GTA 5: Mobile Operations Center [Complete Guide]

Take over the the world of GTA 5 online with you friends using the Mobile Operations Center.

Mobile Operations Center in GTA 5 online
Mobile Operations Center in GTA 5 online

Among multiple features in GTA Online, Mobile Operations Center always grabs the attention of new and veteran players. Therefore, if you are confused about the functions of a Mobile Operations Center, this guide will help you buy and fully understand the workings of a Mobile Operations Center.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile Operations Centers are highly armored trucks that can carry an entire crew.
  • These armored trucks can be bought using the Internet on your in-game phone.
  • However, you must remember that you must own a bunker before purchasing your MOC. These bunkers can also be purchased through your in-game cellphone.
  • The Mobile Operations Center comes in two parts—the Cab that drives and the Trailer that stores everything else.
  • The back trailer is divided into three Bay areas. Each Bay area can be fitted with different rooms that serve other purposes.
  • You can also upgrade your weapons and vehicles through workshops.
  • Players can also purchase a MOC, which comes with a turret that can be used to defend the truck or attack intruders.
  • Mobile Operations Center also allows players to complete different missions to win discounts for vehicle upgrades.

GTA 5 developers created many special vehicles and features for the online version. Many cars are available in the Online version that does not exist in Story mode. The heavily armored vehicles, the gunrunning vehicles, and some hypercars are pure creations for the online version of the game.

Moreover, the Mobile Operations Center is unique to GTA 5 online. This truck is a beast on land and one of the hardest vehicles to destroy in GTA 5 Online. As the name suggests, it is a command center for you and your crew on wheels. This is where you can plan out your next heist and take on enemy crews without stopping at one place.

Mobile Operations Center In GTA 5

Mobile Operations Center
Hauler Cab on a Mobile Operations Center

Mobile Operations Center is a heavily armored vehicle. It is not just any vehicle; it is a big truck that can withstand insane amounts of damage. Moreover, this MOC in the game comes with two different parts.

Firstly, it comes with a Cab which is the actual drivable front end of the truck. Secondly, the Trailer, which is the vast loading dock attached to the Cab. The Trailer section serves as the storage unit.

Here you can store entire vehicles and your crew. The Cab and Trailer together result in a Mobile Operations Center. This Vehicle is absolutely necessary for you and your team if you have enough money to throw around. As a result, you would be one of the most robust crews in GTA 5 online, and other crews would stay out of your way.

How To Buy A Mobile Operations Center

The Mobile Operation Center is straightforward to buy. You can perform the entire transaction through the Internet on your phone. However, you must remember that you would need to buy a bunker before you purchase a MOC.

This is the only hurdle you would need to overcome to own your MOC. This is because you would be storing your Mobile Operation Center here in this bunker as there is no big enough garage to store the massive truck.

How To Buy Your Very Own Bunker

The Bunker can also be purchased through your phone. However, you must remember that you would need to be a VIP before you own a bunker. This means to have at least Fifty Thousand in your Wallet. You can register yourself as a VIP or CEO through your Interaction Menu.

These are the steps to buy your Bunker:

  • You need to bring up your phone and go to the Internet App. This is the App with a blue icon and a sphere in the middle.
  • Then click on the Money and Services Option here. This is right under the search bar.
  • Here you will see a Maize Bank Forclusure website. The site will ask your permission to enter the site, click enter on that.
  • Now will see a map here. On the top right, you will see the red-colored option Bunker. You need to click on this option, and now all you can see are Bunkers.
  • Scroll to the top of the map; you will see bunkers here.
  • Now click on any of the locations available on the Map. Once you click on the pin location of the bunker, you will see a buy now option with a price.
  • You can choose to buy add-ons for your Bunker. These can be living quarters, so you spawn here, a shooting range, a gun locker, and transportation.
bunker map gta5
Bunker Map in Maize Bank Foreclosure
Webpage on the Internet App
Webpage on the Internet
Mobile Operations Center buying Menu
Mobile Operations Center Buying Menu

However, there are also certain upgrades you would need to do to your Bunker. You can do this through the laptop in your bunker. You would need to manage your staff from their website on the laptop.

Then you need to head out to the upgrade option and upgrade everything in here. As these upgrades would also result in higher passive income

How To Buy The MOC

Now that you own a Bunker, it’s time to get your very own Mobile Operations Center in GTA 5 online.

These are the steps to get your very own MOC:

  • Bring up your phone and head to the internet application.
  • You will see an option for Warstock Cash and Carry. Click on this tab, and you will be taken to their website.
  • Then on their webpage, look for Mobile Operation Center and click on this option.
  • Once you have clicked on this option, you can customize your MOC.
  • You can select one of two Cabs and select different layout settings for your Trailer in the back.
  • The back of your truck can be divided into three different Bays. You can select other builds for each of these bays that will suit you and your crew.
  • Now select your build and buy your Mobile Operations Center.

