Minecraft: Sharpness Enchantment [Complete Guide]

Players can find everything about the sharpness enchantment in our guide below.

Sharpness Minecraft
Sharpness Enchantment in Minecraft

Melee weapons are one the best tools to defend players because of their accessibility and versatility in Minecraft. These weapons mainly deal malicious damage in close-range combat. However, certain enchantments can enhance their damage even further. The sharpness is one of these enchantments in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Sharpness enchantment increases the damage of a melee weapon in Minecraft.
  • It has five levels, and each level increases the damage-per-attack even more. Moreover, the bedrock and the Java editions have different criteria for measuring the increase in damage with each level-up.
  • There are three ways of enchanting a melee weapon with the sharpness enchantment in Minecraft. The Enchantment table and Anvil are the standard methods, while the command console method is bedrock edition specific.
  • The enchantment table requires Lapiz Lazuli, and Anvil requires enchanted books to enchant any item in Minecraft. The command console only requires players to type in specific commands to do the work.

Usually, the sharpness is applied on swords and axes by combining it with other enchantments like the Unbreaking. It exists on many levels in Minecraft, and with each level, its potency increases. The highest level ensures your enemy is down within a few strikes.

Players usually fight close-range combats in Minecraft, where these weapons can win them many rewards. However, players do not have these weapons with them always. In such conditions, hand-to-hand combat is their only option for survival. The punch enchantment comes to help in these fights. If you don’t know about it, read our detailed guide on Punch Enchantment In Minecraft?

Sharpness Enchantment In Minecraft

Like many other enchantments, Sharpness is a vital enchantment that overpowers a sword or an axe in Minecraft and increases their damage. Also, it exists in five different levels in Minecraft. Each level adds an extra 1.25 damage to the attack.

Moreover, combined with other melee enchantments like Mending, Knockback, and Unbreaking, the weapon becomes the player’s most decisive attack and defense mechanism in close-range fights. We have explained all five levels of enchantment and the damage they increase below.

Bedrock Edition

The sharpness has five levels in Minecraft. However, the counting mechanism to calculate the added damage with each increased level differs in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Therefore, to make it easy for players, we have created an easy list for players to know the damage increase by each level in the Bedrock edition:

  • Sharpness Enchantment Level I – adds 1.25 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level II – adds 2.5 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level III – adds further 3.75 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level IV – adds 5 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level V – adds a vast 6.25 damage
  • First bullet point – ( For example, Diamond Sword base damage is 8. After applying the enchantment, it will be 9.25 )
  • melee weapons which can be enchanted
    Sword and Axe can be enchanted with Sharpness enchantment

Java Edition

The Java edition calculates additional damage with each level-up in a different way. Players can find the explanatory list below:

  • Sharpness Enchantment Level I – adds 1 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level II – adds 1.5 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level III – adds an extra 2 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level IV – adds further 2.5 damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level V – adds 3 damage
  • First bullet point – ( For example, Diamond Sword base damage is 7. After applying the enchantment, it will be 8 )

How To Get Sharpness Enchantment

There are a few methods of getting sharpness in Minecraft. While one method allows players to enchant their melee weapon up to level four, level five can be obtained in another way. We have explained all the details of these methods in our guide below:

  • Enchantment Table
  • Anvil
  • Enchanting command (Bedrock edition specific)

Players can craft almost every enchantment in Minecraft using these tools. The crafting process is also similar for all enchantments. If you want to learn more about crafting enchantments in Minecraft, we recommend you read our guide on Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft.

Other than that, explorers will have a chance to encounter the Sharpness Enchantments in various places. The enchantment might be available to loot inside the chests present in other dimensions.

Crafting Sharpness Enchantment Using The Enchanting Table

An enchanting table is an essential tool in Minecraft specifically designed to prepare enchantments. Moreover, players can acquire it in Minecraft by using the crafting table and mixing an enchanted book with two diamonds and obsidian.

Enchanting table in Minecraft
An enchanting table in Minecraft

Players can also use the enchanting table to craft the sharpness in Minecraft. However, there is only one drawback; the enchanting table can only enchant the melee weapon to up to four levels. The last and the most sought-after version of the sharpness enchantment can be obtained by using an Anvil.

Before getting to the enchanting part, we need to arrange Lapiz Lazuli, a mineral and an essential enchanting ingredient in Minecraft. Once we have enough supply of the necessary mineral, we can proceed to the enchanting process:

  • Right-clicking on the enchantment table will open the enchanting grid along with the inventory in the bottom part of your screen.
  • Move the melee weapon from the inventory into the enchanting grid’s first slot and the Lapiz lazuli to the second grid. The table will automatically enchant your melee weapon.
  • To finish the process, move it from the table to your inventory to save it permanently in the game.
  • Moreover, to increase the chances of getting a level four sharpness enchantment, cover the enchanting table with enchanted books in Minecraft.
    Enchanting a sword with the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft
    Enchanting a sword with the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft

Sharpness Enchantment Using The Anvil In Minecraft

An Anvil is another essential Minecraft tool used to reshape or enchant items. Players can effortlessly obtain sharpness enchantment level five in Minecraft using the Anvil. However, Anvil requires enchanted books to enchant items in Minecraft.

Anvil in Minecraft
Anvil in Minecraft

Moreover, crafting an Anvil itself is a straightforward task. Players can mix four iron ingots and three iron ore blocks on the crafting table to get an Anvil. You can also make Iron Ingots from Iron Nuggets in Minecraft. To understand the whole process, please read our extensive guide on How To Make Iron Nuggets in Minecraft?

