Minecraft Dungeon: Best Artifacts [Top 20]

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Minecraft Dungeon Best Artifacts
List of 20 Best Artifacts

The artifacts play a vital role in changing the battle’s outcome, giving players a significant advantage. This can include the summoning of creatures, dealing an immense amount of damage, better change in stats, and stuff related to regeneration. Following this guide, you can learn how and why these artifacts are needed for your tough travels.

Key Takeaways

  • These artifacts can allow you to summon powerful creatures, boost ranged attacks, give impact based on the number of souls you have gathered, or just plain execution.
  • Every artifact can be obtained by completing certain missions that suit their origin based on their lore.
  • Despite the accomplishment of missions, various NPCs can provide you with artifacts once you rescue them. Mainly, you can save Village Merchant from Creeper Woods, and he will offer you various equipment and artifacts in the Camp.

Artifacts Type Cooldown
Golem Kit Summoning 30 seconds
Firework Arrows Range Attack 30 seconds
Tasty Bone Summoning 30 seconds
Death Cap Mushroom Stats Increasing 15 seconds
Buzzy Nest Summoning 23 seconds
Harvester Explosion 4 seconds
Scatter Mines Explosion 10 seconds
Blast Fungus Explosion 6 seconds
Lightning Rod Explosion 1.5 seconds
Corrupted Beacon Projectile 2.5 seconds
Eye Of Guardian Projectile 22 seconds
Corrupted Seeds Disabler 20 seconds
Harpoon Quiver Range Attack 30 seconds
Totem Of Shielding Shield 20 seconds
Totem Of Regeneration Healing 30 seconds
Enchanter’s Tome Stats Increasing 15 seconds
Tome Of Duplication Consumable 10 seconds
Shadow Shifter Invisibility 10 seconds
Gong Of Weakening Stats Decreasing 20 seconds
Love Medallion Unit Control 30 seconds

Best Artifacts Comparison

Golem Kit

I had to keep this Artifact on top of the list based on the factor that this summoning artifact is crucial for any tense situation. 

Best artifact of Minecraft Dungeon Golem Kit
Summoning Golem Artifact

This artifact is worth climbing any mountain top. You can summon an Iron Golem to fight beside you with this artifact. This summoning will not have limited time; Golem will sustain the mission as long as its health is depleted.

This creature is summoned to deal with great damage and Tank a vast amount of incoming hits. This is all you need to ease the burden while rushing into a swarm of hostile creatures. Golem Kit goes on a cooldown of 30 seconds only after the death of Iron Golem. To conclude, the Golem Kit, as a summoning artifact, can be considered one of the best artifacts.

Firework Arrows

The primary and easy-to-get Artifact, in my opinion, is the Firwework Arrows. 

Firework arrows artifact
Firework Rocket Range Attack

Save your time and arrows at the same time. Triggering this artifact will give you a ranged attack of charge 1. While this rocket charge is available on your range attack, it will not set the Firework Arrows on cooldown till you have used up the rocket to blow off some mobs.

Then, the cooldown of 30 seconds will be applied to the artifact. Upon impact, the rocket will deal great explosive damage in a radius that will cause it to take out other mobs in the surrounding area.

Tasty Bone

I recommend keeping this wolf as your companion until you get the Golem Kit. 

Tasty bone
Summon Artifact for Dog

This is one of the best early-game artifacts. It summons a faithful companion who will traverse the dangerous land to support you on your journey. While the summoned dog is on the battlefield, the artifact will not go on the cooldown till it dies. Once it is dead, the artifact will run on a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Death Cap Mushroom

Apart from summonings, I believe that focusing on your stats will highly impact the battle’s outcome. Even though the boost will be temporary, I never got the chance to complain about having this artifact in my inventory. 

Death cap Mushroom Artifact best stat in Minecraft Dungeon
Death Cap Mushroom Artifact

This artifact aims to raise your stats drastically. Moreover, the change of stats targets the player’s attack and movement speeds.

With this, attack speed is increased by 100%, and movement speed is raised to 20%. Furthermore, this buff’s duration relies on the artifact’s power. A low-power Death Cap Mushroom ( below 100 ) will provide its benefit for approximately 10 seconds, whereas a high-power Mushroom ( above level 100 ) will extend its duration to an average of 15 seconds.

Buzzy Nest

It is a summoning artifact, which I recommend for dealing with a large crowd of enemies. 

Buzzy Nest artifact
Artifact to Summon Bees

This summoning artifact is best suited for certain situations. That is to say, because its effect contrasts with other summoning artifacts. Once activated, the artifact will spawn a beehive right on the point, continuously generating bees around it.

The bees are aggressive towards every hostile mob, meaning they will attack them on sight. If you have targeted a passive mob with a ranged attack, the bees will also initiate their attack on that passive mob.


If you are looking to deal explosive and high-range damage in early-game, I suggest you keep the Harvester ready in your inventory. 

