Minecraft: How To Get Soul Stealer Enchantment

Soul Stealer enchantment lets you capture more souls after you kill mobs in Minecraft. Learn everything about it in our guide below.

Soul Stealer enchantment in Minecraft
Soul Stealer enchantment in Minecraft

Swords are crucial weapons in the Iron age of Minecraft. While they are pretty helpful in helping against different mobs, they can be further overpowered by using certain enchantments. Soul stealer is one such enchantment for swords in the Feed the Beast mod pack of Minecraft that overpowers a sword’s abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Soul Stealer enchantment allows you to capture more souls after killing a mob in Minecraft using an enchanted sword. It is available in the Feed the Beast mod pack of Minecraft.
  • It has five levels in Minecraft, and each level enables the sword to catch one more soul.
  • Crafting a Soul stealer enchantment is very easy. Players can obtain the first four levels using an enchantment table. However, level five soul stealer enchantment can be obtained only using an Anvil.
  • Soul stealer is only specific to the Vile sword. However, players can also get it on a Diamond sword using the Uncrafting table.

Soul Stealer is a multi-level enchantment and has five levels in Minecraft. Moreover, like other enchantments in Minecraft, the soul stealer can be obtained using the two regular enchanting tools. Mostly, the enchantment is only applicable to the vile swords. However, some tricks make the diamond sword eligible for this enchantment.

Good weapons ensure the survival of players in Minecraft. Enchantments further enhance the performance of these weapons. For example, Quick charge is an enchantment for crossbows in Minecraft, which increases its reloading speed. If you want to learn more about this enchantment, go through our detailed guide  Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft.

What Is Soul Stealer Enchantment In Minecraft

Soul stealer is an enchantment that increases the number of souls captured when you kill a mob with an enchanted sword. Players can find it in the Soul Shards mod, which is one of many mods in the FTB mod pack of Minecraft. The soul shard mod enables players to collect the souls after killing mobs and use them for powering soul cages.

It has five levels in Minecraft, and each level enables players to capture one more soul. To elaborate further, the level 1 soul stealer allows players to capture two souls, while the level 5 enchantment will enable players to capture six souls in Minecraft.

How To Get Soul Stealer

Like all the enchantments, the Soul stealer can be obtained from two sources. Accordingly, we have mentioned both these sources below:

  • Enchantment Table
  • Anvil

Enchantment Table is an exciting tool in Minecraft. However, there is one catch to it. It can only enchant the sword up to level four. Level five enchantment can only be obtained by using the Anvil in Minecraft. To go through the enchanting process, check our other guide on How To Craft And Use Punch Enchantment In Minecraft?

Enchantment Table

The enchantment table can enchant a Vile sword with the Soul Stealer up to level four in Minecraft. The process is straightforward, and the raw materials are easily accessible to most players. The only things players need to use the enchantment table are the item they want to enchant and an essential mineral called Lapis Lazuli.

Enchantment Table
Enchantment Table in Minecraft

Based on a real-life mineral, players can mine the Lapis Lazuli ore blocks and smelt them into smaller lapis lazuli pieces for using them in the Enchantment table. Once you have enough supply of Lapis Lazuli, open the Enchantment table by right-clicking on it. A grid will open in front of you, along with your inventory.

In the grid, there will be two empty slots that are designed to hold the items you want to enchant and Lapis lazuli mineral. Fill in the first slot with the Vile sword and the second one with Lapis Lazuli. The enchantment table will automatically enchant your sword with the Soul stealer enchantment in Minecraft.

Crafting Soul Stealer enchantment in Minecraft
Enchanting a sword using an Enchantment table

Tip: Make sure to cover the Enchantment table with enchanted books to increase your chances of getting higher leveled enchantment. However, there should be a space of at least one block between the books and the table.

Getting Soul Stealer Enchantment Using Anvil In Minecraft

Players can only obtain level five soul stealer enchantment using an Anvil. Anvil serves the same purpose in Minecraft that it does in real life in the hands of professional blacksmiths. Moreover, Players can enchant anything using an anvil in Minecraft. Like the enchantment table, an Anvil has two slots; one can be filled with the Vile sword, and the other is reserved for enchanted books.

Anvil in Minecraft
Anvil in Minecraft

However, in this case, players won’t need any enchanted books. Players can enchant the Vile sword with a level five soul stealer by mixing two level four swords in an Anvil. Consequently, players use the Enchantment table to create two level four soul stealer swords and combine them in an anvil to get a level five Vile sword.

Once you have two level-four swords, open your Anvil by right-clicking on it. A crafting grid will pop up on your screen along with your inventory at the bottom of your screen, just like in an Enchantment table. Drag your swords with level four soul stealer enchantment in the empty slots of Anvil’s grid in Minecraft.

Anvil crafting grid
Craft menu of an Anvil in Minecraft

It will automatically create a level five soul stealer enchantment, and players can save it in their inventory for future use in Minecraft. As far as other enchantments are concerned, most of them can be crafted in an Anvil using Enchanted books.

Players can obtain these books by trading with librarians, opening chests, and by fishing. Speaking of Fishing, it is an exciting hobby in Minecraft. Players can learn more about it in our guide on What Do Minecraft Fish Eat? 

How To Apply It On A Diamond Sword

As said above, players can apply soul stealer enchantment only on a Vile sword in Minecraft. The Vile sword can be obtained from corrupted Iron ingots in Minecraft. However, players cannot apply this enchantment to a diamond sword. Interestingly, there is one way out.

crafting an Uncrafting table in Minecraft
Crafting an Uncrafting table in Minecraft

Actually, players can make a diamond sword from an enchanted vile sword and maintain the enchantment on the obtained sword. They can do it by using an Uncrafting table, an essential feature in the FTB mod pack of Minecraft. The Uncrafting table allows players to break down items into their parent resources.

Players can craft an Uncrafting table by placing a Maze Map Focus in the center, surrounded by eight crafting tables in another crafting table. Consequently, players can break down the Vile sword and add two diamonds to the Uncrafting table to get a Diamond sword in Minecraft.

However, make sure to enchant the Vile sword with the soul stealer enchantment before uncrafting it in Minecraft. Players must also remember that a diamond sword’s repair cost is much more than a vile sword.

Uncrafting menu to get soul stealing enchantment on a diamond sword in Minecraft
Uncrafting grid of an Uncrafting table in Minecraft

We conclude our guide here. What do you think about Soul stealer enchantment in Minecraft? Which sword do you use in Minecraft; the Vile sword or a Diamond sword? Tell us in the comments.

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