Minecraft: Unstable Enchantment [Complete Guide]

Unstable Enchantment in Minecraft is a cool armor enchantment causes explosions triggered by various events. Here is all you need to know about it.

Unstable Enchantment Minecraft
Unstable Enchantment Minecraft

With many enchantments available, the Unstable Enchantment is one of the coolest and deadliest options, transforming you into a formidable, walking death machine.

Key Takeaways

  • Unstable Enchantment is one of Minecraft’s coolest and deadliest enchantments, giving you explosive abilities.
  • When unstable enchantment is applied to your armor parts, you will receive creeper abilities, causing explosions whenever someone attacks you.
  • Players can easily get the unstable enchantment from the OpenBlocks community and apply it to their items by using an enchantment table.
  • Unstable Enchantment is a three-level enchantment with the intensity of explosion and height of jump increasing with each successive level.

How To Get The Unstable Enchantment?

I’ve discovered a vast global community, with numerous mod teams contributing to the game. One notable addition is the Unstable Enchantment, part of the OpenBlocks mod, showcasing the game’s rich modding landscape.

OpenBlocks, a Mod for Minecraft by the OpenMods team, brings valuable additions to the game, including items and blocks that prove helpful in various scenarios.

To get started, we must ensure we have all the necessary ingredients. 

  • 2 Obsidians Blocks
  • 4 Diamonds Blocks
  • 1 Book

Crafting Menu

Once we have all the items mentioned above, our next stop should be the crafting menu. 

  • Press the “E” key on your keyboard to open the crafting menu.
  • On the right side, you will see a crafting area and your inventory just below that, indicating all the items that you possess.
  • Drag 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 blocks of diamond, and a book from the inventory into the crafting area and place them in the order shown below:
Crafting an Enchantment Table in Minecraft
Recipe to craft an Enchantment Table in Minecraft
  • Once you place all of these items in the crafting area in the correct order, you will see that the desired output appears on the right side.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully crafted an enchantment table.

Once you have crafted the enchantment table, you can place it anywhere you desire and start the next step.

Crafting a Bookshelve in Minecraft
A Bookshelf being crafted in Minecraft

Note: If you do not have enough books already in your inventory, you must also craft some books. It can be quickly done by crafting some paper from sugar cane and combining it with wood.

Each of the bookshelves placed around the enchantment table increases the enchantment we will get from it. As for achieving level 30 of an enchantment, you may want to place a maximum of a whopping 15 bookshelves.

After crafting your enchantment table, the next step is to enchant your items using it. 

  • Place the Enchantment table you crafted and surround it with 15 bookshelves to get the maximum level of enchantment.
  • Approach the enchantment table.
  • An enchantment interface will open, showing your inventory at the bottom and an enchantment area at the top, as shown below:
A player applying the Holding Enchantment to an Item
A player applying an Enchantment to an Item
  • In the enchantment area, you will see two empty slots. The left slot is for the item to be enchanted, and the right one is for blocks of lapis lazuli.
  • Drag your armor or boots from the inventory and place them in the left block of the enchantment area.
  • The enchantments available for this item, along with the experience points and lapis lazuli blocks required for the enchantment, will appear on the right.
  • If you have the required lapis lazuli blocks and experience points, you can now simply click the “Unstable Enchantment” option to apply this enchantment.

I found that adding the Unstable Enchantment to your armor gives it an explosive effect, turning you into a creeper. Like the hostile mobs, creeper explosions cost gunpowder and may deplete durability points from your armor.

The Unstable Enchantment in Minecraft has multiple levels, and the damage it causes increases with each level. While levels 1 and 2 cause normal damage, level 3 is potent enough to destroy blocks.

My Thoughts On Unstable Enchantment

In my opinion, The Unstable Enchantment is a fun and creative game experience.

Your character model explodes and goes a far distance; this can be utilized in many different situations such as pvp or even in a singleplayer world.

But you can find your own ways to use this enchantment however you want.

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