Minecraft: How To Find Slime [Farming Guide]

Minecraft Slime are majestic and cute creatures that have great use with redstone. Here is how you can find these creatures and also farm them in your Minecraft world.

Minecraft How To Find Slime
Minecraft How To Find Slime

Slime in Minecraft has quite peculiar conditions for them to spawn. There are multiple regions/conditions where slime spawns. For example, the slime mob spawns in swamps with light levels below 8. Slimes also spawn in slime chunks, which are located below level Y=40; in those zones, they do not require any light level.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Slimes are a hostile mob added to Minecraft, and since then, it has adhered to many changes.
  • Slimes spawn in swamp biomes and slime chunks under level Y=40.
  • These creatures drop slime balls with many uses in different areas, such as Redstone.
  • Players can also consider making Slime farms. However, they are tedious to craft but worth every effort.

Minecraft Slime

How To Farm Slimes

Like most mobs; they require around a 3×2.1×3 free space to spawn.

So, realistically, I’ve found two ways you could farm slimes. 

1st Way

  1. We first need to find a slime chunk. There are two ways to find slime chunks.
  2. To legitimately find slime chunks, extensive mining must be done under the level y=40.
  3. It cannot be in the mushroom biome and deep dark biomes. Chunks are 16 by 16 area (x and z), and in the Java edition of Minecraft, we can see the borders by pressing F3+G. Thus, we can mine in this proximity under Y=40.

This technique is much more trial and error based as you must mine huge cubical caves, which will bear no fruit.

To increase mining efficiency, you can use beacons for mining empowerment and a better pickaxe with the enchantment of efficiency. Once the cave is dug, it should look like this before it lit up.

Minecraft Slime cave
Mined Cave (before it is lighted up)

After mining and lighting it up, you must wait for slimes to spawn by moving around the cave. If no slimes spawn in the cave, continue mining the cave further, as your current cave does not have the slime chunk.

2nd Way

You can build a slime farm now that you have found the slime chunk. 

For this contraption, you will need the following:

  • Five carved pumpkins
  • Ten snow blocks blocks
  • Two levers
  • Two hoppers
  • Two powered rails
  • 15 magma blocks
  • One minecart hoppers
  • 18 normal rails
  • Two chests
  • stack of torches
  • minecart chest
  • Best pick axe enchantments (to mine quickly)

After getting these items, l clear out an area of 16x, 16,z (in the chunk), and -y=17. Remember that the gadget’s y coordinates must always be below Y=40. Upon clearing this whole chunk, it should look something like this.

Farming Slime in A Room
Farming Slime in A Room
  1. Create layers of blocks on the giant cuboid you have mined.
  2. There should be three blocks of y-axis space between the layers, and each layer should be lit up so no mobs other than slime spawn.
  3. Once that is done, go to the lowermost layer, dig five blocks, and mine half of the chunk layer closer to the wall of a chunk.
  4. Proceed mining to the y-axis height of 4 blocks. 
  5. The items listed above can help you build this gadget, as shown near the starting from the left 7th block to the 11th block. I took the contraption idea and its alignment from 1upMC.
Minecraft slime loot collector
Loot collector contraption

Put a lever on the rails to turn them on, and add a hopper cart to get loot. Above the contraption, put magma blocks, and one block above them, put magma block and cover with a block.

After doing so, clear all the blocks of the layer directly above the magma blocks and even out the walls, and remember to light up the layers. Upon creating these holes in the layers, create a hatchet where you can put the snowman.

The snowmen will be used to lure the slime into the whole magma floor by getting them aggravated. The snowmen must be on the wall next to the hole and covered by a chest and blocks to avoid hitting the slimes.

And Voilà the slime farm is built. I found that to maximize the rate of this farm, you need to go 25 blocks away from the farm, which is the ideal distance to increase the slime spawn rate.

My Experience With Slime

In my experience, Slime farms are the best way to get slime for your redstone projects.

Although the process is a bit tedious, you will have an infinite supply of slime when it’s done. But you can also try other ways to farm slime listed above.

This is all for my guide on How to Find Slime and Farm Them.

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