Mortal Kombat 1: Trophy Guide [Detailed]

A detailed guide on how start the journey of 100 percent the game with close to minimal effort.

Mortal Kombat 1 Trophy Guide
Mortal Kombat 1 Trophy Guide

Trophies, or “Achievements,” are accessed when you complete certain game checkpoints. Since there are multiple game modes of Mortal Kombat 1, we will separate the achievement by their occurring game modes. However, we will first try to tell you the accomplishments, so you can periodically know how to get these achievements.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 50 trophies (51 if you use PlayStation or Steam)
  • There are various game modes for which you will get different awards.
  • The trophies will subcategorized by tutorial mode, story mode, invasion mode, and average achievements.

Tutorial Trophies

Name Achievement How to do it
Become A Ninja In No Time Complete The Fundamental Tutorial
This achievement is self-explanatory, but you will be introduced to the game’s main mechanics here.
Eye Of The TaiGore Play practice mode for 1 hour
You can find the practice mode for the game by going to the learn section of the menu.

Story Mode Trophies

Name Achievement How to do it
A New Timeline 50 percent completion of Story Mode
This is done by completing the story mode after chapter 9, “Firewater.”
What Just Happened?? 100 percent completion of Story Mode There are a total of 15 chapters.
Who Was That??? To complete this achievement, complete chapter 15 twice. To achieve this achievement, you have to complete the story mode and then play from chapter 15, act 4, rather than play the whole chapter.
Thank You For Being A Fan!!! For this achievement, watch the credits. It is important to note that you watch the whole credit scene.
Happy Endings To achieve this achievement, you have to complete the campaign with ten characters. To make sure you don’t do the same character twice, you can go to the main menu and go to extras and movies from which you can see the character ending you have completed.

Invasion Mode Trophies 

Name How to do the Achievement
It Has Begun!!!
This goal could be achieved by completing the tutorial mode of invasion made, Johnny Cage’s Mansion.
Making Friends Is Easy
For this achievement, you have to use ten cameo characters, which can be done by selecting them as partners when selecting your characters. The most efficient way of doing this is through invasion mode because of the round game.
Test Your Might
To finish this achievement, you must be playing invasion mode, where you can find the Might meter, which requires you to mash buttons.
So I Just Kill Stuff??
In invasion mode, you get a unique encounter if you land on certain circles; you must do this five times.
Adventure Time You have to do the previous task 15 times.
Where’s Blanche
You have to trade on invasion mode, where you will find an Outworld shop at Mesa.
Take And Deny
You have to do the same task as the previous achievement but with the Earthrealm shop, which can be found at Gateway Portal.
Ultimate Power To achieve this, you have to use a talisman, which is doable only in invasion mode, through doing two encounters.
Talis-Mania You have to use talismans ten times in invasion mode.
Running On Empty Since talismans are limited, you must recharge amulets using invasion mode currency.
So Krafty You can get this trophy automatically in Johnny’s Mansion.
Feeling Stronger You get invasion XP for every encounter you have in invasion mode. Get to invasion level 5.
Unstoppable Get to invasion level 10 through XP.
Juggernaut Get to invasion level 20 through XP.
Not So Big Now Are You?? Defeat a mini-boss in invasion mode, which can be done after getting to invasion level 20.
Who Da Boss?? You will have to beat a Major boss to get this, which can be done automatically when you reach the end of Mesas.
Vanquished This is the missable (technically) trophy we were talking about, as you can beat a boss every reset; however, a whole boss can be missed if you wait for the subsequent season’s invasion. To win this boss, you must complete all the worlds in the invasion mode.
Always Accessorize To achieve this achievement, you have to equip a relic which can be found by doing encounters.
Kollector In this, you have to equip three relics, which can be found at the shop at Gateway Portal.
ABACABB Once you do the first match in invasion mode, you get a key to open a door.
Made It Out Alive It would be best if you got the “survival” encounter in the invasion mode to get this.
Make Way, I’m Coming Through In invasion mode, some paths are blocked. You have to open the secured way by doing an encounter.
Found You Beat Secret Boss, which can randomly happen after regular fights.
Stop Hiding You will get ambushed randomly when you maneuver across the map of invasion mode.
Quest Master You get daily/weekly quests when you are in the main menu. Complete three quests from that menu.
Working Overtime Do the same but with the weekly quests.
High Score, Is That Good? This is somewhat of a problematic trophy, as you have to get five million points in Gateway Tower. This has to happen from one tower. The recommended way is to beat every fight with brutality.
There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power For this, you need ten usable items that must disappear after use. Once you use them all, you get the achievement. You can buy these items from shops.
Big Spender For this, you have to use 10,000 Seasonal Currency, which is different from the rest of the currency in the game(invasion mode)
Total Disrespect To do this, you must play online and pull off a taunt without interruption during the animation.
Witness Me!!!  To achieve this, you must change your “Kombat Kard,” which can be done through the main menu.
Titan This can be done automatically by playing the game and doing 10,000 damage (PS each character has 1000.
Beaten And Broken You get this by making enemies bleed to a specific criteria of 5,000. This is hard to calculate, but you will eventually get this achievement.
Contender For this, you have to play five online Kombat League Sets.
Deadly Assassin For this, you have to do 20 unique fatalities, which you can see from the movie list.
Karnage For this, you have to do five unique Brutalities, which can also be seen from the move list.
Annihilation You have to pull off five unique cameo fatalities to get this trophy
Making Friends Is Easy For this achievement, you have to use five different Cameo characters.
Give A Koin To complete this, you have to go to the extras menu, and you will find a shrine there. You will have to use 10,000 coins there.
King Slayer You will have to play online King of the Hill mode, where you have to defeat the King.
Buddy System For this achievement, you must complete mastery of a cameo character by playing them until mastery level 15.
Rollin’ With My Krew Reach mastery with five cameo characters in the game. Consider our guide if you want to know what you get from these mastery rewards.
Completionist Get all the trophies in the game (might be exclusive to PC and Playstation mediums only).

My Thoughts

Collecting rewards and trophies in my favorite video games has to be one of the most satisfying things. Even though this task seems daunting initially, reaching a completionist rank might be gaming’s most considerable flex. Although I have not been able to collect most of the trophies, even collecting a few took a big effort.

However, I recommend players try to collect as many trophies as possible. In my experience, this improved my skills significantly and also allowed me to experience the game differently.

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