Minecraft: Fiery Core Enchantment [Explained]

The Minecraft Fiery Cory enchantment is a part of a mod-pack for the base game. Here's how you can craft and apply it.

Minecraft Fiery Core Enchantment
Minecraft Fiery Core Enchantment

The Minecraft Fiery Core enchantment is an enchantment that is a part of a Minecraft mod pack, known as Thaumcraft 6. While the world of Minecraft is massive in and of itself, these mods open up a whole new world of creativity and exploration. Thaumcraft is a part of the Feed The Beast collection of Modpacks.

We know that sounds like a lot, but this guide is intended for people who already have Feed The Beast installed and running. Of course, you also need to have Thaumcraft 6 installed to get the Fiery Core enchantment, as it is not a part of the base game.

While this guide covers how to get Minecraft’s fiery core enchantment, we’ll still briefly explain the mod packs and how they work. We have a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Forbidden Magic add-on adds the Minecraft Fiery Core enchantment for the Thaumcraft 6 mod pack.
  • Thaumcraft 6 adds alchemy, magic, chemical experiments, and other interesting features on top of the base game.
  • To get this enchantment, you’ll need to learn how to infuse elements before you get started.
  • You’ll also items that are only available in this mod, such as Salis Mundus, Lucrum, Ignis, and Metallum.

What Is The Minecraft Fiery Core Enchantment?

An Infusion Altar in Thaumcraft, a mod needed for the Minecraft Fiery Core enchantment
This is what an infusion altar looks like in Minecraft.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Fiery Core is a tool enchantment that Forbidden Magic added in Thaumcraft. It’s an enchantment for the pickaxe and consists of four levels. When applied to a pickaxe, this enchantment allows you to break any ore and drops the Ore Cluster instead of the actual ore.

The Ore Cluster is simply the items that drop from ores. It means you don’t need to refine materials if you have the Fiery Core enchantment. You’ll automatically get the items you need, which saves a lot of time, considering how complex the Thaumcraft mod pack can be.

It has four levels, and the chance of dropping an Ore Cluster increases with each increasing level. There’s a 12.5% chance at the base level, while there’s a 50% chance at the highest level.

If you feel this is too complex, mastering regular Minecraft first is a better idea. We recently covered guides on punch enchantment in Minecraft and even the quick charge enchantment in Minecraft. Both of which are available in the base game.

What Is Minecraft Feed The Beast?

Let’s get this out of the way first. This guide is for players who are familiar with the FTB collection of mod packs. Feed The Beast allows players to experiment with a different mod packs, add-ons, and enhancements to the base game. If you have not yet completed the vanilla game, then you should do that first.

Feed The Beast is a brand with a custom launch containing different mod packs. Each of the packs wildly changes the game and playstyle of regular Minecraft. Some of these are centered around magic, others around technology, and others are based on difficulty.

To sum it up, Feed The Beast is a launcher with mod packs created by other users. It’s a great resource to take your Minecraft experience to the next level.

Thaumcraft Minecraft Mod Explained

Thaumcraft 6 is the latest version of this mod pack. There are a lot of changes compared to the previous version. The problem is that this mod pack can be quite complex, so we certainly would not recommend it to newcomers to the game.

This mod pack has a different-looking inventory compared to the base game. That’s because Thaumcraft has a heavy focus on alchemy and chemistry. You can inspect raw materials such as dirt and “research” them to get aspects. An alchemy book called the Thaumonomicon in the game walks you through all of this.

As you can see for yourself, the Thaumcraft mod does get quite complex, so we recommend having a good understanding of what you’re getting into before installing it. The above video should do an excellent job of giving you an overview.

How To Get The Minecraft Fiery Core Enchantment

Now that you know everything you need from Thaumcraft let’s proceed crafting the fiery core enchantment. To get the Minecraft fiery core enchantment, there are a few hurdles we need to jump through first. Here’s a quick look at the steps:

  1. Craft a research table
  2. Collect the required aspects
  3. Create an Infusion Altar
  4. Enchant the Pickaxe

Feel free to skip over the steps if you are already aware. If you’re just looking for the infusion recipe, skip to the last step in our guide.

Crafting The Research Table

Wooden Table Recipe for Fiery Core enchantment
Creating a wooden table is the same as in the base game.

Before we go about making the Minecraft fiery core enchantment, there are some fundamentals that we should go over first. In order to create powerful enchantments in this mod pack, you’ll need to learn about Aspects. To do that, you first need to craft a research table.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • First, create a generic wood table using two planks and three slabs of whatever wood you want. Place that table wherever you desire.
  • Next, we need to make a bottle. Take three pieces of glass and combine that to make a bottle.
  • Now, you need to combine that bottle with an ink sack and a feather to create a scribing tool.
  • Place a scribing tool on top of the wood table, turning it into a research table.

