds of stuff for you to use on every level. Like from storage areas to farming levels to animal levels, All within your very home and very well hidden and out of danger.


Raft house minecraft
A water cottage

The mobs can swim but if you build entirely away from the land where they can’t detect you is pretty helpful for the usual mob. But the only thing left is the aquatic enemies, which can sometimes be annoying. But still, they are easily avoidable because of slow swimming speed. If you use a boat, then they can never even catch up.

Being on the water allows a different playstyle as well. It focuses more on the water biome and its resource types. A nice change in playstyle is good, as that’s what makes Minecraft so much more replayable.

Underwater Base

Underwater house idea minecraft
Underwater can be a good change in pace.

A scenic and more beautiful version of the Underground base, this is one of the best starter houses in Minecraft. This one allows you to build underwater and a home in an underwater scene. It will most likely keep you safe from normal mobs as they can’t swim and just float. So they can’t do anything to you underwater, especially the long-time annoying enemy, the creeper.

This will also give you an unlimited water supply and food from crops and fish. With a vast supply of sand from the river banks and beaches, you can easily create incredible amounts of glass to create your underwater house as transparent as possible.


A house in the trees can make an inner kid come out

Everyone has that one phase of tree house obsession during their childhood and might still be obsessed with it, and in some cases, it’s just for nostalgia.

Having the best starter house in Minecraft built on a tree allows security, a higher vantage point, and an attractive look. It’s always satisfying to see your house be the most distinct looking than other players if you are playing on a server. Or just making it look beautiful enough for self-satisfaction is enough.

So build a tree house or a base to have an enjoyable time and with a sense of satisfaction from how beautiful your house looks.

Floating House

Mid air house minecraft
A house in mid-air is in-accessible by normal ai of Minecraft

This one is the best starter house in Minecraft and provides the most security, too, just like the tree house, but in this case, there is no physical base or support, and it defies the very laws of physics by doing so. You can easily create something like this so that no enemy can climb up without any possible normal climbing ways.

Here you can get creative a lot. You can choose different climbing methods that will leave the basic mob ai of Minecraft powerless to perform such a feat. Not to worry, though, as the mob is already so handy capped without a basic code of jumping. So you can easily exploit that and create a way to climb without having any mobs replicate it.

Installing mechanical contraptions to climb can also be helpful, but it isn’t easy for starters. So it’s better to do it after you’ve been in the game for a week or so, according to the in-game time. By then, you might have gathered all the necessities already to create a mechanical contraption.


All you need to do is let your creativity run free. Getting ideas from the internet is great; Minecraft is all about having fun. Create what you want and do what you want. We hope that you have acquired a lot of good ideas from our best starter house in Minecraft ideas and have seen the general idea of what you can do in this game.

Suppose you have any queries or need any help or any kind of opinion. Or you want to express your opinions to comment those down.

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