Minecraft: Best Building Ideas [Top 35]

If you are out of new ideas, here are some of the best and most creative building ideas you can try in Minecraft.

best building ideas in Minecraft
Best building ideas in Minecraft

The virtual world of Minecraft has unlimited possibilities for building and creating ridiculous new structures. It takes some creativity and passion to create marvelous pieces of artwork. However, with so many resources and space to showcase your talent, one can always run out of ideas. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best building ideas you can try in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft essentially allows you to create your own virtual world in-game.
  • Like in the real world, players can follow unlimited building ideas in Minecraft.
  • Players can take inspiration from real-life monuments or make buildings by taking ideas from their fantasy worlds.
  • Players can make functional and non-functional structures in Minecraft depending on creativity levels.

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Building Ideas In Minecraft

Minecraft is an infinite online sandbox that allows players to build their own world out of nothing. While it is undoubtedly an exciting game, it requires lots of creativity to construct astonishing pieces of civil engineering. Players use the building blocks they can mine in Minecraft and compile them to create exciting structures and tools.

Like in the real world, players can build houses, castles, towns, different essential tools, and other valuable structures to give a lively vibe to their virtual world. Here are a few valuable and creative building ideas that you can try in Minecraft to create your great empire:

Waterfall House

Waterfall house Minecraft
Waterfall House in Minecraft

Minecraft is the right place to experiment with your dream house ideas. Nobody in their right mind would love a cozy house beside a running waterfall. It can lighten your mood and take away all your stress listening to the sweet and slow melody of the running water. Indeed, it is one of the best Building Ideas you can try in Minecraft.

The primary structure could be made of wooden blocks. The inner and outer outlook can be made modern by using glass windows and decorating with lanterns and modern furniture. Additionally, a small garden outside your front gate would be a refreshing sight, along with the beautiful waterfall. If interested, look into the detailed building process in SheepGG’s Waterfall House Guide.

Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Pagoda
Japanese Pagoda

The aesthetically pleasing building monuments in the far East have always been a topic of interest for many people. The simple yet innovative design of a Japanese Pagoda features a multi-story building with a cap head at the top. It is highly symmetric in its build, and these buildings are usually made of wood. However, the bigger ones are generally made of concrete.

These gorgeous buildings will definitely be a worthy addition to your empire because they are one of the unique building ideas in Minecraft. We suggest you make it with wooden blocks and place a Blossom tree beside it to give it those aesthetic vibes. Moreover, you can look up the detailed building guide on SheepGG’s youtube channel.


cathedral is one of the Best building ideas in Minecraft
A stunning cathedral

Classic western architecture from the Middle ages is pure art. Players can take ideas for building new architecture in Minecraft from these real-life monuments. Cathedrals are the epitome of western civil engineering in Medieval Europe. Therefore, they can be a worthy addition to your Minecraft empire.

These are huge buildings and can take quite some time to build in Minecraft. However, players’ imagination and creativity depend on making a simple structure or a colossal building monument. You can check HappySheep242’s Youtube channel if you want a step-by-step guide for building a cathedral in Minecraft.

Nether Portals

Nether Sword Portal
Nether Sword Portal

There are endless possibilities for building Nether portals in Minecraft. Our favorite is the Nether Sword portal, an impressive design presented on Goldrobin’s Youtube channel. This design includes a huge sword, dissecting the ground, and opening an expansive portal underground.

Moreover, we suggest you make it quartz and nether bricks in Minecraft to give it those Nether-y vibes. However, if you are unaware of the Nether update and don’t know what these materials are, we recommend you check our Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End.

Greek Temple

Greek temple
Greek temple

The Greek temple is one of our favorite building ideas in Minecraft. Greek monuments symbolize power and royalty, and having one such building in your Minecraft empire will undoubtedly make you feel like an Emporer. Players can follow the conventional design and give it modern finishing touches to create an attractive and unique Greek temple in Minecraft.

Strong pillars guarding the statues carved out of marble will take you back to the philosophical era when the greeks were ruling the world. For reference, players can check thewalkingwhale’s Youtube channel.

Flower Forest Brick House

It is one of the best building ideas in Minecraft
flower forest brick house

Building a brick house in a forest could be great if you want to test your skills on new things. We suggest you try to make it like it’s from a fairytale. Just like forest houses are depicted in Disney movies, covered with flowers.

You can follow the idea from Blisschen’s Youtube Channel and renovate it according to your choice with flowery gravel pathways and a surrounding pond, giving it a lively vibe. It is one of our favorite building ideas in Minecraft.

Survival Copper House

survival copper house
Survival Copper House

A survival Copper House could be a unique addition to your Minecraft empire because of using copper blocks as raw material. While we must confess it won’t be useful to you, it is still an exciting idea to kill time in the game.

Moreover, for reference, you can check out the video from Folli’s Youtube Channel.

Automatic Frog Fountain

Automatic frog fountain
Automatic frog fountain

It is one of those creative ideas which would easily attract anyone’s attention in Minecraft. The fountain is built using such techniques, which automatically makes its mouth open in cycles of day and night. Hence, the name “Automatic Frog Fountain.

