9 Best Minecraft Zoo Ideas [Cool & Easy]

A set of ideas for an eye catching and remarkable looking zoo ideas to feed your inner child.

Minecraft wild life ideas
Minecraft Zoo Ideas

There are multiple different ways to create a zoo. But to make it attractive and mesmerizing is the challenge. Minecraft has multiple different animal mobs, all having other characteristics requiring special needs and unique environments.

Some of these environments are harder to replicate in survival mode. So this Minecraft zoo ideas guide will help you create your own most immersive zoo. To get that immersive feeling, here are the options you need to consider to help create that great-looking zoo.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Zoo Ideas will let you know what kind of Enclosures you might be missing and the animals you can have on display at your wildlife park.
  • To contain an animal without getting canceled on the internet for being a toxic gamer, one can learn how to replicate an animal’s natural habitat and make it available even if it’s in an area opposite its natural habitat.
  • While it will look restrictive to do something such as having monsters in your zoo, one can be surprised to know that it’s highly possible to tame these untamable hostile creatures.
  • Minecraft lets you lose your creativity, and you can use your creative brain to create a perfect zootopia for the animals on display and the visitors coming to see them. All one needs to know is what kind of structure they should give as the base outline of the zoo.

Proper environment; Every animal is unique in Minecraft, with their own script of codes and likes and dislikes. You’ll find each animal in its unique habitat, just like in the real world, for example, Polar bears in the glacier biomes and Camels in the desert. So make sure you read up on the animal you have in an enclosure to impress your friends.

Well structured; Ensure that your zoo is an actual zoo, not a dungeon or prison. Help see the visitors clearly and make the enclosures as beautiful as possible.

Keeping these basics in mind, you can create your optimal zoo, which won’t get you canceled online on Twitter by animal rights activists. While being an innocent game, one cannot look away that it’s not so clear if you see it realistically though it wasn’t in their intention. If you look at things on the lesser surface level, you’ll see that the game isn’t innocent as it lets loose its players to do a quote on quote “Whatever the frick they want.”

So moving onto the Minecraft Zoo Ideas, here is how you can create that animal prison of your dreams.

Animal Enclosure Ideas


Minecraft Bird Aviary
An aviary can become a walkthrough as well cause once tamed, those birds won’t fly away

In other words, an aviary or a big bird cage is not something someone usually has in mind when making a zoo. It’s very unique nature is what makes people like to try it out and boast about it in front of friends.

Minecraft doesn’t have that many birds, but there is one loveable pet bird in the real world they decided to port in. They need to give a raise to whoever came up with it, including a tameable parrot in Minecraft, cause it’s just so cute and even makes one feel like a pirate the way the birds sit on your shoulder.

It’s pretty easy to build the aviary. Just create a square structure or dome however you want. And use glass to wall off anyway to get out.

This will allow you to watch them easily without any blind spots. For decorations, you can use trees and then build a bird stand with a single fence and slab on the side of the tree. It will make it look very immersive. Also, plant flowers and whatever you want to put in there.

Polar Enclosure

Minecraft Polar Bear Farm
A Polar bear isn’t really breedable, so you don’t need to worry about their sizes increasing too much

Not tricky, use white blocks to replicate snow if you want. Firstly you’ll need to create a pool. Fill it to the brim with water. You can also create a side window to give an underwater view. Create a glacier-like structure with white blocks. Make sure it’s big cause this enclosure will include a big animal.

You can plant a tree if you want, as it’ll just give it a little touch of green beauty in your enclosure and eliminate any feeling of emptiness. After creating that beautiful glacier, you can make it, so it’s not just the polar bears that inhabit the enclosure. Another animal can inhabit this enclosure, and make it more immersive if you do so.

The Polar bears eat fish, so ensure you include those in the water to make it look as immersive as possible. You can also use blue blocks for the borders of the pool to give the water a feeling of depth but make the top of the pool border with white blocks, so it’s distinctive and attractive with this color palette.

Wolf Enclosure

Minecraft Wolf Farm
This beast belongs to the mountains, so make sure you make replicate their habitat

It might seem easy on the surface, but it requires more special treatment than others. Unlike others, it will not be on a plain surface or in a moat but will require a rather hilly structure.

Wolves are known to live in the mountains. This animal is also easily found in the hills even in the game as that’s its natural habitat. So you’ll need to create a small hill structure in this enclosure and a small Cave inside it with placed hay and other things to make it look more immersive. You can create the hill structure with stone and dirt to give it a nice texture.

