Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End: Best Tips

Here is a complete guide on how to survive the Nether and the End realms in Minecraft

minecraft guide to the nether and the end

With hundreds of millions of copies sold and millions of active players worldwide, Minecraft is surely one of the era-defining video games. We are as surprised as you are that today in the world of top-notch 3D CGI and graphics, this sandbox graphics game is one of the biggest titles to date. Having more than 150 million players across the globe, it is ruling the gaming industry for the past decade.

minecraft guide to the nether and the end
Minecraft is currently one of the most-played video games worldwide, having more than 150 million monthly active players.

Across all the gaming streaming platforms, including the big leagues like Twitch and Youtube, Minecraft is constantly among the top streamed games. And although it was released in 2011, even in 2022 its popularity is still on the rise. The charm of this game still to date attracts thousands of new players daily. Along with that, many beginner players are going to need proper guidance on how to play Minecraft efficiently and to be at the top of their game.

For those who do not know, Minecraft has a total of three realms; the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. While the Overworld is all chill and cool, the Nether and the End are as hostile and ferocious as you can imagine.

To survive in the Nether and the End, you need to have certain tricks up your sleeve. There are many useful tricks and techniques that can help you stay in these realms. So in this guide, we are going to talk all about them, everything you need to know about Minecraft realms Nether and the End, and tips and tricks to survive them.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft consists of three realms; the Overworld, the Nether, and the End.
  • While the Overworld is peaceful, the Nether and the End are hostile and hard to survive.
  • In order to survive, you can craft your portal to the Nether realm and find the Ender portal using the Eyes of Ender.
  • Players might also need to stock a lot of food but leave behind any unnecessary tools and rare items while entering the Nether and the End realms.
  • Equip yourself with solid armor and great weapons. Also, apply enhancements to them to enhance your defenses.
  • Wear a carved pumpkin over your head to avoid the Endermen in the End realm and destroy the End Crystal on top of the pillars while battling the Ender Dragon so that she cannot heal again and you can kill her.
  • Players can also consider a guidebook Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End, which discusses how can a player survive in the Nether and the End Dimensions of Minecraft.

Nether & The End In Minecraft

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, then you will be well aware that the open world of Minecraft consists of three realms. These three realms are the following:

  • The Overworld – The realm where you will spend most of your gameplay. It resembles Earth featuring jungles, plains, deserts, etc.
  • The Nether – After Overworld, and below it in Minecraft’s world is the Nether dimension. It can be accessed via the Nether portal.
  • The End – Below the Nether dimension is the 3rd and final dimension of the game called the End dimension.
The Nether and The End in Minecraft
The Nether and The End in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Overworld is peaceful, while the other two dimensions, the Nether, and the End, are incredibly hostile. Lava pools everywhere, and the hostile mobs of creatures like Endermen and Skeletons make this place a hell to survive.

But on the other hand, these hostile dimensions are also unique in a way. Because they contain many unique and useful materials like Shroomlight, Basalt, etc. These can only be found in these dimensions of the game.

The players consider these two dimensions as Endgame in Minecraft. While they may sound cool, surviving in them can be a pretty tough job.

It is because various nasty and ferocious creatures will constantly attack you. So, unless you are a pro at Minecraft, don’t even think of crossing these unchartered territories. In this regard, we are here with a solution for you.

Surviving The Nether Realm In Minecraft

Before moving on to how to survive the Nether realm, you should know what beast you will tackle. The Nether realm is unlike the friendly Overworld where you spawn when you start the game. The visuals, mechanics, and environment of this place are entirely different. The creatures and mobs you encounter here are highly ferocious, and this realm will give you “hell” vibes.

The Nether Realm in Minecraft
The Nether Realm in Minecraft

Entering The Nether Realm

First, you must know how you will enter the Nether realm from the Overworld. When you start a new game session, you spawn into the Overworld. To step into the Nether realm, you must craft a Nether portal. This portal acts as your gateway between these two realms. Here is how you can make your portal to the Nether realm:

  • For crafting your Nether portal, you need to have Obsidian in your inventory.
  • Obsidian is extremely rare in the game and can be found at only some specific locations, but thankfully you can create it yourself.
  • To create obsidian yourself, simply go to a place where lava flows and pour water on the lava; the Obsidian blocks will spawn there.
  • After creating Obsidian blocks, you need a Diamond axe or a higher tool to mine the Obsidian.
  • Take 14 of these Obsidian blocks and place them in a 4×5 rectangle.
  • Use one of your fire tools (Flint and steel) to set the Obsidian frame you created on fire.
  • Once you set it on fire, you will get your Nether portal ready.
A Nether Portal in Minecraft
A Nether Portal in Minecraft

Once you have entered the Nether realm, you will surely learn soon enough that your survival here depends on how skilled you are. So you need to know the techniques and tricks that will make your journey through the Nether easier. So now we will discuss what measures you can take to ensure your survival in the Nether realm.

