NBA 2k24 Best Trades [Explained]

Want to know about the best trades in NBA 2k24? Well look no further

NBA 2k24 Best Trades
NBA 2k24 Best Trades

Are you curious about the dynamics of the best trades in the NBA 2k24? Well, wonder no more because we’ve got the knowledge to guide you in creating optimal trade scenarios in the NBA.

Key Takeaways

  • Players will come across the Trade system when they play Myleague or MyGym.
  •  Trade allows players to trade players with the ones they desire.
  •  Some players are harder to trade, so you can turn on the Trade Override option in the trade setting to force the trade.
  •  The trade setting lets the players change their experience to what they desire.

The trade system in NBA2K24 is broken. You can either enhance its realism and immersion or exploit the game’s mechanics to achieve your objectives. The game offers players settings that empower them to shape the experience according to their desires.

Options for Realistic Trades

NBA 2k24 Trade Options
Trades Menu (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Players only need to adjust a few options in the initial trade menu, such as the Stepien Rule, for a hardcore, realistic experience. We recommend turning on the Stepien Rule, which prevents trading with draft picks.

I enabled this feature, initially adding a challenging dimension to the My League experience. Ultimately, it’s up to the players to decide whether they want this feature on or off.

Stepien Rule ON
Trade Override OFF
CPU Trade Offers OFF
Trade Approval ON

Player Trade Value

Player Trade Value NBA
Trade Value (Image Credit: Gamesual)

In the following table, we provided some values to make your experience more realistic.

Option Choice
Team Style Importance 0
Player Fame Importance 2
Overall Rating Importance 98
Euro-Stash Discount 95
New Player Signing Premium 25
Untouchables Premium 40
Age Discount: Contending 96
Age Discount: Buying 90
Age Discount: Selling 90
Age Discount: Rebuilding 94

Draft Pick Trade Value

Draft Pick Trade Value Option
Draft Pick (Image Credit: Gamesual)

Putting higher values in the draft picks allows players to recruit superstar players into their teams, which is usually hard to do, but this will increase the chances.

Option Choice
1st Overall Pick: ContendingDefault
1st Overall Pick: Buying Default
1st Overall Pick: Selling Default
1st Overall Pick: Rebuilding Default
Draft Pick Importance: Contending 95
Draft Pick Importance: Buying 110
Draft Pick Importance: Selling 110

How To Force Trade

Trade Deadline for Force Trade
Trade Deadline (Image Credit: Gamesual)

In NBA 2K24, the settings enable players to tailor their gaming experience. If you wish to trade a specific player to another team but lack the necessary assets, you can use the force trade option in the trade settings. This makes the trade possible, regardless of its fairness to the other party.

My Opinion

The whole trade system in the NBA is quite hard to understand, in my opinion. But once you get to know how useful it is, you can easily trade players for higher-stat players.

These were the best trades in NBA 2k24. If you find this guide helpful, please make sure to give our other guides a read as well:

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