NBA 2K24: 11 Best Dribble Moves

Level up your game with the best Dribble moves in the latest NBA 2K24.

best dribble moves in NBA 2K24
Best dribble moves in NBA 2K24

Dribble moves are the hot topic whenever a new NBA 2K game is released. These iconic movements let players enjoy the game in more realistic and stylish ways. Now that NBA 2K24 is up for sale, players seek amazing new dribble moves to level up their gameplay experience. Here is our guide to performing the best dribble moves in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Dribble moves make the gameplay more fun, and that is why, as soon as a new NBA 2K is released, players start looking for the best moves.
  • Your defender’s position, ball handling, movement speed, and character build determine the success of a dribble move.
  • Gatorade and Skill boosts can prove very useful in enhancing the speed and effectiveness of these dribble moves in NBA 2K24.
  • Similarly, completing weekly workouts can reward free boost meters to improve dribbling in the game.

The continuous maneuvering and movement of the ball to confuse opponent players stylishly is called a dribbling move. Each edition of the game brings in new and exciting animations. Before its release, considering many leaks, most players thought it was relatively slower than the other editions.

However, with its release, all these misconceptions are cleared as the newly added Gatorade and Sigs ensure you get dependable boosts. The following four factors determine the success of a dribble move in NBA 2K24:

  • How do you handle the ball
  • The positioning of your defender
  • How fast is the game moving
  • The player’s overall build also determines the effectiveness of their dribbling.

Setting Up For Dribble Moves

Before discussing the best moves, we must first build up the stage with appropriate settings. Moreover, understanding various factors affecting dribbling in NBA 2K24 is also very important. Here are a few recommendations for changing your settings:

  • Set your Pre-stick settings to Default. However, if your only priority is dribbling, and I mean it, then change it to Dribble Moves.
Pro stick function
Pro Stick Function settings – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Change your Pre-stick Orientation to Absolute.
  • Go to the Progression tab and head into the Boosts menu to pace up. From here, you can either choose Gatorade boosts or Skill boosts. Even though they are pretty helpful, they cost a lot in the game.
  • To get a free boost meter during your games, get three or more stars during your Weekly Workouts.

Here is a list of some of the best dribbling moves from every category in the game:

best dribble moves in NBA 2K24
Gatorade Turbo Boosts can help you pace-up your movements- Image Credits: Gamesual

Signature Size UP

Steve Francis’ Signature Size ups are the best way to disorient opponents if playing with a guard build. The ball’s continuous shaky and dribbling moves between and around the legs make you uncatchable.

However, to be able to perform the Signature Size Ups, you must play with a guard build, as said above. Moreover, the maximum height cap for these moves is 6’5″. Also, make sure you have a ball-handling rating of more than 95.

Standard Breakdown Dribble

Jordan Paul has some of the best dribble moves in the whole NBA 2K lineup. Standard Breakdown Dribble is one of his iconic moves that will allow you to break away from any situation. 

Moreover, you can also combine it with other moves to create a lethal combo that will let you shift your defender around and score essential points effortlessly.

Regular Breakdown Combo

Isaiah Thomas’ overpowered Regular Breakdown Combo is one of the best dribble moves in NBA 2K24, especially because it can place a player to the left by making swift cuts.

Unlike other dribble moves, it is an excellent move to maneuver your position on the court. Consequently, you can secure a dominant position for an open mid-ranger.

Aggressive Breakdown Dribbles

Aggressive Breakdown Dribbles are undoubtedly the best moves in the game. Just by pressing a few buttons, you will feel surprising changes in the speed. Moreover, you can make some fascinating combos.

For example, you can combine these dribble moves with Escape dribbles and conclude the move with a step-back jumper. You can test various combos, crossovers, and momentum moves by empowering Aggressive Breakdown dribbles with right-stick dribbles.

Pro Aggressive Breakdown Combo

While moves focusing on guards are important as they deal with ball possession, there must be something for guys above 6’10 “, no? This is where Pro Aggressive Breakdown Combo becomes a significant dribbling move in NBA 2K24. It provides essential speed boosts and movement flexibility.

Quick Crossover Move

Crossover moves are usually ignored. However, Kobe Bryant’s Quick Crossover is a must-have crossover dribbling move in NBA 2K24. It is a significant move, especially on the off-chance. Quick Crossover is also great as it can be performed with small guards. Moreover, it works great with big forwards as well.

Combo Moves

Playing with guard positions, De’Aaron Fox’s combo moves can make your work easier and more fun. These moves are great for confusing the opponents all over the court and dribbling around swiftly. Moreover, you can use it as soon as you want as it needs only a ball handling rating of 80+.

Escape Move

How can we miss Trae Young’s classic Escape Move? It can take down even the strongest and stoutest players on the way. While not very visually appealing, this move does the job quickly. You can go to the side and make way for an easy jumper using this move. However, you will need a 90+ ball handling rating. Similarly, Lebron James can do the same with 80+ ball handling.

Behind The Back

This is another one of the best dribble moves from Trae Young. His quick running can create a comfortable zone, making him ideally unstoppable. However, Demar Derozan can also perform this move with an over 75 ball handling rating. If you can afford over 83 ball stability, Jamal Murray can also nail this move.


If you are looking for a reliable move with over 70 ball handling rating, Ja Morant’s Hesitation is the way to go. It might be the most widely used dribble move in NBA 2K24, especially when setting up a shot.

The quick movement to the side, followed by speed-boosting, gives a lot of space and freedom to set the shot. Alternatively, Scottie Pippen and Lary Bird can perform this move with the same ball handling.

Step Back

Step Back is a great move to launch during mid-range fadeaways. The sharply sudden move can create lots of room for your movement. While you can perform this move with Kemba Walker, with an 80+ ball-handling rating, Luka Doncic is a preferred character. Moreover, with 70+ ball handling, Giannis Antetokounmpo is also a dependable character to perform this move.

Skill boosts
Skill Boosts can improve your dribble moves’ efficiency- Image Credits: Gamesual.

These were a few of the best dribble moves in the latest NBA 2K24. You can test them all and keep the useful ones to yourself. Moreover, you can create your combos as well. If you know any better move than the ones mentioned above, don’t forget to share in the comments below and the NBA 2 K’s Reddit community.

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