Minecraft: Mod Ideas [Top 10]

Best Minecraft mod ideas to enable you to create an engaging and stimulating playthrough.

Minecraft mod ideas
Minecraft mod ideas

Minecraft’s passionate modders require some out-of-the-box thinking to provide the best and most excellent outcomes for their hard work. This guide aims to provide modders with exclusive Minecraft mod ideas that can surely attract lots of players’ attention.

Key Takeaways

  • You can now know how to create mods for Minecraft. MCreator is an easy way to start with your mod creation.
  • A manual mod creation can also be performed using a Compiler, Java, and Forge.
  • Forge is needed for running the mod for testing purposes. Moreover, Forge is required to download and install the mods. Some mods also require the downloading of Fabric.
  • To play with mods, you must enable the Forge from Minecraft Launcher’s Installation tab.
  • Create mods where the limit is your imagination only. Take some mod ideas for Minecraft, such as particle effects, equipment or cosmetic additions, overhaul ideas, and behavior packs.

How To Install Minecraft Mods In Java Edition

Modding sounds fun since the results will never cease to amuse you. As fun as it seems, setting up and going through the process for having these mods might be complex work. So trouble yourself not, as this guide will ease off your pain and get you straight into the modding stage.

Guide for Java mod
First Step for Modding
  • A tool named “Forge” is required to install the mods. Get this tool here.
  • An important fact to remember is that Forge comes in various versions. To have your mod working correctly, download the exact version of the mod you selected on your Forge. In brief, Minecraft Java => Forge => Mod must have versions that complement each other.
  • If your Forge gives doesn’t seem to work as intended, it must be because you don’t have Java installed on your device. Get the JAVA first.
Minecraft mod installation
Second Step of Modding
  • Now to get started with the Forge, you need to enable it.
  • Go to the Installation Tab and click Play to get it in action.
Minecraft modding
Third Step for Modding
  • If you have followed along, an entry of Mods will appear in your main menu.
  • Click on Mods, and an option of Open Mods Folder will appear. Hit that button.
  • A window will open for you to drag your mods in it.
  • Get it done, Restart your game, and your mod is set up.

If you prefer a guide that can thoroughly get you through this process, then reach out to GuideRealm’s youtube channel.

Other than Forge, there is another tool for mod installation that is known as Fabric. The Fabric tool is essential for some mods, just as Forge is.

How To Install Minecraft Mods In Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock edition doesn’t have a variety of unique and astounding mods as compared to the Java edition. Instead, it primarily includes the Texture and Behavior pack. Installation of mods in Bedrock edition is pretty simple on the desktop device.

For convenience, put the downloaded mods on the desktop screen and run the Minecraft Bedrock edition. While on the game’s main menu, you can double-click the mods on a desktop screen, and a dialogue box will appear in the top section of Minecraft’s display, where it will show you that the mod is being imported.

Once the mod is imported, the only remaining part is enabling it. There are two ways to start playing that mod:

  • Firstly, you can create a new world and click on the Experiment option. From there, enable all the settings which will be disabled by default. Afterward, go to Resource pack and enable all the texture or behavior packs listed in the Available tab under owned section.
  • Lastly, you can edit your current world with mods by going under the Experiment setting and enabling every option. Once you do that, it will create a copy of that world so that your real-world stay unaffected if loading the mods causes some error. Now, go to the copied world setting and click on Resource Pack, where you can activate the packs that are available in the My Packs menu. Do the same for Behavior Packs.
Modding for Bedrock
Guide for Bedrock Edition

For more clear instructions, you can follow the guide of The Breakdown YouTube channel.

Create Your Own Minecraft Mod

For any programmer, it can be easy to create a mod for Minecraft. It is to say that the software in which you will develop these mods will provide you with IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Although, even a person with basics for programming can also create his mod.

Due to a mod-making editor known as MCreator, it is now possible to get into Minecraft’s modding community by following your interest alone. You can download the MCreator here.

MCreator for making mod
MCreator’s Integrated Code Editor

Before you get into modding, keep several cautions in mind:

  • Do not violate Mojang’s terms.
  • Do not edit pre-existing mods without the permission of the creator.
  • While creating your mod, don’t use it as a cracked game version. This might cause big trouble for you.

If you prefer to create a mod rather more manually, then you need the following:

  1. Text Editor
  2. Java
  3. Forge

Text editor will allow starting working with your code, whereas Java will help you implement the code. Lastly, Forge will be used to run the finalized results of your mod as it is widely used for the installation of mods.

Minecraft Mod Ideas

Creating your own mod can take a lot of time, deciding what your mod can present to the public. The thinking phase alone holds the importance of what your mod is capable of and how much potential it packs to attract the audience towards it.

Therefore, even a creative mind can sometimes rely on a kickstart to grant him rapid project progress. This guide will enlist 10 Minecraft mod ideas to luminate your creativity and provide something unique and undefining to the mods community of Minecraft.

Minecraft NPC Mod Ideas

Making Minecraft more immersive as an open world will require adding many more NPCs in the pixelated world. But don’t just focus their behavior on gazing at the sky.