Artifact Harvester
Blasting Artifact Harvester

This Artifact relies on soul gathering. Once you have accumulated enough souls, this artifact becomes available to use. Upon usage, this artifact will create a massive blast around the player, landing a moderately powerful blow on the enemies caught in its sphere.

Moreover, all the enemy units hit by its blast are knocked back at a fair amount of distance. Its cooldown is set to 4 seconds upon the activation, but still, you can only use it once you have acquired the specific amount of souls that are required.

Scatter Mines

I recommend this artifact for the escape scenario and for those who wish to maintain a distance from enemies. Also, I believe these mines work splendidly, from refraining the player to getting cornered.

Scatter Mine artifact
Artifact for Explosion

Once activated, it sets three mines before the player and detonates upon contact. Allied units will not trigger the mines. The artifact doesn’t deal a collective amount of damage. Rather, each mine deals its separate damage.

If no hostile mob has stepped on the mine, they will explode independently after 10 seconds. Once all the mines are triggered, the artifact will be set on a 12-second cooldown.

It is in the Redstone Mines, Fiery Forge, and Gauntlet of Gales. For DLC, the location is Colossal Rampart.

Blast Fungus

Among all the explosive damage-dealing artifacts, I suggest that Blast Fungus is the best. Its capability of being in use frequently with a fair damage rate is rather impressive.


This artifact is from the DLC “Flames of Nether.” Once activated, it will scatter Blocks of fungi around the player, exploding upon hitting the ground. A fair amount of damage is dealt and puts the artifact on a 6-second cooldown. With a low cooldown rate at a pretty good damage output, it is one of the best artifacts to have in Minecraft Dungeon.

Lightning Rod

This artifact has proven to be handy and brutal throughout most gameplay. Its tendency to deal much damage in early to mid-game is incredible.

Lightning Rod artifact
Lightning Rod

This soul-gathering artifact lands a mighty blow of lightning once you have triggered it. It will target the nearest mob and create a small radius that will be highlighted before the lightning connects to the ground.

Players may also experience a slight delay before the impact, and in that delay, I usually manage to draw a few more mobs into that radius so they all could be shocked to their deaths. Its cooldown is 1.5 seconds with an immense amount of damage dealing.

Corrupted Beacon

If you wish to deal with the enemies at a better range, I highly prioritize using this artifact.

Corrupted beacon artifact
Corrupted Beacon Artifact

Corrupted Beacon is another soul-gathering artifact that is insanely good at dealing damage to multiple foes for an extended period. Waking up this artifact to its full potential depends upon soul consumption.

To clarify, this artifact deals damage per second by emitting a laser beam toward the direction that the player is facing. The beam has a range of 40 blocks, which is enormous. This artifact is set to have a damage value depending on its level.

Pumpkin Pastures, Cacti Canyon, and Redstone Mines are the locations to search for this artifact. Its DLC location is Gale Sanctum.

Eye Of Guardian

Eye of Guardian artifact
Eye of Guardian Artifact

It is considerably a variant of Corrupted Beacon and the one I consider the best artifact in dealing with continuous and relatively high damage.

The fact I suggest this artifact is because, unlike the Corrupted Beacon, this artifact does not rely upon consuming souls rather, it has a cooldown of 22 seconds. Its duration to stay active is specified for 4 seconds, but be aware as it decreases your turning rate.

The location of this artifact is expected to be in DLC areas: Coral Rise and Abyssal Monument.

Corrupted Seeds

This is the most helpful artifact I have experienced in placing a debuff on your enemies. 

Corrupted Seeds Artifact
Vine Spewing and Entangling Artifact

When triggered, this artifact summons the vines not targetable by other mobs. These vines will entangle any mob or hero that passes over it.

The entangled units are poisoned and take damage per second. Also, they are rooted in their seized locations for a brief time. The artifact will go on a cooldown of 20 seconds when used up. 

You can grind for this artifact in the Treetop Tangle mission, and as for the DLC, it will be available at the Overgrown Temple and Panda Plateau.

Harpoon Quiver

The best of the best artifacts regarding range attack modification, which I can suggest, is the Harpoon Quiver.  

Minecraft Dungeon best ranged artifact Harpoon quiver
Harpoon Quiver Artifact

This artifact tends to provide you with five charges of Harpoons in ranged attacks. This is a DLC Artifact of “Hidden Depths” with a few excellent traits. Firstly, these special arrows can go through the crowd of mobs, meaning that they will pierce through mobs they hits and will continue flying forward. Once all the charges are used, this artifact will go on a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Coral Rise and Abyssal Monument are the DLC locations and the only ones where you can find this range providing artifacts.

Totem Of Shielding

I admire the tactics of defense as much as I do on offense; therefore, this artifact is the first one that comes to my mind whenever I want to be safe.

Shielding Totem Artifact
Artifact to create a light shield

It is quite handy in protecting the player and his allied units. However, there are a few factors that you need to know about this artifact.