Desert Enclosure

minecraft camel farm desert farm
It’s a very simple one, but this simplicity can stand out sometimes

This one doesn’t require any kind of explanation as it’s in the name. As you create your ideal zoo following Minecraft zoo ideas, you can’t overlook the fact of containing every type of theme for their zoo. That’s why this unforgiving sandy habitat comes in bearing within itself unique animals used to its harsh environment.

Minecraft’s rich biomes include a desert biome with unique animal mob types. So one can create an enclosure solely containing its animals. You can use both Lalamas or Camels in this enclosure or give both the mobs their separate borders to give their inhabitants a recognizable look within even a small window of sight.

Fish Tank

The feeling of being surrounded by water yet not drowning is something that attracts a lot of people

This one might already be in one’s mind when looking at Minecraft zoo ideas. But to make this tank further unique, you can get more creative with your display.

One of the ideas we’d like to share will give your aquarium a feeling of being unique. Instead of making just a square tank, you can make a walkthrough aquarium to make it more appealing to visit it.

You can use a dark underground structure, except the inside of the tank will be light sources, so the fish are visible in it. Use blue blocks to make the border walls of the tank again to give it a look of depth. Make sure you make the tank’s floor with sand, which gives it more immersion, but you can choose other structures like underwater rocky terrain or a mix of both.

The life inhabiting the tank will be all aquatic. Aquatic plant life, different kinds of fish, and even squids can inhabit this enclosure to make it look like the sea as most as they can, except for turtles and dolphins these two animals need an open space, and one of them also requires dry land to live off of.

Amphibians And Insect House

An enclosure dedicated to holding Minecraft’s scaley small beasts and eight-legged beasts

Minecraft is full of amphibian creatures and insects, some of which are hostile, but it doesn’t mean those cannot be contained for display, so the visitors can inspect them without worrying about getting attacked.

In this enclosure, make multiple small boxes of 2×2 blocks or more if you think so; each one will hold a different type of animal inside it. Each box will require a unique environment that you will need to make based on the animal you plan on placing there.

For example, create a swamp aesthetic for Frogs, A web-filled box for spiders, another swamp aesthetic for slime, a cave or plain structure for axolotls, etc.

Minecraft Zoo Ideas Structure

Organized And Equally Squared

minecraft well structured zoo
A well-organized zoo can give players a jump for their money

This type of zoo layout will give an equal length and width of blocks to every enclosure and provide an easy-to-understand layout for visitors. It’s simple to make; calculate an even amount of width and length. Ensure you distribute all the enclosures equally by making a basic structure before creating the enclosures.

Higher Viewing Grounds

To give the visitors of your zoo easy sightseeing without the trouble of getting their vision blocked by bars and the alike. It’s recommended one uses a higher viewing platform; you can either create high-walled enclosures or just dig and make the enclosures in a hole. It’s entirely upon you to choose that.

Wacky Layout

minecraft uneven zoo
You don’t need to set a specific squared boundary for your zoo, expand it as you see fit, and create enclosures as you see fit, as there isn’t any restriction on building in this game.

Being too equal in the layout can sometimes be bland, leaving a distasteful and empty feeling. Minecraft is an artistic game, and one can let loose the artist inside and create a layout as if randomly throwing colors on a canvas.

This layout will create a bit of an aesthetic following its distinctive look of unevenly distributed boundaries. This will also bring a natural feeling to the enclosures as they will look slightly different than just a normal square inside another square.


All these ideas are great and can be implemented efficiently using the creative mode in survival. While you can do it without switching to survival mode, it will consume a lot of your time if you try.

While Minecraft is all about being a cute builder sandbox, the ideas are not so great if you implement them in real life. So making a zoo in real life can get you into many problems with PETA and animal rights activists. So create that animal prison in the game without getting into trouble. Even if someone does take notice of you, it’s mostly going to be just canceling on the internet places like Twitter.

Returning to the topic, it’s reasonably easy to implement all these ideas into one build, except for the conflicting structure ideas.  Create it as big as possible by having different enclosures for every animal. But just having enclosures won’t cut it, so make sure you add some side attractions like fountains and even food stalls for your visitors.

That’s all on the Minecraft Zoo ideas guide. Hopefully, this will help you create your sweet animal exhibition to show off to your friends. If you have any queries, do use the comment section to let us know.

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