Minecraft: Modern House Ideas [Top 50]

Top-notch ideas for your very own modern house in Minecraft.

Modern House Ideas in Minecraft
Modern House Ideas in Minecraft

Among all the appealing house ideas, a modern house can be the choice of many distinctive players in Minecraft. This house design is one of the most extraordinary designs with a very common style of materials. White concrete and blue glass are widely used in the construction of this house. In this guide, I will share a few Modern House ideas with you guys.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern houses outshine other houses’ designs in some particular ways.
  • The complexity of these house designs can be scaled anywhere from 1 to 10. Allowing you to build a variety of designs to satisfy your excitement.
  • The house does not require a wide variety of materials.
  • In my experience, your imagination is the only limit to making buildings in Minecraft. So don’t stop on something that seems usual.

 Plain And Basic Modern House

simple modern house
Simple Modern House idea

Don’t limit your dream house to its exterior. Your interiors play a crucial role in its beauty. While a basic design is easy, adding unique elements like glass lamps for lighting, wool rugs for the floors, and creative tables using fences and slabs can enhance your interior. Also, explore our guide on building a Redstone sink in Minecraft to complete the house’s look.

It took me a long time to collect all the necessary building elements. However, once that was done, I was able to complete this project in no time. I recommend taking guidance from WiederDude to build this house in Minecraft. 

Complex Modern House

complex modern house
Complex Modern House

Modern house design is inspired by those who take too much interest in crafting the shape of their house structures. Building these complex style modern designs can be fun, keeping in mind that they are all yours to inherit later. I love this as a good time pass activity to perform while also enhancing my crafting skills.

Again, getting the raw materials is a headache, but Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築 made it look quite easy to me. 

Small Basic Modern House

Small Modern house
Small Basic Modern House

Get cozy in no time with this small, eye-catching design. I actually built this house quicker than my vegetables grew. It’s perfect for players seeking refuge in tight spaces when the sun sets and time is running out.

While it was easier for me, you can get help from IrieGenie to build it in the game.

Real Architecture Modern House

Real architecture house
Real Architecture Modern House

Apply real architectural skills to craft a dream with meaning. Don’t let your passions fade; bring them to life in your virtual world and explore them thoroughly. I suggest prioritizing your satisfaction over impressing others. 

Sure, no one is a real-time architecture themselves. Not even me. I stumbled upon this building idea from JUNS MAB Architecture while watching Minecraft content on YouTube.

Multi-Floor Small House

multi floor small house
Small Multi-floor Modern House

If you prefer a small, modern house like me, don’t confine it to a single level. Add some variety with different sections and rooms in your cozy space. Create extra space for your belongings and yourself because, in Minecraft, your house is your Hall of Fame. Keep everything well organized, letting your achievements shine bright.

If you need help building this structure, I recommend checking this detailed tutorial from 愛channel.

Small Cubic Structure

Small cubic structure
Small Modern structure

I like fancy structures, and I hope so do you. I mean, why not design something small that leaves a big impression? Such a unique and outstanding tiered structure will keep you content and make for an excellent showcase, even if not ideal for living.

Add this satisfying-looking structure to your addition from YouTube늑.

Diagonal Structure Modern House

Basic Diagonal modern house
Basic Diagonal Modern House

Slightest change than a standard modern house. A design that will take its impact the outlook of our house. It might seem to be underlying the term “Modern,” but at least it gives you the comfort of home. A fair-looking modern design sets you off on creating something rather more complex.

So, set up your basic design by getting guided by YouTube.

Complex Diagonal Structure Modern House

complex diagonal modern house
Complex Diagonal Modern House

No room for basic structures in your empire? Dive into a project that lets your mind take a break after some effort. Showcase your skills and passion by creating something uniquely beautiful.

Give it a try, and if you fail to make it yourself, watch how to create this modern house on OSHACRA おしゃクラ.

Modern House By Sea

modern sea house
Modern House by Sea

Enjoy the serene ocean waves in this modern offshore house. For your Minecraft build, avoid dense forest areas. I suggest beginning with a simple concept and customizing your surroundings to create a truly distinctive setting.