  • It shields the player and allies from ranged attacks by forming a light shelter around the player.
  • Range attacks of the player can traverse through the light. However, the Corrupted Beacon artifact will not behave the same way.
  • Mobs coming toward the player will not be blocked physically.

To acquire this one of the best defensive artifacts, you must hustle in the designated places: Cacti Canyon, Desert Temple, and Underhalls. Its DLC locations are Lone Fortress and Crimson Fortress.

Totem Of Regeneration

Best Minecraft Dungeon regeneration artifacts
An artifact of healing

Even though players are given the Potion by default to restore their health to its max instantly, I think its cooldown is too harsh on counting. 

Upon casting this artifact, it spreads on a specific point on the ground with a radius of 4 blocks and creates an aura that rapidly heals you in a bit of an extensive amount of time. Its duration ranges between 5 to 10 seconds, and the healing capacity depends on the artifact’s power. The lowest level heals 229, and the highest level heals 2917 health points.

The Totem of Regeneration can be located while doing the missions in Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, and Fiery Forge. As for DLC players, they can identify it in Dingy Jungle and Basalt Deltas.

Enchanter’s Tome

I recommend using this artifact for players who often use the summoning artifacts.  

Enchanter Tome artifact
Enchanter’s Tome

It grants the result of double damage, increased attack speed, or quickening effect to improve the movements. But its dynamics allow only two nearby allies to be affected by its use.

Also, the enchantments it provides are random, so there is no telling who will get what effect. These kinds of artifacts in Minecraft Dungeon are suitable for players whose roles are set to be support type when playing as a party. A cooldown of 15 seconds is applied to this artifact once it is used.

This artifact was introduced in the DLC “Howling Peaks” in the Windswept Peaks.

Tome Of Duplication

The most heated type of artifact that I have witnessed in the game is the Tome of Duplication.

Tome to duplicate consumables
Duplication Artifact

Tome of Duplication reads what the player previously used as a consumable, and upon using this artifact, it creates a duplicate of that consumable. 

Moreover, this artifact works on soul-gathering mechanics; its cooldown lasts 10 seconds. Specifically, 40 souls are required to activate this artifact along with the chance of recreating the consumable.

As for the location of this artifact, it is located in End Wilds. Tome of Duplication is an artifact from DLC’s “Echoing Void.”

Shadow Shifter

The best thing I learned about this artifact is that it suits the players of any role. Moreover, I believe this artifact can be used for offensive and defensive play.

Best Shadow Form artifact in Minecraft Dungeon
Shadow Form Artifact

This artifact puts the player under the effect of Shadow Form. The effect of Shadow Form allows the player to mend into smoke and become invisible to the nearby hostile mobs.

If the effect is not worn out and the player lands a hit, his damage is multiplied 8x by the base attack damage ( If base damage is 100, then the attack from Shadow From will land 800 points of damage ). This artifact needs 40 souls to be activated and will put the artifact on a 10-second cooldown.

Another fundamental way to enter Shadow Form is by consuming the Shadow Brew Potion, which will be dropped in a chance of killing a mob. 

Gong Of Weakening

Artifact Gong of Weakening
A Gong of Weakening Artifact

This Gong targets enemies’ stats, reducing their health points and damage output. The Gong affects the mobs within a radius of 7 blocks around the player and applies the Weakening effect. Furthermore, the health reduction effect is calculated to make the mobs take 2x damage from the player.

I suggest taking the Gong of Weakening to areas where you will encounter the boss battles.

The artifact goes on a cooldown of 20 seconds when used, and the duration is based on the power level of the artifact. Using this artifact, you can charge into a swarm of enemies and emerge victorious with a high probability.

This artifact can be obtained through the location Desert Temple, and it can be found in the Abyssal Monument for the DLC missions.

Love Medallion

I believe this is the most over-powered artifact to use in the game. 

Artifact Love Medallion
Love Medallion Artifact

An artifact that enchants the air with an unprecedented scent that muddles the mind of some hostile mobs. Up to 3 mobs that are hit with the scent of this artifact will now follow the player’s lead. The duration of these allied mobs is 10 seconds, and once the timer runs out, these are eliminated from the very existence.

Uniquely, the damage of these mobs is also increased based on the power level of the artifact. The cooldown of 30 seconds is applied to this artifact once its effect is worn out from the mobs.

One crucial factor to remember is that some mobs have characteristic behavior towards the effect of Love Medallion. Every passive mob will remain unaffected by this artifact, and Magma Cube will only do its best by following the player. You can learn briefly about the behaviors of mobs from Minecraft Fandom towards the effect of Love Medallion.

You can locate this artifact from Arch Haven, Highblock Halls, UnderHalls, and Panda Plateau.

My Thoughts

I suggest keeping at least one summoning artifact and an AoE target artifact. This will allow you to deal with an army of hostile mobs effectively. Moreover, the artifacts that enhance the ranged capabilities are also to my liking. But I prefer dealing with foes in a face-to-face scenario.

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