Mortal Kombat 1: All Invasion Clues

Learn exactly how to solve all the 12 Invasion Clues found in Mortal Kombat 1

All invasion clues in mortal kombat 1
Learn how to solve each and every Invasion Clue in Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 features an invasion mode, allowing you to progress by defeating enemies and solving invasion clues. Solving these clues will reward you with cosmetics and other rewards. So, to continue your journey, you must know how to solve these clues.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 12 ‘Invasion Clues’ that spread across six worlds. Some are easier to solve than others.
  • Solving these clues is mandatory if you want to progress in invasion mode.
  • Many of the clues are anagrams, whereas some are written backward.
  • In addition, some hints require you to do fatalities with unlockable characters, such as Havik and Shang Tsung.

Invasion Klue Location Solution
ESDORYT TEH DWLOR Fengjing Village Cryax Fatality as Kameo
AMNISLTA4 Sun Do Festival Equip Talisman with four gem slots
TOASTY!! Sun Do Festival Scorpion’s Fatality as Kameo
DEDAERHT Tarkatan Colony Ashrah’s Second Fatality
FLIPPING OUT Tarkatan Colony Change stance 25-30 times
ANOTHER TEST SUBJECT Shang Tsung’s Laboratory Shang Tsung’s Second Fatality
BRUTAL WAYS Shang Tsung’s Laboratory Perform Brutality
ERTECA AOSCH Living Forest Havik’s Fatality
NOMED RENNI Living Forest Sareena’s Fatality as Kameo
QUACKX10 Living Forest Duck 10 times in battle
KCIRT TAH Fire Temple Kung Lao’s Fatality


invasion mode worlds. 8 worlds showing
Eight total worlds in Invasion Mode. ~Image Credits: Gamesual

Klues’ with a K and are like small puzzles that need a bit of brain to solve. You can’t ignore them because they are essential to move to the next space in Invasion mode.

Fengjing Village

Esdoryt teh dwlor klue in invasion mode in fengjing village
ESDORYT TEH DWLOR Klue in Gengjing Village ~Image Credits: Gamesual

You must solve This first invasion clue in Mortal Kombat 1. This is an anagram that deciphers to “Destroy the World.” You will be facing Geras, and you will have to choose Cryax as Kameo.

  1. During the fight with Geras, you must use Cryax’s Fatality to finish him off.
  2. Press the Back, Forward, and Kameo buttons.
  3. This will initiate his Fatality, ending with him “destroying” the world.

Sun Do Festival

SHowing talisman options for LIn Keui
You need a Talisman with 4 Gem Charges ~Image Credits: Gamesual

Another anagram that is deciphered to be “Talisman 4”. This Klue will be encountered towards the end of the festival stage, and it is a fight against Reiko.

  1. To solve this, you must equip a Talisman with at least four gem slots.
  2. You must use that talisman at least four times in the same fight.
  • TOASTY!!

The first Klue, which isn’t an anagram, will be encountered midway in the stage.

  1. To solve this, you must equip Scorpion as your Kameo and jump into the fight against Havik.
  2. After that, you must perform Scorpion’s Fatality at the end of the fight.

This will lead to him removing his mask to reveal a skull and burning the enemy into bits. Press the Down, Forward, Down, and Kameo Button to initiate the Fatality.

Tarkatan Colony

Threaded Fatality on Baraka
Performing “Threaded” Fatality on Baraka ~Image Credits: Gamesual

Another anagram, which is deciphered to be “Threaded”. Threaded is the name of Ashrah’s second Fatality.

  1. This invasion clue in Mortal Kombat 1 is located midway through the stage.
  2. This is a fight against Baraka, in which you must defeat him using Ashrah.
  3. You must perform her second Fatality, which may not be unlocked. You can still complete it, but the button combination won’t be shown.

To activate Ashrah’s second Fatality, press Down, Down, Back, Back Kick.


This is a rather annoying Klue to solve. The term ‘flipping out’ means you must flip around during the fight, meaning you’ll have to change your stance 25-30 

  1. You can simply press the L2 or LT button or U on the keyboard to change your stance.
  2. While the “Finish Her” title appears, you can also spam the stance button.

Shang Tsung’s Laboratory

Shang Tsung performing his fatality on Kitana in mortal kombat 1
Shang Tsung’s Fatality on Kitana ~Image Credits: Gamesual

This invasion clue can only be solved if you pre-ordered Mortal Kombat 1. It’s disappointing for other players because you must use Shang Tsung as your main character for this.

  1. In this fight against Kitana, you must perform Shang Tsung’s second Fatality, which will probably be locked.
  2. You can still perform the Fatality by pressing Forward, Down, Back, Back Punch.
  1. On the first floor of the lab, you will encounter a node called “Chomp Chomp Hiss.”
  2. In this Klue, you will have to fight against Reptile. Moreover, you must defeat the Reptile by using Brutality.

Living Forest

Scorpion ducking against enemy in mortal kombat 1
You need to Duck ten times against Liu Kang ~Image Credits: Gamesual

This anagram is deciphered to be “Create Chaos.” The ERTECA AOSCH Klue may take longer if you haven’t completed story mode.

  1. You need Havik unlocked after 100% story mode completion in this battle.
  2. You must perform Havik’s first Fatality on Raiden by pressing Down, Forward, Down, and Back Kick. You need to be in close range for this Fatality.
  • QUACKX10

The node is called “Still learning,” where you will face Liu Kang. The clue means to quack like a duck ten. However, the word to focus on is duck.

  1. You will have to duck ten times in battle.
  2. Whatever character you choose, duck ten times during the battle. An important tip is to spam the duck button while the ‘Finish Him” prompt is on screen.

This clue is deciphered as “Inner Demon,” spelled in reverse. This is an easy clue because it is the name of the Fatality of Sareena.

  1. In this fight against Geras, you must choose Sareena as the Kameo fighter.
  2. Press Back, Down, Back, Kameo Button when the finish him prompt comes.

Fire Temple

Hat trick fatality on opponent to solve this klue
Kung Lao’s Fatality on Nitara to Solve “Hat Trick” Klue ~Image Credits: Gamesual

This clue is deciphered to be spelled reverse as “Hat Trick.”

  1. In this fight against Nitara, you will choose a character with the best hat, Kung Lao. However, you will need to equip him as a Kameo.
  2. Defeat Nitara using Kung Lao’s Fatality by pressing the Forward, Back, Forward, and Kameo buttons. This will initiate the Fatality and later break the barrier.

This is a rather easy-to-solve invasion clue in Mortal Kombat 1. It is a fight against Li Mei and refers to defeating him with Rain.

The element that is being referred to is water.

  1. You must finish Li Mei using ‘The Red Sea’ Fatality of Rain.
  2. Simply press Down, Down, Back, Back Kick to initiate the Fatality.

My Thoughts

Personally, I believe that the reason Mortal Kombat 1 is fresh and exciting as compared to other Mortal Kombat games is because of the new Invasion mode. I really appreciate the puzzle-solving element added to this type of game. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult to solve, so you won’t be stuck at it for long!

Those are all the Invasion clues in Mortal Kombat 1. Check out more articles on Mortal Kombat on our website:

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