If you prefer a guide to make this house, I recommend checking Pivovarnya.

Underwater Modern House

Underwater modern house
Underwater Modern House idea

Unleash your creativity with a deliberately submerged house, not due to disaster but by design. The glossy walls provide stunning underwater views, allowing you to observe Minecraft’s evolving aquatic life.

This concept leaves a remarkable impression on your world’s visitors, offering a unique living-in-an-aquarium experience. Enhance the soothing ambiance with underwater plants, Stonefire elements, and underwater seating furniture gleaming in water depths.

You can ease off the stress of building this structure with the help of WiederDude.

Underwater Complex House

Underwater Modern House
Underwater Complex Modern House

I’M OBSESSED WITH UNDERWATER MONUMENTS!! If you’re as well, challenge yourself to craft something that not only impresses visitors but also satisfies your own creativity. Use this opportunity to elevate your crafting skills, especially if you’re at a basic level, to a point where you can bring any creative idea to life.

Underwater structures don’t restrict your craft; instead, they enhance the appearance of your house and buildings beyond your expectations.

Dive down into the making of such a distinctive structure with step-by-step guidance from WiederDude.

Underwater Structure

simple underwater structure
Simple Underwater Structure

A strange-looking modern structure built somewhere in the middle of the ocean seems like an excellent idea. I mean, the tranquility and peace that it brings always make me go direct on such projects. Moreover, unlike most buildings, this structure might find the task of providing you with some benefits related to human needs.

Start creating stuff like this uniquely-looking structure with the help of Folli.

Underwater Simple Base

Underwater base
Modern-style Underwater Base

It’s another of my favorite fine-looking underwater housing space ideas. Whether you keep it a secret to refrain from the threats of land creatures or be a welcoming player and make it a public place to spend time with your friends and visitors, ensure that you remind them of the consequences of poking holes in the walls for safety.

Submerge with these designs and build them now by following the creator of this design, SheepGG.

Underwater Complex Base

Complex underwater base
Underwater Base Complex Design

A massive wave may disrupt the sea and vessels, but this robust structure will stand strong. It’s ideal for asserting dominance across the sea or serving as a refuge for lost divers exploring the deep waters. This enormous construction won’t leave you stranded or disappointed in the middle of the ocean.

Now, lay down the formation and start establishing this massive structure under the water with the help of LubovLC.

Underground Simple Modern House

underground simple house
Underground Simple Modern House

It is a simple yet striking masterpiece to amaze everyone. Astonishing work using a basic structure plan, and what else can satisfy you than living in a house made to your interest and liking? This modern house design can also store some of your modest amount of luxuries that you can observe while strolling through this compressed space house.

If you want a clear guide to this design, I recommend checking out the Nanaroid YouTube guide.

Modern Cave House

Modern cave house
Modern Cave House

Giving cave houses some modern touch didn’t seem like a bad idea. Sometimes, those nightcrawlers might spawn behind your walls and give you a thudding sound, but ignore them as now your modern architect will ensure you are safe within your walls.

Check out the guide to this house by Rookie CubeYU.

Underground Complex Modern House

Underground modern house
Underground Modern House idea

As I’m an introvert, this house is well suited for me as I prefer an isolated lifestyle in addition to rooms that carry some activity, such as a Trampoline using some slime blocks.

Another masterwork done by WiederDude.

Underground Modern Cliff House

Modern cliff house
Modern Hanging Cliff House

Display your crafting skills in a beautiful way with Cliff Hung House. Plus, no more loneliness exists, as monsters primarily spawn in the caves below. Don’t worry; they can’t reach your elevated position. Take this chance to have fun, shoot them from the sky, and reap a passive supply of materials and experience.

Create this setup from scratch with the help of Rookie CubeYU.

Modern House On Cliff’s Outside

outside cliff modern house
Modern House Outside of Cliff

Don’t you prefer your modern cliff house to remain undiscovered? Then, make it sprout while still holding its trait of looking exclusive by attaching it to a cliff’s side. t.