Rather, assign everyone a random task such as a trade offer, making them your companion to tag along in your journey with you, or simply an open-world AI tactic of assigning an NPC to give you a task in which you will get rewards on completion. This will bring a lot more actions to be performed while strolling across the map of Minecraft.

Minecraft Material Ideas For Mod

Materials can be added for the extension in crafting. Add more ores, minerals, and items to the game with their distinguishing stats. Upon those stats, you can decide how much struggle is worth to find the material.

Furthermore, you can add new equipment to the game based on finding its corresponding chunks or have some items and materials that carry some unique effects of their own. Enchantments can also be considered for such kinds of mod ideas in Minecraft.

Air Traveling Mod Idea

Various spacecraft have been seen in Minecraft, but none is for any operational means. It is because such craftsmanship only exists in Minecraft as a structure, not as a convenience to fly above the skies. Therefore, a modder interested in manufacturing space shuttles can surely get the attention of admirers. This idea can be kept at the Minecraft base level by adding some air transport convenience.

Take Elytra, for example; similar to that, a modder can add Parachutes or something like a Hover Board that can make the player skip significant gaps between the hills. Moreover, vehicles such as Airplanes, Space Shuttles, Flying Capsules, UFOs, and much more can be added to reach high above the clouds.

Underwater Expansion Mod

These Minecraft mod ideas aim to achieve a bigger change in the game by modifying a certain domain. Notably, some major changes have been made in Minecraft regarding the underwater region, as much more mobs, plants, and blocks have been introduced. On the other hand, exploring the vast ocean still seems a bit uneventful journey as there is nothing much to unravel in the depths of the water.

So following this mod idea, you introduce new structures in the underwater world that hold a well-guarded treasure. Furthermore, there can be whole dungeons added to the underwater area. This is a great way to announce a new experience to players, as new mobs and boss fights can be added.

Mod For More Equipment Slots

Adding more slots to equipment doesn’t mean you can adorn yourself with multiple armors simultaneously. It features a mod that can present equipable new accessories and will have a separate slot to be inserted in. These accessories don’t have to be much of a game-changer, as you can make these items boost only a limited amount of stat.

The rest is up to you whether to create such a mechanic of the game in which players can acquire these accessories via crafting or exploring. Maybe put both ways to create a diversion for more entertainment.

Minecraft Elemental Mod Ideas

Adding a superpower touch to Minecraft sounds like a bunch of exciting stuff you can offer through this mod. Elemental powers that can unlock a player’s potential in reaching the peak of his strength. Take primary elements such as fire, lightning, water, ground, etc.

Furthermore, you can make these elements interact with the surroundings; for example, fire can burn the grassland or melt snow. Surely it will be a sight to behold when players get to thrash onto each other with full elemental charge.

More Particle Effects Mod

All over the modding community, many combat-related mods have a great fighting mechanism to present to the players. All these engaging fight mods are made flawlessly. But one thing that most of them lack is the smooth effect of particles. This mod idea will be pretty modders-friendly as you must make this mod compatible with all other combat mods. That is unless you create your combat mod that will add this particle effect.

Cosmetics Mod For Minecraft

Leave the hustle for achieving the best set of equipment for a while. Surely stats can provide many advantages in a survival game, but don’t forget Minecraft is mostly famous as a multiplayer platform. Adding some cosmetics that are obtainable through making progress will surely be a charm to most players.

These don’t have to be some fancy stats items. Rather, have them simply showcase your outfits and progress to your friends.

Mod To Add Variation Of Villages

The idea for this mod is simply to create an overhaul that will add new outlooks for the villages. You don’t necessarily have to change the vanilla Minecraft in any way. In brief, you need to change the structure designs for the village buildings.

Add variations such as medieval style, modern style, or maybe some demolished-looking structure for the buildings. The mod is simply to give new theme styles to villages but can give several ideas for making it more diverse to new game mechanics.

Explicitly, every village variation can hold villagers that are unique in their traits. Some traders’ or villagers’ behaviors can be added to their complementary locations. Run your thoughts and get some creative ideas for making Minecraft more immersive.

Minecraft Behavior Pack Mod Ideas

Behavior pack is a generic approach for mods to take place in Minecraft. It is not a mod itself but a title given to mods that change the AI behavior in the game. Here, you can select a type of unit or an overall change in the functioning of Minecraft’s mobs. To sum up, the Behavior pack can include changes such as:

  • Mobs action on how they will act in some situations.
  • Improvement of AI overall.
  • Specialized reactions for units on how to act on specific players’ actions.
  • Preference on targets and target switching.

Final Words

Modding keeps its creator and the users entertained at the very end. Throughout the years, modding has kept the gaming communities and the games alive. Likewise is the situation with Minecraft mods.

The game has extensively succeeded in providing fun and entertaining content over the years. This Minecraft mod ideas list is created to keep that desire for the content somewhere alive.

If you prefer to scroll through at Minecraft modpack list, then click the link and carry on with the reading.

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