Fixed: Minecraft Realms Could Not Invite

After playing game for hours, here are a few viable solutions to the realms error.

Minecraft Realms Could Not Invite
Minecraft Realms Could Not Invite

Many people always face the “Minecraft Realms could not invite” error. The issue usually resolves itself after trying to invite your friend after a few times. If that’s not the case for you, here are a few fixes.

Key Highlights

  • One primary reason for this error is playing the old version of the Minecraft game.
  • Players can quickly solve this issue by:
    • Restarting the game
    • Signing out and then signing back in
    • Updating the game to the latest version
    • Changing Privacy options.

It’s important to note that the world you create in Realms is regularly backed up. This may or may not be a feature with other custom servers. Depending on the subscription, you can also access minigames and adventure maps.

Pro-Tip: Remember that Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Java are two different versions of the same game. They differ in terms of features and versatility. Crossplay will not work if you have a friend on Java and you’re on Bedrock (or vice versa).

I found the following fixes useful:

Restart Minecraft/Launcher

  • Restarting the game (or launcher in the case of PC) might fix the issue immediately. The game or launcher’s resources might have minor bugs interrupting online play.
  • I also found that signing out and signing in again often solves this problem.
The Minecraft Launcher for Windows
The Minecraft Launcher for Windows (Captured by Gamesual)

Double-Check The Usernames

  • This error also pops up when the username or player ID does not exist or is incorrect.
  • It might be because Mojang’s servers can’t identify the username and instead throw an error.
  • Again, relaunch the game and ask your friend to do the same. Carefully enter the username to avoid errors.

Change Privacy Settings

  • This one could be a bit unlikely, but it’s worth checking if the apparent fixes did not work out for you.
  • Sometimes, the privacy settings of your Xbox account could trigger this error.
  • A few friends told me that changing these privacy settings fixes the issue.
  • So, you might be failing to invite your friend because of privacy/safety issues within your Xbox account. This also applies to the Java edition if you use a Microsoft account to sign in.
  • Here’s how you can check the privacy settings for your Xbox account and possibly resolve this situation.
    1. First, you’ll need to go to the official Xbox site.
    2. From there, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.
    3. Sign in if you are not logged in already.
    4. Select “Xbox Profile” from the drop-down menu.
    5. This will take you to the Xbox account page. From here, click on Privacy settings.
    6. It will open a page that says Privacy & online safety.
    7. Microsoft might ask you to log in again and verify your account by sending you an e-mail.
      Privacy Settings
      Privacy settings in Xbox (Image Captured by Gamesual)
    8. Once you land on the Privacy & Online Safety page, click on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices Online Safety link.
    9. From here, you’ll see a checklist of sorts.
    10. Make sure that all of the options are allowed, then click on submit at the bottom of the page. This will save the changes.
      Checklist Options
      Select the Privacy Options. (Image Captured by Gamesual)
    11. Restart the game and see if the issue is fixed.

Update The Game

  • Last but not least, you can always try and update the game.
  • You may have an outdated version of Minecraft that leads to multiplayer issues from time to time. It’s also possible that your friend is on a different game version.
  • As such, you should check if an update is available for the game.
  • This applies to both Bedrock and Java.
  • Remember, you should be playing the exact version of the game. If you’re on Bedrock, your friend also needs that version, and vice versa.

My Recommendations For Minecraft Realms Fix

In all honesty, Minecraft Realms has been a bit messy over the last few years. Server crashes and log-in issues are common, along with the invitation system. While the error may seem annoying, as you can see, the solutions are often very simple.

A simple restart, signing back in, and updating the game should do the job. I believe that is the case with most of the errors related to Minecraft.

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