Get along with this idea and make it happen in your world with the help of Rookie CubeYU.

Nintendo House Design

nintendo house
Nintendo House

This is one of the coolest modern house ideas in Minecraft. You can call it home if you wish to live in it. A well-known gaming device can be crafted as a 3D model space in Minecraft to live in. Simulation inside a simulation seems like fun. Let’s hope other consoles also provide enough room for your character to move in. 

Booth up this device in your world with the guidance of its creator, Random Steve Guy.

Mountain House Modern-style

Mountain house
Modern-style Mountain House

Live a distinctive Minecraft life with a house that shines in the sunset and sunrise. Let your creativity run wild and build something surpassing any unconventional structure. Create a breathtaking view that will leave everyone in awe.

Get to the top of the mountain with Pivovarnya‘s step-by-step guidance into building this house.

Hotel Design

Hotel design
Simple Hotel Design

Multiple-floor building well suited for a multiplayer server. This hotel can indeed host a large number of players. It is a pretty impactful structure to be created as it can create a good outlook of your world and has plenty of rooms available. However, it took me hours to build it on my own.

You can do it quicker than me by following OSHACRA おしゃクラ.

Small Modern Apartments

modern style apartments
Modern-style Apartments idea

A multi-floor building inherently exudes a modern design. Creating this seamlessly without much effort is possible. Start with a simple apartment design on one floor and replicate it on the upper levels without alterations. The process may be straightforward, but the result will be impressive.

If you intend to look into the details of the building structure, I recommend Halny’s Minecraft apartment tutorial on YouTube.

Large Modern Apartments

Large Modern apartments
Large Modern Apartments

Construct a modern building that caters to players with ample space in their world or those who’ve worked to find room for this colossal structure. Create multiple modern apartments to host friends and players, offering a space where they can enjoy personal time while staying connected with neighbors.

Implement this large modern-style apartment building in your world guided by Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築.

Unfortified Modern Tower

Modern colossal tower
Open Modern Colossal Tower

A colossal building that glooms in the night. Fortifying it is undoubtedly your choice. Indeed, the light of the building is accustomed on the outside of it, but trust me, building it was a test of my nerves.

For the original idea, check out the video of Rs_-Wars.

Modern Hotel

Modern Hotel building
Modern Hotel Design

A modern structure that can stand tall enough to get the attraction out of most players. The contemporary-looking building may contain enough housing space to provide enough players seeking shelter in your world to sit idly for a while or, perhaps, take a moment to admire what you have crafted.

You can find the detailed guide through the YouTube channel SEVEN’s Minecraft.

Compact Hotel Design

Compact modern hotel
Modern Compact Apartments

Want to host more players in the specific area? Well, this is what the word “Modern” defines: To have more impact with limited reliabilities. Keep stacking the same compact-designed floor on top of each other, and with minimum effort, you can generate this ideal structure in a limited amount of time.

If you desire to observe the construction of this modern-structured housing technique, then get it through OSHACRA おしゃクラ.

Modern Glass Structure

glass structure
Modern Glass Structure

It might not be as robust as a typical modern building, but in Minecraft, it’s all about showcasing your creativity.

This glasswork, though modest, can be useful for farming and meeting basic food needs. Even if it serves no practical purpose, it still enhances the aesthetics of your world and stands as a symbol of your regular crafting skills.

Get this glass structure standing on its ground with the tutorial guide from ManDooMiN.

Modern-Style Towers

Modern towers
Modern-style Towers

Massive, as the name goes. Two enormous-looking towers standing amidst your world would gather the attention of a hefty crowd. Glass walls will illuminate these towers brightly the moment night settles in. The light source of the buildings radiates across the dark sky.

Make your world evermore attractive with these modern design buildings and assemble a great crowd into your world. Start constructing such outstanding modern structures by taking some guidance through the Pivovarnya YouTube channel.

Large Modern House

large modern house
Large Modern House idea

If you have refined your skills of the craft in Minecraft, then don’t stay on low and basic-level designs. Expand and elaborate your expertise by crafting something much more magnificent, like this modern house large enough to satisfy your needs and luxuries.

