Minecraft: Holding Enchantment [Crafting Guide]

The Holding Enchantment in Minecraft offers you a greater storage space when applied to certain containers. Here is all we know about it.

minecraft enchantment holding cover
minecraft enchantment holding

Ambitious storage is invaluable if you’re venturing into the Nether, the End, or just the Overworld. The Holding Enchantment, which comes with the CoFH Core Mod, enhances storage items, making space a lesser concern.

Storage containers like chests, shulker boxes, and bags help with this, but each has a limited capacity before it fills up. This is where the incredibly useful Holding enchantment comes in – it solves this inventory problem by expanding the storage capacity of containers immensely.

Key Takeaways

  • To apply enchantments to the various items, you must first craft an Enchantment table using obsidian, diamonds, and a book.
  • Accessing your enchantment table, you can apply enchantments to your items by spending lapis lazuli blocks and level points.
  • Next, you can get the Holding Enchantment from the CoFH Core Mod, and later, you can apply it to your suitcases, chests, and tanks.  

Holding Enchantment

The CoFH Core mod adds the Holding Enchantment. It has four levels, each increasing storage space by 50% over the base amount. 

Items Affected By The Holding Enchantment

The Holding enchant applies to a wide variety of common storage items:

  • Portable Tanks
  • Strongboxes
  • Caches
  • Satchels
  • Flux Capacitors
  • Energy Cells

It also boosts the experience storage potential of Tomes of Knowledge. In addition, powered storage items from other mods like Thermal Innovation can benefit from expanded capacity thanks to Holding.

To apply the holding Enchantment to a container item, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Approach an enchantment table, and an interface will open
  • In this interface, you will see two empty slots at the top
  • Place the lapis lazuli blocks from your inventory in the right slot
  • Moreover, place the container item you want to apply the Holding Enchantment in the left slot.
  • You will see that the Holding Enchantment option appears on the left, as shown below:
A player applying the Holding Enchantment to an Item
A player applying the Holding Enchantment to an Item
  • Click the Holding Enchantment option.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully enchanted your container item, increasing its storage capacity.

At level 1, it can punch back your opponents by three blocks, while six blocks on level 2. To learn more about this awesome Enchantment, visit our guide on Punch Enchantment In Minecraft

My Verdict

After extensive first-hand use, I confidently say Holding is one of the most game-changing enchantments. Having near-unlimited storage is an incredible advantage when exploring other dimensions. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll never go back! I give Holding my highest recommendation.

So, in summary, make sure to enchant your containers with Holding as soon as possible. It provides efficienlty utility and makes all your adventures way more convenient.

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