Remembering Your Portal Location

The physics of the Nether realm vary vastly from the Overworld. Even the concept of distance is quite different. Each block traversed in the Nether realm equals eight blocks in the Overworld. So it would help if you remain vigilant about your spawn locations. The Nether portal you created will serve as your gateway into the Nether realm, spawning you at some place in the Nether realm.

This portal will again be needed when you wish to return to the Overworld.

You can create another portal for moving back to the Overworld. But since there is a difference in the distance mechanisms of both realms, you may get spawned in the Overworld at a location very far from your home. And moving back to your desired location after that can be inconvenient after that.

So make sure that when you are in the Nether realm, you save the coordinates of the location of your Nether portal. You can save the coordinates by noting them in the debug menu. (The debug menu can be accessed by pressing the F3 key)

Debug Menu in Minecraft
Debug Menu in Minecraft

Equip A Good Armor

The Nether realm will give you an adamant time if you are not adequately guarding yourself. With lava flowing everywhere and mobs of hostile creatures constantly attacking you, you will always face an impending threat.

Being an image of “hell,” the Nether realm is full of lava everywhere. This lava can be really damaging to the player. Not only can you drown in this lava, but it can also cause some unrecoverable losses.

Once you drown in the lava, all of your possessed items will be lost, and you will be left with an empty inventory. And the worst part is that all of these items will be lost for good and cannot be retrieved again. Moreover, the hostile mobs are always waiting for a chance to hurt you in the Nether realm.

So it would be best if you were prepared beforehand and equipped with some great armor. This armor will protect you against hostile creatures and damage from lava. If you can save all the items in your inventory by spending some of your resources to get a good armor, then indeed, it is a significant investment.

Armor Stand in Minecraft
Armor Stand in Minecraft

Never Close Your Eye In The Nether

Even the bravest shiver from the horrors of the Nether realm. So closing your eyes and sleeping in the Nether is undoubtedly the doing of a foolish person. As soon as you put a bed to sleep in the Nether realm, you will witness an explosion, and you will die. Even your armor is not going to help you in this scenario. You will die no matter how much better armor you are equipped with.

So if you wish to sleep, go to the peaceful Overworld and close your eyes. But never make the mistake of sleeping in the Nether realm.

A Bed(or should we say your Deathbed) in Nether realm
A Bed(or should we say your Deathbed) in the Nether realm

It has gained the status of a popular prank that Minecraft players trick the newbies in Minecraft into sleeping in the Nether realm. To see their reaction when their bed explodes.

Stock Your Supplies

You will not find much to eat in the hostile environment of the Nether realm. Moreover, your hunger meter will deplete faster in the Nether realm than in the Overworld because you will have to do a lot of movement.

But in a hostile place like the Nether realm, keeping your hunger meter full becomes essential. It is because a full hunger meter also helps you to recover your health faster which is crucial in a place like the Nether realm.

Food Stock in Minecraft
Food Stock in Minecraft

So before embarking on your perilous journey into the Nether realm, make sure you stock up on a lot of food before entering the Nether. Because you are not going to find a lot of food there, and you might not want your player to die of hunger.

Use Armor And Weapon Enhancements

To survive in a place like the Nether, you must be as prepared as possible. So even equipping yourself with the best weapons and armor is not enough. You should also place enhancements and upgrades on these items. These enhancements provide you with greater resistance against the attacks of enemies.

For example, you can add the fire enhancement as an upgrade to your equipped armor. This fire enhancement will provide you a greater resilience against the hazards of fire and lava. So this enhancement will be a lifesaver in the hostile environment of the Nether realm.

Weapon Enhancements in Minecraft
Weapon Enhancements in Minecraft

Do Not Enter Nether With A Lot In Your Inventory

You may be stocking many rare and essential items in your inventory that you may have gained after a lot of struggle. You will surely not want to lose these essential items. So the Nether realm is undoubtedly not a place to enter with such things in your inventory. Because if you drown in the Nether’s lava, you will lose all of these items.