If you want to achieve this large-scale structure in a single go, I’d suggest checking Jintube’s Modern House tutorial.

Large Complex Modern House

large complex modern house
Large Complex Modern House

Modern and complex are both unique terms. Combine them both for crafting purposes, and you will surely get extraordinary results. Fancy your living style and reside in a house that is far more brilliant and outshines the interior looks of every other modern house.

For guiding purposes, watch the tutorial on creating this modern house Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築.

Double Story Modern House

double story modern house
Double-story Modern House idea

A decent-looking structure to imitate in your world. This Double-story Modern house will be a fine addition to your residency plans. These types of structures are well-suited for multiplayer scenarios.

For instance, it can hold a fair amount of audience. Let your amusement be at its height, as tons of fun activity rooms can be attached to this structure. Moreover, leave a good impression of your crafting skills on your friends with this matchless-looking structure in your world.

If you want to dub this building straight into your world, visit this YouTube guide on Large Modern House by IrieGenie.

Luxury Modern House

Modern Luxury House
Luxury Modern House

Feel like owning an upper-class residency? Suit yourself and your luxuries as this modern house is well-designed to store your fancy needs. The interior of this modern house is astonishing as it replicates the pure modernity of living style.

Building it on my own was never an option, and therefore, I got help from OSHACRA おしゃクラ YouTube channel.

Complex Luxury Modern House

Complex luxury house
Complex Luxury Modern House

Building this house took me some time purely because of its complex design. For a more stunning modern house, consider adding complexity to the design, though it’s just a suggestion, not a requirement. A luxurious house with intricate design ensures your desire for lavish style is fully satisfied. The interior of the house will be just as state-of-the-art as its exterior.

Obtain this complex modern design from OSHACRA おしゃクラ.


Modern Mansion
Modern Mansion

Don’t just dream of living in a mansion. Equip such a massive craft by watching Noobas – Minecraft and get yourself settled in. Doubtless of its gigantic structure, this craft is my biggest and most time-consuming project in Minecraft.

Modern Luxury Mansion

modern luxury mansion
Luxurious Modern Mansion

Hang out with your friends and show them your life of leisure in this good-looking modern-style mansion. A house with ample space to roam about and work on the interiors: make your mansion stand out from every other residence spotted in that radius.

Enjoy decorating this mansion with your eminent ideas. Put this modern building in your collection with the help of a tutorial from Detsnow_マイクラモダン建築.

Modern Villa

Modern Villa

A villa is always an inviting haven, whether for spending free time with friends in the virtual world. Its distinctive design sets it apart from other residences, offering a tranquil yet versatile atmosphere. 

Don’t wait to build something so distinctive. Get it done with ease by watching the tutorial on / LangRay.

Modern Beach House

Modern beach house
Beach House

An eco-friendly house, by its looks and design, can be exciting to get your hands on. This can blow away the minds of your visitors if you present them with this gigantic artwork. The white and green theme of this house can be impactful on the eyes.

This would have been my toughest project if I hadn’t stumbled upon らんぐれー / LangRay’s tutorial.

Small Aquarium House

small aquarium house
Small Aquarium House

Decorations have always been pleasing to one’s eye. But in Minecraft, where the fun and possibilities are endless, you can live as a subject in a custom decorative object design. A small fish aquarium to which your house is attached can be a cute place to think of from a living perspective.

Say hi to your aquatic friends by following the guide of SheepGG.

Regular Size Aquarium House

medium aquarium house
Basic Modern Aquarium House

If aquariums can come in different sizes, can that design influence the house? It can add more of your water friends to live with you. The aquarium covers the house’s walls, so you will see those little floating creatures everywhere you turn.

Check out the guide of Smithers Boss if you are excited to make this outclass house design.

Large Aquarium House

Large Aquarium house
Large Aquarium Modern House

A modern house built inside a large aquarium. This aquarium is designed to make it suitable for an Axolotl to live in. So, this house is designed to keep you with this fan-favorite creature found in rare places in Minecraft.