Players can get enchanted books through various in-game sources. We have listed some of the sources below:

Trading With Librarian/Villager

Librarian in Minecraft
A librarian in Minecraft

There are at least four villages in Minecraft, and they spawn randomly across the map. Inside these villages, players can find local villagers or librarians. They can trade different items with them by paying with emeralds. Move close to the librarian and right-click on it to open the trade menu.

Players can use some emeralds and a few regular books to trade for an enchanted book in Minecraft. After receiving them from the librarian, proceed with your anvil to get the sharpness enchantment in Minecraft.

Trading with librarian for enchanted books to get the sharpness enchantment in Minecraft
Trading for enchanting books with a librarian

However, keeping a critical factor in mind is that obtaining enchantment through trading is random. It does not specify what type of enchantment you will receive. Also, the level of enchantment will rely on random chances as well. Explicitly, a Librarian can sell you the same book of a similar level more than once.

Moreover, the level of the trader also affects the deals he currently offers. In the case of Librarians, an enchantment book can be available at levels of the trader, starting from Novice to Expert level. Requirements for enchantment books will change based on the level offered in the trade.

  • Level 1 enchantment will cost 5-19 emeralds.
  • Level 2 enchantment will cost 8-32 emeralds.
  • Level 3 enchantment will cost 11-45 emeralds.
  • Level 4 enchantment will cost 14-58 emeralds.
  • Level 5 enchantment will cost 17-64 emeralds.

Eventually, the cost of level 5 enchantment could be higher than 64. But 64 is the enclosed limit; the amount can not proceed beyond this limit. As a result, level 5 enchantments will have a higher chance of costing 64 emeralds most of the time.

Fishing For Enchanted Books

It is a time-consuming and, consequently, non-efficient method of getting enchanted books in Minecraft. However, players can enchant the fishing rod with different available fishing enchantments to increase their chances of getting good rewards while fishing. This way, players can get the enchanted books in less time and use them to get the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft.

Fishing for enchanting books
Equip your fishing rod with its enchantments to increase your chances of getting unique items.

Fishing is a fascinating hobby in Minecraft, which can bless players with many unique rewards. Moreover, players can do fishing to breed different fish species in Minecraft. Our extensive guide on What Do Minecraft Fish Eat?  explains everything about fishing in Minecraft.

Chests And Buried Treasures

Players can easily find rare chests inside dungeons, shipwrecks, and temples of Minecraft. Moreover, digging around beaches can also reveal buried treasures. These are excellent sources of getting unique items in Minecraft. Open as many chests as possible to increase your chances of getting enchanted books. Later, these books can be used in Anvil to craft sharpness enchantment in Minecraft.

enchanting books in a chest
Players can find enchanted books inside chests.

Crafting Sharpness Enchantment In Minecraft Using Anvil

Once you have the enchanted books, the enchanting process contracts down to a few steps. These steps are given below:

  • Right-clicking on the Anvil will open it along with the player’s inventory at the bottom of the crafting table.
  • Players can move their melee weapon into the first slot of the grid and the enchanted book into the second slot.
  • Now, the melee weapon will be automatically enchanted with the sharpness enchantment in Minecraft.
  • Players can finish the whole process by saving the enchanted weapon in their inventory.

Although every weapon needs an anvil to get an enchantment of level 5, there is an exception for Gold Weapons. As a result, Gold weapons can be taken to level 5 Sharpness with an enchanting table.

enchantment level 5
Players can obtain sharpness level 5 using the Anvil

Bastion Remnant

Enchantment in Bastion Remnant
Loot inside the Treasure Room of Bastion Remnant

In the Nether dimension, Bastion Remnant is a naturally generated structure. It is a castle structure that hosts the hostile mobs lurking inside it. Furthermore, there will be a Treasure room inside this structure which holds several chests for looting. You might have a chance to find the Sharpness Enchantment book there.

The Diamond and Iron Sword will have a chance to appear in the chest with Sharpness Enchantment.

End Cities

End City in Minecraft
Loot Inside the End Cities

Among the numerous valuable loots found in the End City, there is a chance for you to find the Sharpness Enchantment as well. Following this, you can find the End Cities on the edge of the End Realm.

Regarding the loot, there are Loot Rooms specifically for obtaining valuable items. Before getting your hand on the chest, you must go through a parkour area.

The Diamond and Iron Sword will have a chance to appear in the chest with Sharpness Enchantment.

Sharpness Level 1000 (Bedrock Edition)

In the bedrock edition of Minecraft, players can use specific commands to enchant items. Similarly, players can use some commands to enchant their melee weapons to a deadly level where it becomes so powerful that they can eradicate anything it touches. Players call it the Sharpness Level 1000 enchantment in Minecraft.

The step-by-step guide to getting the Sharpness Level 1000 in Minecraft Bedrock edition is given below, along with the commands:

Sharpness level 1000 command in Minecraft
Players can use this command if the one mentioned below does not work
  • First, ensure you have enabled the cheats/command console in Minecraft. Novices can find the enabling option from their Pause Menu by connecting their world with the LAN.
  • Once they have enabled cheats, all they need to do is to type a particular command and run it using the command console of the game.
  • Copy and paste this command into the chat window of Minecraft: /give @p netherite_sword{Enchantments:
  • Running the command will enchant your sword with level 1000 sharpness in Minecraft. Players can now use this enchanted weapon to fight against the most powerful mobs.

Actually, players can enchant any item to any level by using the command mentioned above code. All they need to do is change the item’s name, the required enchantment, and the level they want to upgrade to in Minecraft.

killing a wild mob
Killing a wild mob using the Sharpness Enchantment in Minecraft

We end our comprehensive guide here. What do you think about the command console trick to enchant items in Minecraft? What items have you enchanted using this trick? How was your experience with the Sharpness Enchantment level 1000 in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments.

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