It is heavily advised to stock a lot of food. It is also recommended to take unnecessary tools and rare items out of your stock. But some rare tools are also required for critical tasks in the Nether. For example, a diamond pickaxe is needed to mine the Netherrite in the Nether Realm. Once you get familiar with the area, start bringing the valuable tools into the Nether.

Surviving The End Realm In Minecraft

The End realm in Minecraft is a challenge that not everyone dares to take. It is surely one of the most hostile places in Minecraft and is considered by many players to be the end of the game.

The Endermen and The legendary Ender Dragon here are surely going to give a lot of players the worst nightmares. So here is a beginner guide on entering the End realm.

Entering The End Realm

Reaching the End Realm is an interesting quest; players will surely love this exciting journey.

  • The End realm can be accessed via the End portal near Stronghold.
  • We need to locate this Stronghold using the Eyes of Ender.
  • When you use an Eye of Ender, it flies up in the sky and guides the player to the Stronghold.
  • The Eye of Ender might break on the way, so you will need multiple Eyes of Ender to reach the Stronghold.
A Player Crafting an Eye of Ender in Minecraft
A Player Crafting an Eye of Ender in Minecraft
  • If you keep following these Eyes of Ender, you will reach the Stronghold.
  • You will see some empty slots in the End portal; fill these slots with the Eyes of Ender.
  • After filling in all the empty slots in the portal, you can access the End realm.
End Portal Room in Minecraft
End Portal Room in Minecraft

All of the tips and tricks we discussed earlier for the Nether realm can help you survive in the End realm. Apart from those, some of the cards that you must have up your sleeve to survive the End realm are given below:

Tackling The Endermen

The End Realm is full of hostile mobs of creatures called the Endermen. Looking these Endermen in the eyes or hitting them provokes them,

and they start attacking you. You can choose to fight these Endermen, but it is not a viable option. Because there are hordes of these creatures everywhere in the End realm, and once you provoke them, they will not leave you alone.

Thankfully there is a technique that can protect you from these Endermen. If you take a carved pumpkin and place it over your head, it provides you a kind of invisibility to the Endermen, and now the Endermen do not attack you when you look at them.

A player wearing a carved pumpkin over his head in Minecraft
A player wearing a carved pumpkin over his head in Minecraft

Battling The Ender Dragon

The greatest challenge in the End realm is the legendary Ender Dragon. Ender Dragon is also probably one of the most famous and talked about elements of the game. And if you want to wear the crown of ending Minecraft, you will surely want to know how you will defeat the Ender Dragon. So we are here to answer that.

  • When battling the End dragon, with a bow, shoot the End Crystal perched atop the pillars. Ladders are not as effective here because the Crystal bursts when damaged. Cages encircle the Crystal in certain towers. In this case, the player must use ladders or building blocks to climb the pillar.
  • The dragon typically attacks you when you are not paying attention to her, so if you want to have a chance of cutting her down with your diamond sword, glance away from her for about six seconds, then swiftly turn to face her. She should be charging in your direction by this point.
  • Bring a pal along! The Ender Dragon will find it more challenging to target the player if there are more people there.

Minecraft Guide To The Nether And The End(The Book)

Even Mojang Studios know that they have created hell in the name of the Nether and the End dimensions in Minecraft. Even the bravest players shiver from the horrors of the Nether and the Dark.

But thankfully, Mojang Studios has also given the players a recipe to nail the game regarding surviving in the Nether and the End dimensions. And this recipe is in the form of the guidebook “Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End,” officially released by Minecraft Studios.

Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End
Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End

It is brought to you by the masterminds behind this game and the people who created the Nether and the End. This book is a must-buy for every Minecraft geek. The official Minecraft team details all insiders lore on the Nether and the End in this book. Moreover, the developers share the best tips and tricks that can help you to improve your survival skills in the Nether and the End in Minecraft.


You can buy the “Minecraft Guide to the Nether and The End” on Amazon for $12.99. It is also available in many other online bookstores, including Collins (Selling at £6.99). Or you can simply try visiting your nearest bookshop to buy this guidebook. Moreover, you can check out other guidebooks and books on Minecraft on the Minecraft Fandom page.

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Surviving the Nether and the End realms in Minecraft is one of the most significant challenges that only the bravest dare to take. And if you do not have some great tricks up your sleeve, you will have a challenging time surviving in these realms. In this guide, we have explained all the tips and tricks to help you be at the top of your game in Minecraft’s Nether and the End realms.

Finally, we would love to know how did you find our guide. We really hope that you enjoyed reading it. Do let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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