Minecraft: How To Find Slime [Farming Guide]

Minecraft Slime is majestic cute creatures with great use for red stone and other appliances. Here is how you can find these creatures and also farm them in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft How To Find Slime
Minecraft How To Find Slime

Minecraft is a beautiful 3D sandbox game that has been a testament to time throughout the years. Despite the game’s age, it has had its ups and downs in relevancy throughout the years, which is truly symbolic of the game being a classic.

Despite featuring multiple game modes, the primary goal in Minecraft is survival. Creating contraptions and surviving against hostile mobs like Minecraft slime with limited entities is survival mode’s true essence. Ultimately, the survival mode’s end goal is what you make of it, ranging from beating the ender dragon or building an empire.

If you are also a player considering farming and utilizing Slime in Minecraft, then you are at the right place. This guide entails everything you need to know about Slime and how to farm them in your Minecraft world.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Slimes are a hostile mob added to Minecraft, and since then, it has adhered to many changes.
  • Slimes spawn in swamp biomes and slime chunks under level 40.
  • Moreover, these creatures drop slime balls with many uses in different areas, such as Redstone.
  • Players can also consider making Minecraft Slime farms. Although they are tedious to craft but worth every effort in the end.
  • Minecraft slimes vary in size, and the dimensions dictate their drop and damage numbers.

What Is A Minecraft Slime?

Slimes are hostile mobs in Minecraft that have a green and cubical appearance. These mobs have an adorable appearance; however, they are very deadly if they attack a group. Not having limbs, Slime hops around to maneuver around plains: however, despite their helpless appearance, they do damage proportional to their size except the smallest-sized slime, which does 0 damage.

Minecraft Slime
Minecraft Slime

The attack animation of slimes is just hopping towards you and colliding with you, killing big slime results in it splitting into multiple smaller versions of itself.

Minecraft slimes come in various sizes. The size of slimes dictates many different things, for example, damageXP drop, and health. Like every mob, the damage depends on the game mode for hard difficulty. For normal difficulty, big Minecraft slime does two heart worth of damage, and a big slime does 1.5 hearts worth of damage in easy difficulty. However, all these damages have no status effects like poisoning or hunger. To specify the damages for different sizes and difficulties as shown.

Slime Stats

Damages per difficulty & size.

  • Hard difficulty
    • Small slime damage =0 hearts
    • Medium slime damage = 1.5 heart
    • Big slime damage = 3 hearts
  • Normal difficulty
    • Small slime damage = 0 hearts
    • Medium slime damage = 1 hearts
    • Big slime damage = = 2 hearts
  • Easy difficulty
    • Small slime damage = 0 hearts
    • Medium slime damage =1 heart
    • Big slime damage = 1.5 hearts

Slimes’ sizes also make them vary in maneuverability as bigger slimes jump a longer distance, making them even more of a threat. Slimes being strong in most cases, also have a weakness.

Additionally, the AI of slimes is notoriously bad. Thus, they do not become hostile toward other mobs attacking them, and they do not maneuver around cacti and magma blocks as they damage them.

How To Farm Slimes

Minecraft slime has quite peculiar conditions for them to spawn. There are multiple regions/conditions where slime spawns. For example, the slime mob spawns in swamps with light levels below 8. Slimes also spawn in “slime chunks,” which are located below level 40, and in those zones, they do not require any light level.

However, like most mobs, they require around a 3×2.1×3 free space to spawn. So, realistically, if you want to get slimes, there are two ways you could do it. You can visit nearby swamps at night, find a slime chunk, and make a farm there.

The pros to adventuring and finding swamps to get slimes are that they are the relatively less time-consuming way to find a small amount of slime. The requirements for such an adventurous hunt are good armor to fend for yourself, an ender chest to save a massive amount of slime and loot, torches, and looting weapons for max efficiency of this route.

However, this route of getting slime is inefficient, and the better way to get more is by making an elaborate slime farm. Moreover, for that, we first need to find a slime chunk.

There are two ways to find slime chunks. The first one involves performing a search on the slime chunk locator on your search engine, which will give you the coordinates.

To legitimately find slime chunks, extensive mining must be done under the level y=40. However, it cannot be in the mushroom biome and deep dark biomes. Chunks are 16 by 16 area (x and z), and in the java edition of Minecraft, we can see the borders by pressing F3+G, thus, we can mine in this proximity under y=40.

This technique is much more trial and error based as you will have to mine huge cubical caves, which mostly will bring no fruit. Even more so you will have to light the mined cubical caves so other mobs don’t spawn, as slime chunks can spawn in all light levels.

To increase the efficiency of mining, you can use beacons for mining empowerment and a better pickaxe with the enchantment of efficiency. Once the cave is dug, it should look like this before it is lit up.