Once you have bought your Mobile Operations Center, you can easily access it through the Interaction Menu. You can open the Services option in the Interaction Menu and head to Mobile Operations Center. Here you can select who can have the access to your MOC. Moreover, you can request a Mobile Operation Center. This request option will spawn your MOC near you, and you can take it for a ride around the town.

Feature And Applications

Mobile Operations Centers are built like tanks. They can take a considerable amount of damage before exploding, and on top of that, they can drive faster than your average trucks in GTA 5. They can take more than ten RPGs and Sticky Bombs before they explode.

Moreover, fully upgraded MOCs can take upwards of fifty RPGs before exploding. These Operation Centers can easily house multiple people at a time, so you always have space for your crew. Moreover, these command centers have many features that make them stand out.

You can add different customizations that cater to your need. These customizations are unique for every player so two MOCs can be completely different.

Multiple Cabs For Your MOC

There are two types of Cabs available for your Mobile Operation Center. Furthermore, both are among the best-armored vehicles in the game. They can withstand several RPGS and can take several sticky bombs on them.

The first Cab you can purchase is the Phantom Custom. This Cab will set you back around $1.2 Million. However, it is well worth the prize. Furthermore, Phantom Custom is the cheaper option of the two cabs available.

The second Cab is the Hauler Custom you can buy for around $1.4 million. Moreover, the game describes the Hauler as a meteor strike as this truck packs a solid punch. Surprisingly, the Phantom is faster than the Hauler with or without the trailer in the back.

Both of these cabs can take a lot of damage without exploding. However, the Hauler can fit only two people inside compared to 5 people in the Phantom. The cheaper option, in this case, is the better option, and this is the option you should go for. The only good thing about Hauler is the ability to run through cars like they are nothing.

Bay Layout

The trailer of these Mobile Operation Centers contains three customizable Bays in the back. Each Bay can be fitted with any combination of the options you want.

You can select from five different options for your bay:

  • Command Center:  This is the main room in your Bay and one option you should definitely pick. Command Center serves as the War Room in your trailer. This is the place you will be using to defend your Mobile Operations Center, as this is where you can control two of your turrets from.
  • These turrets pack a punch and can one-shot any vehicle in their range. The turrets have one bullet per second fire rate, which is not fast but can be helpful. You can install up to two turrets that your friends can take over while you drive.
  • This will take one space in your bay and is worth it. The cost to put in Command Center is $320,000.
  • Living Quarters:  This serves as your characters’ wardrobe and resting place. However, all you can do here is change clothes and chill out for a little bit. This makes it not essential to have in your trailer, and you can use this space for something else. This modification can set you back around $145,000.
  • Personal Vehicle Storage:  This turns one of your entire Bay areas into a place where you can store your vehicle. This add-on turns your Mobile Operation Center into a garage on wheels. This vehicle storage is very convenient to use. This can be useful if trying to evade using a vehicle faster than your MOC.
  • Weapon Workshop:  This modification is precisely what the name suggests. You can get a weapon workshop in your Mobile Operation Center to upgrade and create new weapons. This will only take one space in your Bay area and is not essential if you already have a weapons workshop. This will set you back around $245,000.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Workshop:  This Bay modification is better than having a garage in the back. However, this modification will take up two spaces in the Bay area. This weapon and vehicle workshop allows you to upgrade and customize both weapons and vehicles. This is a complete workshop where you can do paint jobs and customize vehicle armor. This modification will cost you around $955,000. However, even at this high rate, it is worth the price.

These are the options for a modular modification to your trailer. However, my recommendation is to get the Command Center so you can defend yourself. Moreover, you should get a Weapon and Vehicle Workshop to add to the other two Bay areas.

This will be your one-stop for vehicle and weapons upgrades so that you can upgrade from within. This will complete entire modifications to your truck.

Missions Offered Inside MOC

Mobile Operations Center in GTA 5 online also offers a few different missions to the players. However, you must be registered as a CEO to start these missions. You can access these missions through the computers inside the MOC. Command Center also contains one of these computer screens.

All you need to do is log in to the computer, and you will be able to start these missions. These missions are relatively simple, and you will receive discounts upon completion. You will be offered discounts on several vehicles and their upgrades.

These missions also offer discounts on the upgrades you can perform on your Mobile Operations Center. Plus, they are fun to play, so if you drive around in your MOC, complete these missions.


Mobile Operations Center is one of the exciting features of GTA 5 online. This is great for bringing a bunch of your friends together to wreak havoc on Los Santos. You can pick on dangerous fights and win from just inside your vehicle. These Mobile Operation Centers are built like tanks, so you are never at risk of exploding. Moreover, the turrets on your truck can destroy enemy vehicles with a single bullet.

Furthermore, these Trucks are highly customizable and can offer some fantastic features. So if you are ready to take on an enemy crew, this might be your best bet against them. It may be a little expensive. However, it is some of the most fun you will have with your friends, and I think that’s well worth the money.