BitGardener’s Youtube channel covers an in-depth guide on how to build this interesting structure in Minecraft.

Mushroom House

one of the best building ideas in Minecraft
Mushroom House

A mushroom house is another interesting building idea that players can try in Minecraft. Since the addition of the Mushroom biome in Minecraft, players can visit the area and experiment with new ideas.

It is also one of the most accessible building ideas in Minecraft. Goldrobin’s Youtube channel has a short building video. You can take the basic idea from there and add some spices from your side.

Japanese Dojo

Japanese Dojo
Japanese Dojo

The Japanese Dojo is one of Minecraft’s simple yet creative building ideas. Representing the traditional outlook of a Japanese house, the Dojo might not be your best house in Minecraft; however, it is an interesting addition to your collection.

It is an easy idea, and players can make it within a few hours in Minecraft. Cortezerino’s Youtube Channel provides an easy step-by-step guide to making the Japanese Dojo in Minecraft.

Ravine House

Ravine House
Ravine House

Going on with some peculiar ideas in Minecraft, the Ravine House could provide an interesting building experience. While the Ravine is a dangerous biome, it still is an excellent source of many essential metals in Minecraft. Having a home there would be an adventurous experience.

Zaypixel’s Youtube channel has a detailed video on building a Ravine house in Minecraft.

Tree House

one of the best building ideas in Minecraft

We all have fantasized about living in a tree house. The wish may not come true in real life; however, you can make your dreams come true in Minecraft. Building a tree house is an exciting experience in Minecraft, and players can decorate it according to their fantasy in a dreamy style.

Zaypixel’s Youtube Channel covers a beautiful tree house in Minecraft, and you can take great inspiration from there.

Village Decorations

Village decorations
Village decorations

Decorating villages requires little time, and it is an excellent hobby for your free time in Minecraft and one of the most accessible building ideas. Imagine you have nothing to do except stroll around in Minecraft villages; adoring these boring places would boost your creativity.

Squidward’s House

Squidward's house in Minecraft
Squidward’s house in Minecraft

Spongebob has been a favorite memory for many of us since our childhood. We all also have some special memories with the Squidward’s house. Let’s revive those memories by building Squidward’s house in Minecraft. It is an easy-building idea and does not even take much time.

The TSMC-Minecraft’s Youtube channel explains an easy way of building Squidward’s house in Minecraft.

Tall Mediaeval House

one of the best building ideas in Minecraft
Tall Mediaeval house

Made out of concrete, the tall medieval house in Minecraft is one of the unique building ideas which doesn’t take much time to build. Moreover, medieval buildings have unique aesthetics, and they are also convenient.

ItsMarloe’s Youtube Channel has a detailed guide on how to build a tall medieval house in Minecraft. You can take the inspiration from there and add some spicy touches from your side.

Underwater Village Statue

Underwater village statue in Minecraft
Underwater village statue in Minecraft

If you like adventures, then this building idea is for you. Because you might die a few times building this unique structure in Minecraft; however, once created, it will make a great decorative and monumental piece around your other underwater buildings.

Watch the Tutorial on GoldRobin’s Youtube Channel.

Bunker Base

Bunker Base
Bunker Base

Let’s talk about a safe space where you can hide from all the hustle and bustle. Features like a cozy atmosphere, comfortable and silent surroundings and a hidden entrance make the Bunker Base one unique and best building ideas in Minecraft.

Watch the Tutorial on ZayPixel’s Youtube Channel.

Nordic Blacksmith House

One of the best building ideas in Minecraft
A Nordic blacksmith house

Nordic themes are one of the best features of Minecraft. You can savor the beauty of this theme and the romantic atmosphere it creates by building a blacksmith house. The primary raw materials would be concrete and wooden blocks. Do consider small details and cute decorations when following this building idea in Minecraft.

Watch the Tutorial on TheClassyRaptors Youtube Channel.

Bonfire Setup For Camping

camping and bonfire setup
Bonfire setup

We all love camping in silent, comforting places, usually around rivers and lakes. While we are building a world closer to real life in Minecraft, why not follow such ideas that will give it some additional lively vibes? A bonfire setup with camping facilities in Minecraft around any lake will undoubtedly boost your gaming experience. You can enjoy the serene environment while fishing in the sunlight.

Watch the Tutorial on BlenDigi’s Youtube Channel.

Quartz House

Quartz House
Quartz House

The Nether update introduced hundreds of new features, opportunities, and building ideas in Minecraft. Quartz is an essential mineral in Minecraft that can only be obtained when Nether portals open. Eventually, you will have this quartz in large quantities after opening so many portals.

Therefore, you can make a good house out of it to make it useful in Minecraft. Shock Frost’s Youtube channel has an in-depth building guide.

Squid Game Glass Tiles

one of the best building ideas in Minecraft
Squid game glass tiles

The deadly glass tiles game from Netflix’s infamous Squid Game has its fan base. You can recreate this intense and suspenseful scene in Minecraft. Moreover, what makes it stand out as the most unique from all other building ideas is that it is operational and works like the original from the series.

