GTA V: Money Locations [Hidden Packages]

After playing the game thoroughly, here are all the locations where I found the hidden money packages.

Money location

During my extensive time in GTA V, I found all of the 12 hidden package locations filled with money and other rewards scattered throughout the game’s biomes. This guide will help you with your expedition to these money locations.

Key Takeaways

Hidden Packages are collectibles scattered throughout the game that contain cash, weapons, and other valuable items.

  1. These are located in various parts of the game, including the ocean floor, underwater caves, and hard-to-reach places. You can find them in the following locations:
      • Paleto Cove
      • North Chumash
      • Zancudo
      • Los Santos Docks
      • Banning
      •  Murrieta Fields
      • Palomino Highlands
      • Tataviam Mountains
      • Paleto Bay
      • Altruist Camp
      • Pacific Bluffs
      • Ron Winds Alternative
  2. Players can use the game’s interactive map to keep track of the collected Hidden Packages or maintain a personal record of the collected items.

Author’s Trust

Having logged hundreds of hours in GTA V, I have explored every corner of Los Santos, mastered missions, and uncovered hidden gems. Shoot me with any of your queries related to GTA V, and I’ll gladly help.

– Ahmed Raza

Money locations map
Money Locations map

While it took me quite some time to locate these briefcases myself, this guide will help you speed up the process. There are 12 hidden packages in GTA V, each with its unique location and reward.

 Hidden Packages  Rewards
 Paleto Cove Briefcase  $12,000
 North Chumash Briefcase  $12,500
 Zancudo Briefcase  $9,000
 Los Santos Docks Briefcase  $11,000
 Banning Briefcase  $7,500
 Murrieta Fields Briefcase  $16,500
 Palomino Highlands Briefcase   $7,000
 Tataviam Mountains Briefcase  $20,000
 Paleto Bay Briefcase  $8,000
 Altruist camp Briefcase  $25,000
 Pacific Bluffs Briefcase  $25,000
 Ron Wounds Alternate Briefcase  $10,000


Paleto Cove Briefcase

Paleto Cove Briefcase
  • The Paleto Cove Briefcase is situated in the Paleto Cove region, which can be found north of Paleto Bay on the game’s map.
  • However, The briefcase is submerged underwater, resting on the seabed, and is located just off the coast of the cove. I advise using a diving suit as you won’t be able to hold your breath underwater otherwise. 
  • It rewards players with $12,000.

North Chumash Briefcase

North Chumash Briefcase.
  • The North Chumash Beach is north of Los Santos. The briefcase is located underwater near the remains of a sunken boat on the seabed.
  • Again, I advise using a diving suit to get to it.
  • It contains $12,500 in cash. 

Zancudo Briefcase

Zancudo Briefcase.
  • The Zancudo Briefcase is situated within the Zancudo Riverbed, which passes through the military base. Players must navigate to a drainage pipe beneath the riverbed to find the briefcase.
  • Although the location can be accessed by swimming up the riverbed, the easiest way to reach the briefcase is by entering the military base through the main gate and following the riverbed until the pipe is reached.
  • However, I found that this task can be more challenging and dangerous due to the presence of military personnel and guard towers.
  • You can discover $9,000 in this briefcase. 

Los Santos Docks Briefcase

Los Santos Docks Briefcase.
  • The Los Santos Docks Briefcase is concealed within a warehouse in the industrial and bustling shipping port of Los Santos Docks.
  • It offers an attractive reward of $11,000 to the player who discovers it. 

Banning Briefcase

Banning Briefcase.
  • To find the Banning Briefcase in GTA V, you must search for a sunken container bed visible just below the water’s surface. As the briefcase was placed on top of the container bed, I didn’t have to use any scuba diving equipment.
  • The Banning Briefcase contains $7,500 in cash.

 Murrieta Fields Briefcase

Murrieta Fields Briefcase.
  • You can find the Murrieta Fields Briefcase at the wreckage site of a crashed plane on the ocean floor. You can find the package below the debris of the plane’s left wing.
  • I recommend using a scuba gear or a submarine to reach the package.
  • Finally, the Murrieta Fields Briefcase offers a substantial reward of $16,500.

Palomino Highlands Briefcase

Palomino Highlands Briefcase
  • Players can find the Palomino Highlands Briefcase by swimming to the ocean floor at the peninsula’s center. The briefcase is situated on the right side of a sunken steamer ship, a useful landmark for locating the package.
  • Furthermore, if players manage to locate the Palomino Highlands Briefcase, they can earn a reward of $7,000

Tataviam Mountains Briefcase

Tataviam Mountains Briefcase.
  • Players can find the Tataviam Mountains Briefcase by locating a shipwreck close to the landmass that appears to have exploded. I found the briefcase hidden within the wreckage. 
  • Players who successfully locate the Tataviam Mountains Briefcase can expect a substantial reward of $20,000

Paleto Bay Briefcase

Paleto Bay Briefcase.
  • To find the Paleto Bay Briefcase, players must plunge into the waters on the eastern side of Paleto Bay, where sharks roam.
  • You will find the briefcase under the wreckage of a crop duster plane on the ocean floor. However, the wreckage may be hard to spot as it blends with the surrounding rocks.
  • Players can earn a reward of $8,000 upon successfully finding the Paleto Bay Briefcase.

Altruist Camp Briefcases

Altruist Camp Briefcase.
  • Each briefcase found at the Altruist camp contains $25,000.
  • In total, there are four briefcases available.
  • The Altruist camp is located in the northern part of the map, in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness area.
  • The briefcases can only be obtained during or after Trevor’s mission.
  • Players must eliminate all Altruist cult members to obtain the briefcases.

Pacific Bluffs Briefcase

  • To find the Pacific Bluffs Briefcase, players must head to a sunken submarine and look for the package on top of the wreck, close to the entrance hatch. You can easily find it without much effort.
  • The Pacific Bluffs Briefcase is the most valuable hidden package in the game, containing a whopping $25,000 in cash.

Ron Winds Alternative Briefcase

Ron Winds Alternative Briefcase
  • The Ron Winds Alternate Briefcase is a hidden package in the ocean’s depths, concealed within a military truck wreck.
  • You must undertake a challenging dive to reach the package, as the murky waters and numerous sunken military vehicles such as tanks and trucks, can make the search difficult.
  • It offers a cash prize of $10,000 to the player who successfully finds it.

My Verdict

I would say there are better and more rewarding ways to get money in GTA V, and only look for these briefcases if your goal is to fulfill missions. Personally, I look for high-tier rewards with more money. I guess that’s also the reason I didn’t enjoy roaming around these locations.

However, if exploration and fulfilling missions is your primary goal, then this is not a bad start. I hope this guide helped with your queries.

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