Minecraft: Street Lamps [10 Best Ideas]

Illuminate your surroundings with some finest-looking lamps outside your door.

Minecraft Street lamps

I have found that using any Light Block is likely suitable for crafting a street lamp. However, it’s essential to pay attention to the design of the street lamps. Following a specific design, you can easily incorporate any Light Source Block to illuminate the pathways.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no restriction on using Light Blocks while creating street lamps. However, you can pick a specific Light Block and create a whole lamp structure around it.
  • To take a few examples, you can select a Redstone Lamp and build functioning street lamps by following its mechanics. Or you can build old-style street lamps using Lantern as the Light Source.
  • The Street Lamps are pretty easy to create. Creating something complex is totally up to you, and one thing to remember is that complicated structures are much more likely to give a satisfying outcome.

Some of the most common blocks to use as a light source are:

  • Glowstone: Can be crafted with the help of 4 Glowstone Dust.
  • Redstone Lamp: Use the Glowstone and 4 Redstone Dust to craft this.
  • Lantern: Fill the grid with Iron Nuggets and place a Torch in the center to craft a standard Lantern.
  • Sea Lantern: Place Prismarine Shards in all 4 corners of the grid. Then, fill the rest of the space using Prismarine Crystals, and this item will be created.
  • Jack o’Lantern: Carved Pumpkin at the center and Torch below it.
  • Froglight: This light does not contain any crafting recipe. Instead, it is obtainable through breaking it. Another way to collect Froglight is to feed the Frog with a tiny Magma Cube. The color of the Froglight depends on which variant of Frog has devoured the Magma Cube. This block emits light of Minecraft’s highest level (15) possible.

You can also check out this guide on the Best Light Sources in Minecraft. After acquiring the Light Block that suits your interest, you can start with a few of the most intriguing ideas to construct street lamps in Minecraft.

Simple Street Lamps

Best lamp design for beginners
Basic Level street lamps
Simple Design for Street Lamps

The level of challenge you embrace can significantly enhance the appeal of your street lamp designs. Investing effort into crafting your designs will undoubtedly yield fruitful and satisfying results.

Note: Structure complexity is limitless. I consider this a benefit, especially when building structures or lamps in my preferred way. After all, the intricacies of crafting allow players to bring their virtualized ideas to life in the pixelated world of Minecraft.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this because it has a simple design and is easy to create.

Complex Style Street Lamps

Best lamp design for experienced players
Complex Design Street Lamps
Unique Looking Street Lamps

Depending on your chosen hardship, the attraction towards your street lamp designs will be much more desirable. Indeed, putting some effort into your designs will create fruitful results.

After all, the complexity of crafts enables the players to implement anything they have virtualized into the pixelated world of Minecraft.

Lighten up your creativity in making these complex street lamps in Minecraft with the help of Eli’s Art YouTube Channel, which will provide you with many unique ideas.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this because it has a very unique design and has a very vibrant look to it.

Urban Street Lamps

Best lamp design with a modern aesthetic
Urban style Lamp
Basic Urban Street Lamp

I absolutely love being surrounded by urban-style buildings. Construct the latest designs of street lamps for a modern touch. What’s great is that these designs don’t require much hard work on my part.

These can look fine with the simplest designs, given that the design should look basic and simplified. A tip for putting a good impression on the looks of these street lamps is to avoid using any aged material block that can ruin its image (such as Wooden Blocks).

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this because I was quite fascinated by its modern design.

Sea Lantern Lamps

Best lamp design for an aquatic base
Sea Lantern Lamps
Underwater Lamps

I’m aware that Minecraft has a fair amount of players who like to build structures underwater. With the latest updates in Minecraft, creating underwater buildings and houses appears to be as magnificent as land buildings. But it will all be in vain if it’s hard for me to set my view on that building under the depth of oceans and seas.

Following this, it is best to use Sea Lanterns as the source of light underwater, as these blocks can emit the highest light emissions. Also, these blocks don’t contrast with Minecraft’s background of water depths.

As a result, they blend in quite well with their respective environment while producing a luminous outcome to their surroundings.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this because this was the best design to illuminate an aquatic base.

Scare Crow Lamps

Best lamp design with a Halloween theme
Jack o'Lantern as lamps
Use Jack o’Lantern as Lamps

With the presence of Jack o’Lantern, it is evident that anyone, including myself, will be hit with the idea of creatively using it as a light source. The texture of this Light Block imitates the dummy used in the fields to fend off any unwelcoming guest.