Watch the tutorial on Shibbaz’s Youtube Channel.


Lighthouse in Minecraft
Lighthouse in Minecraft

The ocean is a ferocious and dark place, especially at night. You will need a guiding light to roam around the area finishing your ocean quests. That is why you will need a Lighthouse, standing tall and fit, to guide you out of the darkness.

Watch the tutorial on Meddi’s Youtube Channel.



The worldwide famous food chain McDonald’s is now also available in Minecraft, and you can own it by building one with your own hands. Decorate it with clean furniture and equip it with a drive-thru to give a more realistic vibe. For an in-depth tutorial, you can check TSMC’s Youtube Channel.



If McDonald’s is not your go-to place for quality fast food, KFC could be a good choice. Moreover, it wouldn’t bother you to have two different food chains in your collection, right? Like Mcdonald’s, choose elegant furniture and a wide drive-thru. Watch the tutorial on TSMC’s Youtube Channel.



You have built KFC and McDonald’s, but there is something that you are still missing. Of course, it’s the Starbucks where you get your coffee daily. Decorate it with Coffee-colored tiles, and make sure you are providing both an inside and an outside sitting facility.

Watch the tutorial on HANLY’s Youtube Channel.


best building ideas in Minecraft
A Hospital in Minecraft

A hospital is one essential building in survival mode. An emergency room, wards, and a medicine counter are essential ideas you must consider while building a hospital in Minecraft. Add some healing snacks there, which can be used as medicine so that it becomes a functional hospital.

Watch the tutorial on Shock Frost’s Youtube Channel.


A Prison in Minecraft

Players can build prisons in Minecraft as the Prison servers are getting much appreciation in the game these days. It is one of those interesting building ideas in Minecraft which quickly received widespread recognition. Moreover, these buildings can sometimes come in very handy.

Follow the conventional style and build cells, a security room, a food court, and a playground and cover them with a fence. Follow the tutorial on TSMC’s Youtube Channel.


A courthouse in Minecraft

There are always some bad eggs in every server. How about creating laws and order to deal with the evil peeps and ensure a safe environment for all players? Well, you could be the judge and jury of your courtroom in Minecraft.

Make a wooden interior following the design from a real-life courtroom. There should be a sitting place for many people, two handrails, and an elevated desk with a chair for the judge. Follow the tutorial on Soulsea’s Youtube Channel.


one of the best creative building ideas in Minecraft
A beautiful Windmill in Minecraft

A windmill gives refreshing vibes and is undoubtedly a worthy addition to any farmland in Minecraft. Building it beside a flower farm would make it an even more attractive place to come, lie down, and watch the sun setting.

Many windmill-building ideas are available; however, if you want a simple windmill in Minecraft, WalkTheWaffle’s Youtube channel has it for you.

An Operational Airport

A functional airport in Minecraft

As you will have a vast empire in Minecraft, you will have to have a proper transportation system to roam around and inspect all your properties. That is why an airport becomes a necessity from where you can take comfy aerial rides and reach any destination you want.

Watch the tutorial on HALNY’s Youtube Channel.


A Roller coaster in Minecraft
A Roller coaster in Minecraft

It is one of those building ideas in Minecraft which will take you for a ride, LITERALLY! You can make a functional rollercoaster in Minecraft with creativity and hard work and take fun rides. Although the mechanics of Minecraft does not follow the laws of physics, you can still make a rollercoaster on a real-life design.

Watch the tutorial on KudilStyle’s Youtube Channel.


creative building ideas in Minecraft
An Igloo in Minecraft

Living in a Tundra biome could be difficult, and you need a safe place to survive in Minecraft. While you can follow many building ideas, building an igloo is simply the easiest one in Minecraft. It provides a cozy and warm environment where you can spend frosty cold nights.

Watch the tutorial on Mr. Mirror’s Youtube Channel.

Smallest House In Minecraft

smallest house in Minecraft
The most miniature house in Minecraft

You can follow unlimited building ideas in Minecraft, while most involve constructing huge buildings. However, there is this one unique idea where you can build the smallest house in Minecraft. Sounds interesting, right?

Watch the tutorial on Random Steve Guy’s Youtube Channel.


A greenhouse in Minecraft
A greenhouse in Minecraft

While there is absolutely no need for a greenhouse in Minecraft, you can still make it just to pass some time. It is an exciting building idea that only needs you to grow a few plants and then use a few quartz and wooden blocks to make a greenhouse. Don’t forget to add a fence to ensure the safety of your plants.

Watch the Tutorial on BlueNerd Minecraft’s Youtube Channel.


best building ideas in Minecraft
A bank in Minecraft

You can store your precious items in underground vaults in Minecraft. However, building a bank over these vaults can make it more exciting and fun. In this way, saving your items in Minecraft would look more sophisticated. Try to use solid and resistant materials when building the vault doors.

Watch the tutorial on Smithers Boss Youtube Channel.

Concluding Remarks

These were some exciting building ideas in Minecraft. Which one do you like the most? How many are you going to follow in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments.

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