Minecraft Slime cave
Mined Cave (before it is lighted up)

After mining and lighting it up, we will now wait for slimes to spawn by moving around the cave. If no slimes spawn in the cave, continue mining the cave further, as your current cave does not have the slime chunk.

However, if you find Minecraft slime in a particular cave area, put a sign on that area. This sign will help you indicate that this cave part has a slime chunk. Now, if you are using the java edition of Minecraft, pressing F3+G will indicate the borders of chunks. Go to the previously placed sign (where the slime was). Separate the borders by putting fences between the borders to find which chunk is the slime chunk. The slimes should spawn in the borders placed or somewhere nearby. Voilà! You have found the slime chunk.

Now that you have found the slime chunk, you can build a slime farm. You can either use the fence to get the slimes by killing them. The second way is to make the contraption much more efficient and hard to build. The build requires:

  • Five carved pumpkins
  • Ten snow blocks blocks
  • Two levers
  • Two hoppers
  • Two powered rails
  • 15 magma blocks
  • One minecart hoppers
  • 18 normal rails
  • Two chests
  • stack of torches
  • minecart chest
  • Best pick axe enchantments (to mine quickly)

After getting these items, we will clear out an area of 16x, 16,z (in the chunk), and -y=17. However, remember that the gadget’s y coordinates must always be below y=40. Upon clearing this whole chunk, it should look something like this.

Farming Slime in A Room
Farming Slime in A Room

Create layers of blocks on the giant cuboid you have mined. There should be three blocks of y-axis space between the layers, and each layer should be lit up, so no mobs other than slime spawns. Once that is done, go to the lowermost layer and dig five blocks, and mine half of the chunk layer closer to the wall of a chunk.

Then mine y-axis height of 4 blocks. So you have the lowermost layer as your ceiling to the little room you have mined. The items listed above can help you build this contraption, as shown near the starting from the left 7th block to the 11th block. This contraption idea and its alignment are inspired by the YouTuber 1upMC.

Minecraft slime loot collector
Loot collector contraption

Put a lever on the rails to turn them on, and add a hopper cart to get loot. Above the contraption put magma blocks, and one block above them, put magma block and cover with block rims.

After doing so, clear all the blocks of the layer directly above the magma blocks and even out the walls, and remember to light up the layers.

Upon creating these holes in the layers, now create a hatchet where you can put the snowman. The snowmen will be used to lure the Minecraft slime into the whole magma floor by getting their aggression. The snowmen must be on the wall next to the hole and covered by a chest and blocks so they would not hit the slimes.

And Voilà the Minecraft slime farm is built. And to maximize the rate of this farm, 25 blocks away from the farm is the ideal distance to increase the slime spawn rate.

Uses Of Minecraft Slime

Minecraft slimes have various uses, essential for the whole Minecraft experience.


Players must combine four strings (which can be attainable by killing spiders) to craft Lead with one slime ball. Lead is essential for making farms as it is much easier to drag animals and non-hostile mobs into places. Wheat and other food items also attract animals toward your character, but they often lose focus on the food, and thus the animals wander off, which is frustrating when trying to lead them into small places.

Magma Cream

Magma Cream is another famous item in Minecraft that players can craft using Slime. There are two ways to get magma. One is by killing magma cubes which can give 0-1 magma cream if killed, and the other way is crafting it. Crafting Magma Cream requires one slime ball and one blaze powder.

Although this way of obtaining Magma Cream is much more tedious than the other, you need two items. However, crafting is worth the try if players have a farm for Blaze and Slime. Magma Cream, in general, is a handy item as it is used in brewing different potions. This includes a potion of fire resistance that grants a unique ability during 1vs.1 encounter.

Sticky Piston

We need a piston and a slime ball to craft a Sticky piston. The sticky piston can push and pull blocks when turned on and off. This might sound quite useless at first. However, in terms of Redstone, the use of sticky pistons are a requirement in most builds. For example, sticky pistons make piston doors, automatic farms, hidden rooms, and much more complex builds, as they can be used to make logic circuits.

Slime Block

Slime blocks don’t have any practical use. However, it is used for parkour and as a slowing agent, as walking over slime blocks slows your character. Their functionality persists even if they have a carpet on them, thus not ruining the place’s color scheme. Slime blocks can also make moving structures in Minecraft, but it is challenging to pull off.


Minecraft slime overall was a unique addition to Minecraft as they changed game mechanics to a new level. Slimes yield a lot of uses as of update 1,19 and have brought a lot to the Minecraft game. The unique creatures have a very tedious pawning, but the addition was worthwhile.

What are your opinions on the Minecraft mob “slime’ please do let us know down below.

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