You can now use the research table to find new aspects. The research table consists of mini-games and clues that you have to solve to uncover new aspects. Use the Thaumonomicon, and it will help guide you through the process.

Collect The Required Materials And Aspects

Thaumcraft adds a new mechanic to Minecraft in the form of Aspects. To put it simply, you can inspect certain materials in the game, and that will give you aspect points. You must use these aspect points at the infusion altar to craft a new enchantment.

Salis Mundus, a material used to create the Fiery Core enchantment in Minecraft
Here’s how you can craft Salis Mundus.

To create the fiery core enchantment, you will need three aspects and the material known as Salis Mundus. The latter is smelting a balanced shard in the furnace or crucible, creating Salis Mundus. Here are a few recipes for making balanced shards.

Here are the three aspects you’ll need to create the fiery core enchantment.

  1. Ignis
  2. Lucrum
  3. Metallum

So, to get these aspects, you’ll need to scan particular items in Minecraft. Researching, scanning, and alchemy are major parts of the whole Thaumcraft experience. Again, the Thaumonomicon does a better job of explaining everything, but here’s how to get all three of these elements.

Ignis is a primary aspect, and it represents fire. You should already have this aspect unlocked, but if you don’t, you can get it by scanning blaze roads, coal, brick slabs, bricks, blaze powder, and more.

To get Lucrum (or Desiderium in the case of Thaumcraft 6), you can scan a block of diamond, gold, emerald, a booster track, and Beetroot for some odd reason. You can also get it by combining the Spiritus or Vacuous aspects.

Metallum represents metal, and you can scan brass nuggets, brass ingots, anvils, or armor shards to obtain it. You can also get this by combining the Terra and Ordo aspects.

Once you have all these aspects, it’s time to hide over to our infusion altar.

Creating The Infusion Altar

An Infusion Altar in Minecraft.
Another look at an Infusion Altar.

For powerful enchantments, the regular enchanting table does not cut it all. We need to craft an infusion altar for this to work properly. To get the Minecraft Fiery Core enchantment, let’s take a quick look at how to create an infusion altar.

Note: Putting together an Infusion Altar can be an arduous task. It might take newcomers a couple of hours to grind and collect all the required materials. The Thaumanomicon will help you with the entire “quest” and walk you through it.

We’re just explaining all the materials you need to put together. This could be its separate guide, so we’re keeping it short.

Any enchantment that needs to use the aspects in this game is made through the Infusion Altar. We’ll just go over the complex and somewhat elaborate recipe. Here’s what you need:

  1. First, you’ll need to get your hands on blocks of Runic Matrix. Refer to the recipe above to make that.
  2. You’ll then need to make an Arcan Stone. This is done by putting a balanced shard in the middle of your crafting table and surrounding it with stone blocks.
  3. Next up, we’ll need a few arcane stone bricks. You can refine Arcane Stone blocks into Arcane Stone bricks by simply putting them in your workbench or crafting area.
  4. Finally, you need to make an Arcane Pedestal. Arrange Arcan Stone blocks in the above pattern to make it.

After getting all these elements, you’ll want to put them in the mythical construct to create the Infusion Altar. Take a look at the recipe below to ensure you get all the steps right.

Infusion Altar recipe for Minecraft
Recipe used for making the Infusion Altar

Finally, we’re done with the Infusion Altar. The simple recipe above makes it look simple, but the backlog of research and work it requires players to power through is a bit ridiculous. This is why Thaumcraft can be so complex for new players.

Now that we are done with all the prerequisites crafting Fiery Core enchantment is the most straightforward part of this guide. Keep in mind that this enchantment can only be applied to a pickaxe. You can use it on a chameleon pickaxe as well, which is a pickaxe that can hold three enchantments at one time.

Recipe for the Fiery Core Enchantment in Minecraft.
Here’s the recipe for different levels of the enchantment

To create the level 1 Fiery Core enchantment, you’ll need four points of the Lucrum, Ignis, and Metallis aspects. You’ll also need the Salis Mundus powder. Open your Infusion Altar and put all of these items in the following order, along with your pickaxe at the top.

Click the pickaxe, and it will be enchanted with the Fiery Core enchantment. Sure enough, you’ll need more materials to level up the enchantment on the pickaxe. You can see this by looking at the respective recipes above.

Final Words

As you can see, the Thaumcraft mod can get quite complex. Crafting a simple enchantment such as this requires you to complete many requirements. Of course, once you get the hang of things, the game becomes more enjoyable. The fun is exploring all the new mechanics and seeing how they work.

That about wraps it up for our guide on the Fiery Core enchantment. We’ve covered similar guides on enchantments, such as the Minecraft soul stealer enchantment. Apart from that, you should also check out our guide to the Minecraft Guide to the Nether and the End.

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