Don’t just build the structures when you can build friendships. While mentioning it here, I must credit Julius, who created this house design.

Open Plan Modern House

Open design Modern house
Open Design Modern House

Out in the open, you can get a breath of fresh air. But now, take it even if you are in your fortified area, although it’s not fortified. A small pond at the house’s base and a climbing path to reach the top are all you need to prevent most of the monster’s attacks. 

Lay down the formation of this house and get started. Get help from Rookie CubeYU.

Small Waterfall House

small waterfall house
Small modern-style Waterfall House

It’s a pretty neat artwork to put on display. I made it in a way that the house design will support a continuous flow of water. Adjust the water in a particular way by passing it through a streamline from up to down direction, and the formation will cause the water to form a wall for your house—a simple and logical design to impress the crowd.

The idea of this house was designed and developed by Random Steve Guy.

Large Waterfall House

large waterfall house
Large Modern-style Waterfall House

Ever thought of living beneath a massive waterfall? This guide will help you create a house with waterfalls on two sides of your walls. Follow the same steps as when making a smaller version, but with this massive scale, the satisfaction will be equally grand.

Check out the guide to making this house from the start on the YouTube channel Julious.

Oddly Satisfying Structure

Modern house idea 3-floor
Oddly looking Multiple-floor Design

A structure truly earns the title “Modern” when it offers benefits. Get creative and showcase your skills by stacking unique rooms atop each other. Create two-sided glass-walled rooms that allow players to cultivate plants.

By overcoming the challenge of food resources, you can strive to build this house in survival mode. And if more bright ideas come to mind, just stack up more rooms and let your creative concepts shine among them.

If you want to follow a step-by-step guide to achieving this masterpiece, observe ManDooMiN’s work.

Modern Cube Structure

Cube structure
Modern Cube Structure

This magnificent and resourceful basic cubic-themed structure perfectly fits any Minecraft player. Whenever you have an idea related to storage, lifestyle, or interior design, create a room and showcase your thoughts to the world. 

Fulfill your desire to set this masterpiece in your world from ManDooMiN.

Monumental Modern Structure

Modern structure
An Enormous-Looking Modern Structure

With a massive height and a creative mind, this building is formed to impress the audience it attracts. For its great and spectacular design, it can stand out to give a stunning look. The well-organized interior of this structure can make anyone feel captivated by this design building.

Explore this structure in detail by making it your own with the help of a YouTuber Jintube.

Animal Crossing-Style House

Modern House animal crossing
Modern House with Animal Crossing-style

I am a huge Animal Crossing fan. That is why this is one of my favorite modern house ideas in Minecraft. This expansive crafting game allows players to translate their real-world fantasies into a pixelated style. Even if this house doesn’t adhere to the standard four-side walls rule, Minecraft is about letting your creativity flow.

I followed the idea of Rookie CubeYU on YouTube to make it happen in-game.

Modern Wooden-Style House

modern wooden house
Wood-style Modern House

The same house technique and design but with a different material – wood. Wood adds a polished and cozy look to your houses and buildings.

A small wooden house with a modern design, surrounded by a flower garden, sounds like a dreamy place. It radiates charm and brings joy with just a single glance.

But before you set your gaze, you need to set your plans on building it. Make use of the tutorial provided by OSHACRA おしゃクラ.

Modern Sitting Arrangement

modern sitting place idea
Modern Sitting Place idea

A peaceful haven where you can enjoy tranquil moments, offering you and your friends a space to relax and soak in the serenity of your surroundings. Even hardworking, combat-engaged players may find solace in a place where they can unwind and appreciate some tranquility.

You can watch Jintube’s Modern House tutorial to get this luxurious-looking craft into your world.

My Thoughts

I have spent countless hours in Minecraft building wondrous monuments and wasting my time on useless things. Modern house designs are always more complex and challenging to make. However, making use of YouTube tutorials has helped me a lot. You can find thousands of ideas online, but the ideas that I have shared above are some of my favorites, and I bet you will have fun building them in Minecraft.

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