For example, once you have placed a Jack o’Lantern in the fields, it will prevent the spawning of Spiders and Zombies, as they cannot spawn in the specified light level that a Jack o’Lantern produces. Due to this factor, you can create a lamp and make it act as a scarecrow.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this design for its eerie and Halloween-appropriate appearance.

Old Times Lantern Lamps

Best street lamp design with an old-fashioned aesthetic
Lantern Lamps idea
Lantern and Lamps

Walking down the pathway and gazing at some of the old-fashioned street lamps is truly thought-provoking for me. The Wooden Blocks, Lanterns, and Soul Lanterns can satisfy your need to create this unique and neat art of providing light along the way.

Some vegetation blocks, such as Oak Leaves or Vines, can enhance the outlook even more. Such street lamps will be a pleasant sight, providing the highest light emission rate.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this desgin for its old timey look because sometimes modren asthetic just doesn’t cut it.

Medieval Style Street Lamps

Best design with a medieval aesthetic
Medieval Lamps
Medieval Style Street Lamps

One of the fascinating designs that genuinely impresses me and any audience is giving it a primitive touch, especially regarding buildings. Medieval styles, in particular, can enhance the beauty of the whole view that comes into sight. These designs, blending with the flawless beauty of nature, make a more glamorous addition to the surroundings.

The preferable technique to build this lamp is by using Cobblestone. This block reflects the architecture of the Medieval Era quite well. To replicate the style even more precisely, you should include the Lantern as the Light source for this Street Lamp.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this design for my medieval-themed town because its easy to make and bring the town to life at night.

Beacon Street Lamps

Best lamp design that illuminates the sky
Beacon Street Lamps
Beacon Lamps

Firstly, they significantly add to the blocks used as a light source. It is because these are one of the Light Blocks that emit a 15-level light from them, which is the highest. Secondly, they emit a light beam which can act as a guideway if you are somewhere far from your town or house.

The light beam will only emit if you place the Beacon on top of a square shape made with Iron Blocks. Moreover, you can select the color of this light beam of interest.

To change the color of the light beam, place the Glass Block of that specific color on top of the beacon. To have more crazy experiments with the Beacon, you can watch the CJN YouTube video to create a light beam that emits multiple colors.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this lamp desgin because I usually get lost exploring this helps me get back to home base.

Redstone Lamps

Best lamp design for creative players
Redstone Street Lamps
Redstone Street Lamps

The use of Redstone in creating something extraordinary never gets old for me in Minecraft. Redstone can handle even the impossible in the Minecraft world. But rest easy, as using Redstone in creating street lamps does not require in-depth knowledge of the game.

First, you can use Redstone to create a better logical light management system. Navigate the power flow into every street lamp and control the duration of their working time.

Secondly, light blocks such as Redstone Lamps require the Redstone Dust connection to fulfill their purpose. A Redstone Lamp can also work with any item or block with the trigger function ( such as Lever ).

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this desgin because it lets me turn the lights on and off with a flip of a switch.

Daylight Sensor Lamps

Best lamp design for players who like automation
Minecraft Daylight Sensor Street Lamps
Automatic Street Lamps by WiederDude

The convenience I find in using Daylight Sensors in street lamps is that it automates the whole system for me. Redstone requires manual functioning for the accomplishment of the objective given to it. Whereas the Daylight Sensor works on the cycle of day and night shifting. It operates as a light detector and is considered a variation block for Redstone.

Crafting of Daylight Sensor requires 3 Wooden Slabs, 3 Glass Blocks, and 3 Nether Quartz. In the early day cycle, it lights up to 5 blocks of Redstone Dust. In the middle of the day, it strengthens 15 blocks of Redstone Dust, while during the night time, it carries no effect.

 Follow a basic procedure shown by WiederDude Tutorials and get familiar with Daylight Sensor usage to some extent in lamp-related matters.

Why Did I Pick This?

I chose this design because it turns the lights on by itself when its night time making the whole process automated.

My Experience With Unique Lamp Ideas

I think the Day Light Sensor Lamp is by far the best lamp idea on this list.

The main reason why I like the Day Light Sensor Lamp is because it automatically detects when it turns daytime and then shuts off the lights automatically hence, making it my top pick from the list above.

But I recommend players to try out the other lamp ideas and designs listed above.

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