Mortal Kombat 1: Erteca Aosch Klue [Solved]

Learn all about how solve the Erteca Aosch Klue and make progress in invasion mode.

Mortal kombat 1 background with title on the side of Erteca Aosch
Learn how to progress by solving the Erteca Aosch Klue.

The ‘Invasion mode’ features various Klues that must be solved before progressing. Erteca Aosch Klue is one of those Klues in Mortal Kombat 1.

Key Takeaways

  • Invasion mode consists of 8 worlds and 12 Klues. You must complete battles, tasks, or Klues to progress with the world.
  • Erteca Aosch Klue appears in the Living Forest map, which must be completed to progress.
  • Firstly, you must unlock Havik by playing the story mode to 100% completion.
  • After that, you must perform Havik’s first Fatality to complete the Erteca Aosch Klue in Mortal Kombat 1.

Klue Location How To Solve Unlock Havik
Erteca Aosch Living Forest Perform Havik’s first Fatality Complete Story Mode

Invasion Klues

invasion mode worlds. 8 worlds showing
Eight total worlds in Invasion Mode. ~Image Credits: Gamesual

This new game mode allows players to choose their favorite character and Kameo (a side character who helps in battles). Moreover, it is like a board-style game, where the character can move one spot at a time, like a board game.

In addition, there are eight worlds in the invasion mode. However, you can only move one spot at a time, which is where Klues comes in. You will have to complete Klues or battles before you can progress.

Furthermore, progressing in this mode using Klues will reward you with skins and costumes for a more personalized feeling. Consequently, you can unlock new taunts, fatalities, and color palettes. 

Erteca Aosch Klue

Mortal Kombat 1 character standing in forest in invasion mode
Erteca Aosch Klue in Living Forest in Invasion mode. ~Image Credits: Gamers Heroes 

Amongst the 12 Klues spread throughout the eight worlds in Invasion mode, Erteca Aosch Klue is a task that appears in the Living Forest map. In addition to that, QuackX10 and Nomed Renni are also two Klues spread in this world.

However, unlike other Klues, this task may take longer if you still haven’t completed campaign mode. Firstly, you must unlock Havik because any other character in Mortal Kombat 1 cannot complete this Klue.

Unlock Havik

Havik in campaign mode, wearing helmet in Mortal Kombat 1
Havik’s first appearance at the end of Story Mode. ~Image Credits: Gamesual

To complete this Klue and progress worldwide, you must first unlock Havik. However, it is easier said than done. You must complete the Story Mode to 100% before you can claim Havik.

On the bright side, the story mode will take about five to six hours to complete. With 4 hours of cinematic scenes with a fantastic storyline, skipping them will speed up the progress.

Once you have completed the campaign mode, navigate Notifications and head to Story Rewards. 500 Dragon Krystals and the Havik character will be waiting to be claimed.

Havik with long hair and wide mouth in invasion mode
Havik’s default costume in Invasion Mode.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to complete the Klue, so you must grind in Story mode. Unsurprisingly, players attempted to use the Chaos Pendant to solve the task, but that did not work.

Using Havik’s Fatality

Once you have successfully unlocked Havik by completing story mode, enter the invasion mode and reach the required task. Now, you must perform Havik’s fatality on the enemy.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about unlocking this fatality because all characters have a default fatality that doesn’t need unlocking.

It is important to note that Fatality can only be performed once your enemy’s health bar has depleted. Move close to the dangling enemy and perform the following button combination to activate Fatality:

  • Down
  • Forward
  • Down
  • Back Kick

By doing so, a cinematic scene will start, in which Havik will rip open his body and extract his heart. Then, he will brutally extract the opponent’s heart and replace it with his own.

Havik ripping his own heart out in his first fatality in Mortal Kombat 1
Havik ripped his heart in his first Fatality. ~Image Credits: Gamesual

After that, Havik will crush the heart in his fist, exploding the enemy’s upper body to bits.

My Thoughts

I believe that this is a rather difficult Klue to solve, purely due to the fact that you have to complete story mode for this. On the other hand, the story mode isn’t that long as it took me only around 4 hours to complete it. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend the fun story mode before you dive into invasion mode!

Once that is done, you will have completed the Erteca Aosch Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 and can now progress in the invasion mode. Furthermore, there are many other Klues and guides that you should read about on our website:

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